at least as mad as he remembers

Back to Walker tomorrow. Hoping to mop up before I do, but don’t really succeed as much as I might. I do get an hour of NST practise done, which feels good.

There’s a certain amount of leak business – the agent calls and I have to be firm with him and my father comes over to discuss things and look at the damage. I have to keep explaining the order of events, because he tends to want to leap off in what I think is a tangent.

I try to simulate woodcuts for the Britten book. Harder than you think.

Ben comes over in the evening and we watch some Shadoks (which he hasn’t seen since the mid-seventies and it’s at least as mad as he remembers. Madder, because there’s no english translation) and then we go and have dinner at the restaurant downstairs and discuss stuff, including film musicals, the Secret Project and other matters of world-shattering importance.

It’s nice for him to visit while the living room is in a liveable-in state, or at least a state that might be mistaken for liveable in by an inattentive person with very low standards.