curse Cole Porter and his unexpected modulations

Back to Walker during the day and back to the Jazz jam in the evening. It’s quite fun – there’s no ringer, but there’s a huge influx of very drunk, quite posh people playing well-known tunes in perverse (i.e. non-Real-Book) keys. I have to wing it, which is quite fun but tiring. And curse Cole Porter and his unexpected modulations.

After what I think will be the last tune another one is announced. I am very tired and just want to go to bed. They call Watermelon Man and I decide to play Canteloupe Island, which is quite similar except for the bit where I play a Db rather than the Bb (I think) of Watermelon Man. I think the piano player even sways in my direction (actually I think she thinks she’s playing Canteloupe Island”, too). This gets some of the players (particularly one sax player) excitedly jumping up and down, trying to get my attention and mouthing “B flat!” at me. The sax player even crosses the room to talk to someone about talking to me. I find this very entertaining. Watermelon, cantaloupe, it’s all the same sort of vegetable.

I’ll make my mistakes, you make yours. At least I know I’m making mine.

I’ve also sent of a mail regarding the Drill Hall gig on Sunday, but there’s no sign of it by bedtime. Hmm.