I am scornful of ordinary laws of sweet and savoury

I get up without any problems at 6:00, stretch, Sit, ablute, make breakfast, fail to practise (although I do solve a couple of coding problems) and get to work in a good mood. There must be something wrong right there.

A discovery: if I leave out the starch I can have a much larger lunch. I am scornful of ordinary laws of sweet and savoury, so my lunch is fruit salad with beans and veggie sausages. I like it, anyway. After lunch I was hoping to sit for a while, but the most appropriate room for same is set up with a transatlantic video link (long dull story), which might have made me feel a tad self-conscious, so I lie under the table and listen to the Schubert string quartet on the radio.

I am not, in fact, the only person lying under the table. Well, I’m the only person lying under this table, but there are a couple more, um, power-nappers in the office.

I get home feeling braced, though not, it must be said, braced enough to do anything useful with my time.