That’s destiny for you.

Five past seven. Almost not failing. Further stretches accomplished. Almost succeeding.

When I sit down I have tremendous difficulty arranging my legs in a way that they don’t immediately begin to complain.. They settle down, though. The stretching probably got them all excited.

No especial excitements at breakfast other than access to coffee, which is sometimes as much excitement as one can bear at that time in the morning.

AAD – I struggle for a very long time with the 36 variations, which is frustrating for me, but must be excruciating for my unwilling audient. After this something of the beginning of a melody drops into my hands, so… thanks.


Christian sets me to Lunch: boiled rice with french beans and courgette. I read the instructions for the rice on the side of the packet. A mistake: I know perfectly well how to cook rice, and the instructions confuse me. I ignore the instructions – indeed I throw the packet away entirely – because I am a rebel.

I have a meeting with Dr Betty.

I return to lunch: steaming and frying akimbo.

Lunch is served. Fernando rocks the house.

After lunch some practice and a return to Bagpuss through to tea (where I find the Chocolate biscuit and there is cake) and beyond.

At Five there’s a circle, running through various pieces destined to be performed. Or not. That’s destiny for you. Rehearsing and, indeed, honing. A short break and the process continues.

I appear to be specialising in D at the moment.

I stay in the ballroom playing the guitar until the glass pings for dinner. On a whim I play Cielo for Ignacio, alone at the dinner table. A further audience gathers outside the door. Cielo is usually a breakfast piece, but didn’t feel too out of place.

Dinner involves brie. Ruth reinvents the cheeseburger – a brilliant stroke.

At 8:25 we gather in the hall and encircle prior to setting out. Then we set out to the Trio club to see Hard Bop Deluxe, who describe themselves as "Swingy, funky, bossy". Is this a fair description? I cannot, at the moment, say.

12:30: back in the house.

12:50: this.

After 12:50: some level of unconsciousness.