just watching myself breathe

Again I don’t get up – I miss Sitting, but drag myself to breakfast, then crash again afterwards until 9:30, when I check the Schedule. There’s a circle at 10:30, so back to the prone position, then shower in time for the Circle. Going through the set list, in position. It appears that my sum total of responsibility has dwindled by… ooh, 100%, performance-wise.

I deal with the tea & coffee: the official t&c person (Ms S) is laid low by the lurgi. Also set-up.

The sun is shining, so whenever possible I’m outdoors. At about three I sit in the garden, where Ignacio is reading. The grass is the most real grass I’ve seen in a very long time. Warm sun, cooling breeze, listening to the birds, just watching myself breathe.

I go in and begin preparing tea.

At five thirty there’s another semi-circle, after which I rehearse Mr PC with Mariana and Fer and we resolve to play it for dinner.

Christian takes care of set-up and I concentrate on tea & coffee, then at 7:25 go to the Ballroom and wait for the others. A quick cast around for a name and we’re on. Then we’re off again.

Dinner with the Director, matters of importance and the upcoming day off.

I assist Ignacio with the washing up, then I have a short meeting with the Director. Then it’s the evening off.

I watch some Jam, Ignacio joins me, then we watch an Eddie Izzard DVD with Spanish subtitles. Very educational, that. I need more DVDs, for evenings off. At least it keeps me out of bars.