nice, but separate

Various bits of work during the day, then jet off to the gym via the post office. Actually as soon as I get to the post office the jetting finishes immediately since the queue is almost out of the door. I’m trying to get to the gym by 4:50 so that I can get my forty-five minutes running and five minutes cooling down in before 5:45 (we’re allowed fifteen minutes after 5:30) and … I know, I know, will to live evaporating, I know … anyway, I just about make it but the wait in the queue is very frustrating.

Anyway, yes, run, hot room, shower, home, lift to the Drill Hall. I fall in with my stuff and am directed first to the stairs and then to the disabled lift. That is to say a lift for people in wheelchairs. I mean, it works. I pile into it with my guitar cases and amp and a DH employee gets it working for me. I’m leaning against the far wall which, when it reaches the basement, becomes the door so I almost topple out again.

So setting up and testing and all that. They’re very particular about fire regulations and such, I must say. Which is a good thing, I suppose. It’s a nice little room, with tables around the performing area (no raised stage, but any necessary demarcation is made by the lights). Very good to see it in advance of Sunday.

Today is a Jeays night, though. It’s largely newer songs, so I have no chance to play on autopilot. Not that I ought to aspire to playing on autopilot. A lot of winging it, particularly during the bass songs (I’ve been spoiled by the looser vibe of the jazz jam, I suppose), but a feeling of disconnect between us and the audience (not sure that that conveys – it feels nice, but separate if you see what I mean).

After that it’s packing, piling back into the lift and a drink in the bar while Jeays talks to his fans. The News Quiz were in upstairs this evening (the Beeb seem to have block-booked the main auditorium for a while, which must be nice for the venue).

Anyway, thumbs up to the Drill Hall, it’ll be a pleasure to play such a fine venue.