There may be something karmic going on.

I get up at seven and begin preparing the breakfast. I clear the nut bowl from the table and eat the last three hazlenuts in the bottom of the bowl. At 7:30 I go to Sitting. At 7:45 I leave Sitting because some nut fragments are caught in my throat and I must cough frantically.

There may be something karmic going on. There usually is.

I continue breakfast and have a shower before completing it. Breakfast in shifts this morning and no worse for it apart from the fact that I’ve forgotten the hot milk. I announce this fact to arriving breakfasters, but it appears that no one will miss the hot milk but me. So Honour thy mistake as a hidden intention, then. Funny, usually in my case it’s the other way round.

When I’m doing my AAD I borrow Daniel’s small mirror to observe my right hand. The horror! The horror!

At 10:15 there’s a House Meeting and Ruth is elected the next Kitchen Coordinator, Ignacio the next House Manager and Fernando remains Gardener.

There then follows a Guitar Circle – we play the Waltz and look at the Piazzola.

Then Bagpussery.

I’m setting up for Fer’s lunch – handmade gnocchi with homemade bread. Mmm. Doesn’t require much setting up, either.

Then lunch is eaten. Delicious.

After lunch another circle. I’m finding it difficult to stay awake, which I attribute, at least partly, to the gnocchi. More of Kaktus and Blockhead. How delightful to be totally certain that I’m absolutely incapable of playing it at anything like performance tempo. You might be interested to know that I call that sound you make when attempting to cross-pick at speed and fail magnificently "plashing". Lovely word, possibly stolen from Gerard Manley Hopkins. Not a Crafty, Gerard Manley Hopkins, but a purveyor of fine, if flowery, neologisms.

I practise parts of Blockhead. A comfortable speed for me would be a slow reggae lope. I suspect that this will not catch on as a way of performing that particular song.

At tea, we observe the male mallards setting upon the female and doing what Dani described the other day as "fighting". I don’t know what they teach them about the ways of the world in Madrid. Anyway, the female is looking increasingly bedraggled and tired. If it were possible to tell the ducks to knock it off we would, but it’s doubtful they’d listen. Ducks have no moral sense.

After tea serious Bagpuss and a Personal Meeting with Hernan. very useful.

Dinner is, surprisingly, salad. Christian tells us about the Comedian Harmonists and I mention Flanders and Swann, Leslie Sarony and The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

After dinner another page until the Circle at 10:00 – we go through bits and pieces we’ll need to know for the performance. Kaktus, Piazzola. After the rehearsal Ignacio and I stay in the Ballroom looking for material. We get two almost-bits out of an hours doodling and groping, which isn’t bad for a first session. Let’s see if I can remember them tomorrow.