a state of actual brokenness

A day that I was intending to dedicate to finishing the Britten corrections, but… so that drags on into the weekend.

Ah well.

The day starts with a (glass) saucepan falling into the dishwasher and shattering one of those black octagonal plates. Shattering, yes, it takes me a while to work out what it had been, since all that’s left is a pile of black chunks on the floor of the dishwasher. I theorise that those plates contain a huge amount of potential brokenness, which, when unleashed, violently create a state of actual brokenness. I’m so glad Arcoroc are on our side. Who knows what would happen should these plates fall into the hands of the enemy…

The rest of the day is spent not getting round to the corrections (bah!), although I do manage to make an edited/touched up version of the Drill Hall gig, which I’ll upload at some point, and send a CD of to Robb.