which is… exciting

The day is a patch of vagueness and work. Mainly work (the Art in the Park book) with vagueness thrown in.

The evening, of course, is the Jazz Jam. I’m in a good mood this week and take it all on the chin. Actually it’s all quite good-natured tonight, even the bit where I find out that Oleo goes considerably faster than I’d previously thought (so I wing it, which sounds fairly jazzy, and then I get a really fast solo to do, which is… exciting). Even the bit where the singer says “Oh, just make something up” is interesting. And it looks like I might have another jazz bass gig (a one-off at least) so that’s good too.

It goes on too late again (I’m called back for an impromptu Summertime but I don’t try playing the wrong chords this time, partly because I’m in a good mood, partly because I’m having enough difficulty playing the right ones).