difference between the artefactual and the architectural

In the morning to Walker to carry on with Mousal Activities.

In the afternoon I bunk off work to meet up with Maude. The original plan was to go to the Courtyard Cafe for lunch and then wander up to the Samye Dzong via the Peace Garden at the Imperial War Museum (a sort of guided tour of the local Buddhist facilities), but the meet-up time is pushed back to 4:00, by which time the cafe is shut, and the Samye Dzong lot are off on their holidays in India (I suspect they haven’t gone raving in Goa, but may be wrong). So we walk down the river from Lambeth Palace to Blackfriars, taking in the sights on the way and discussing Stuff. Then we drop into the Tate.

The Anish Kapoor piece – wow! – I’m so glad I caught it before it finished. It’s quite difficult to thing what to say about it – how astonishing it is to be next to something that huge, (although obviously, the building itself is huger, but there’s a difference between the artefactual and the architectural, isn’t there), the way that it changes the sound (I’m sure it amplifies the air conditioning), the way that you can never see the whole thing (it fits so snugly into the hall).

And then back to my place for coffee and cake from Konditor and Cook (which I bought as a consolation for the cafe being shut). Then Maude goes home and that’s it for the evening, really.