modern recording strategies

Today is the big session for the New Jeays Album, so I’ve taken the day off from Walker. However, it seems that thanks to the New System, where everybody records seperately and I’ll be overdubbing guitars, mostly, I’m only needed for one song, so I avail myself of the opportunity to go to the gym. I run for fifty-three minutes and the machine stops. It’s playing games with me, I think.

So I go home and then back up to Waterloo station with my Godin, remember that I need to catch a train from the Elephant and Castle mainline station, catch a bus down there, buy a ticket fail to find somewhere to buy a sandwich (or rather fail to find anywhere that I could buy one without queueing for several hours) and catch the train.

It’s a lovely day for it, anyway.

I get to Bromley and Gold Dust, where I am neither early nor late (hurrah) and hang around eating their food until I get to lay down one track (which I can play as badly as I’d like, since it’s going to be replaced by an acoustic guitar later, anyway), then return home.

I could get used to these modern recording strategies.

In the evening I go over to the Three Stags for a quintet rehearsal, but it turns out there isn’t one. Or rather there is, but not of our lot. I open the door and peer in to see a number of startled faces.

“Oops, wrong people!” I say. They are, no doubt, convinced that it’s me who’s the wrong person, but I decide not to hang around and argue the point.