my scream wouldn’t have been out of place in a horror film

Up early – well, I’m up early every day but I don’t know that I manage organisational competence most of them – to get ready for the Crafies. I tidy the living room, hoover it, clean the bathroom (no really, chaps I did clean the bathroom, however surprising you might find that) and move the double bass into the bedroom.

Then I jet up to the gym for a shower and go past Konditor and Cook, where I buy cakes, and Sainsbury’s, where I buy nothing, since it seems to sell nothing but the component parts of office workers lunches. I can get more and better humus, for example, at the corner shop. And do. Well, more, anyway.

Elisa and Haru arrive several moments before Steve, find the front door open and walk up to my flat where they knock on the door. I am making orange juice with my electric orange squeezer, so I don’t hear them knock. I do hear Steve press the buzzer, however, so I rush to my door to go down and open the front one and immediately confront E & H. I scream. Apparantly my scream wouldn’t have been out of place in a horror film. Very embarrassing.

Ah well, they all come in and we have orange juice and begin the day’s work. Very good it is, too – lots of little bits of technique and repertoire (I make the mistake of asking about Askesis which those of you who know the piece will recognise as a potential problem).

At half time we have salad (which Elisa has provided) and the cakes I got from K&C, then back to the work.

After we finish I suggest that since they are meeting Maude that she comes here and they go off for a walk and then come back and pick up the guitars before going home (Haru is off back to Japan and has to get up early and the clocks go … um … forward tomorrow). In the event this turns out to be a helpful suggestion rather than a useful one (“helpful” isn’t good in GC circles), but I think it all turns out well. I use the time to make a cover for a compilation. Anyway, they come back and collect the guitars and that’s it for the evening. So.