leaving my karma in tatters

What did I do today? Nothing as far as I can remember. Very sad. I had such high hopes for the Easter weekend, but then I always do. Oh, alright, then, I get caught by a LimeWire download frenzy, leaving my karma in tatters and my CD wishlist scrolling out of the door and down the street.

The cause of this is the story that the new Radiohead album is supposedly available on all the file-sharing services and I want to find out whether it’s true. It is. It sounds quite good, although not a huge departure from the last two.

Mostly, though, I look for things I already have on Vinyl or cassette that I don’t want to buy the whole CD for. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to hell, though, obviously.

I also manage a couple of overdubs for the new Jeays extravaganza, although only DI’d electric bass as they’re drilling outside again. Don’t know why. Possibly because they haven’t for weeks now and were missing it terribly.