I suspect I’ve been playing the guitar wrong all my life

6:00 am Rise to make breakfast.

There’s a Catch 22 of being the breakfast maker – you’ll want to get to bed early, but if Paolo doesn’t put the list up until after you have done you won’t find out until it’s too late. This is what happens to Chris, so I get to do most of the breakfast by myself (it’s actually not that bad – I suspect it’s a one-person job but that two people are called for it in case one of them oversleeps). No disasters, though we almost run out of milk and yoghurt.

8:15 am Breakfast

10:55 am Meeting sched rm.

12:30 pm Quiet Time

1:00 pm Lunch

4:00 pm Tea

4:40 pm PM w. Shinkuro

I had intended to ask about Zum arrangements, but Leo suggested I ask about Constant Release. Shinkuro gives me some exercises. Powerful stuff and another occasion on which I suspect I’ve been playing the guitar wrong all my life.

5:00 pm Tai Chi

Set your limits

Know your limits

Extend your limits

6:30 pm Quiet Time

7:00 pm Dinner

8:30 pm Likes & Dislikes Theme Presentation.

9:30 pm

I run through Caravan with Chris, who seems to pick it up quickly enough, then stand on the balcony playing until it gets dark. I put the guitar away and then get it out again for an al fresco Thrak with Chris and Victoria. Is this promiscuous playing a Level 1 thing? The mature, established relationships of Zum and Big Time Level 4 things?

Snr Baldy ropes me in on his very Italian version of Music for a Found Harmonium. I learn this quickly. Too quickly, perhaps, as he decides that we should play it tomorrow lunchtime.

All of this is taking place while the League are having their dress rehearsal. Eventually they emerge, shell-shocked, from the Ballroom.

apparantly simple but increasingly complicated

7:00 am Rise

7:30 am Sitting

8:15 am Breakfast

1:00 pm Lunch

9:15 am GP w. Fumi
I like this – apparantly simple but increasingly complicated, then suddenly impossible. Very Fumi.

10:30 am GP w. Alain P (w/out gtrs)
I am now in a good mood, although this is shattered when I discover that Quiet Time has been eaten by housework, which sends me spiralling down again

11:30 am GG rehearsal

12:20 pm House work

12:30 pm Quiet Time

2:30 pm Circle w. Horacio

4:00 pm Tea

5:00 pm Circulations w. Alain P.

6:20 pm House Work

6:30 pm Quiet Time

7:00 pm Dinner

8:00 pm
We are left to our own devices. I work on my arrangement of Caravan. Chris and Christian come and ask whether I’d like to play rhythm guitar on The Munsters and I jump at the chance. Lotsa fun. Christian thinks that Caravan could be a hit.

I realise that other tunes (Take Five, Blue Bossa) are available.

David S. says goodbye.