the benefits of bouncing icons

Up late and feeling tired. My living room is unnaturally hot in the summer, but then it’s unnaturally cold in the winter and that sort of balances it out. I sit at my computer. Eventually Juan appears and saves me from torpor with coffee.

I finally talk Sue through connecting (successfully) to the net and (successfully) collecting her email, and she’s very grateful considering that she used to be able to do it until I installed Panther on her PowerBook. But then now she has Panther. It’s amazing the benefits of bouncing icons.

In the afternoon I wander up to the center in search of things, some of which I find: copies of Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner (though not the old blue Methuen editions, which I was seeking); the prices of digital SLRs in the shops in London and a DVD triple pack of two of my favourite films (A Matter of Life and Death and The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp) with another film that may edge its way into "favourite" status (I Know Where I’m Going). Things I looked for and failed to find include the Lounge Lizards Live in Tokyo, Drum and Bass and Guitar by Derek Bailey and the film After Life, which is absolutely wonderful and not, apparantly, available in Region 2, and I can’t watch Region 1 DVDs on my PowerBook, because media companies seem to be dominated by the stupid and evil. Though to be fair, many people are one or the other, not both.

It’s very hot. For a moment it reminds me of Barcelona, though that might just be the smell.

I get home finally at a quarter to nine, to meet a new, very temporary, guest and eat a Mapache-made tortilla. I stay up very late quizzing Vinka on cameras. And so forth.

I had coffee with Daniel Devlin

Up and Sit, then Shower and Breakfast. Juan plays Godspeed during breakfast. This is an original application of the music of GBE! that I don’t think has been tried before.

Into Walker with my PowerBook – I work on it, but plugged into a Walker monitor. At lunchtime I continue to work on Sue’s PowerBook, copying the whole disk to mine in FireWire disk mode, then wiping her hard disk and reinstalling OS9 and installing Panther and the Adobe Creative Suite, which goes on in the background throughout the afternoon and up until 8:00 (going home time).

Meanwhile, during Lunch, Sue and I venture out to have coffee with Daniel Devlin and sign his I had coffee with Daniel Devlin book, which appears to be a sort of laid-back work of art. The weather is glorious, by the way. It’s been warm the whole two weeks (I’ve slept on the duvet rather than under it); even if it rained occasionally.

I get home at about nine, I suppose, and internet, iChat and email for a while, then Juan cooks a tremendous rice salad. After this I play Ben’s mixes of the tracks we recorded last weekend: They sound pretty good. It’s interesting the way that solos go from improvised to "fixed" with playing the track over and over. Perhaps some tweaks, I’m not sure.

and (frankly) noodle

I wake up at 6:30 (7:30 Kiel time) and lie awake until 7:00. I Sit and a notion enters my head regarding a way I might alter my approach to the Sitting which profoundly affects my relation to it. In a good way. I’m surprised I’ve not thought of it before. Perhaps someone told me and I forgot, I don’t know.

I put on a pot of coffee and drink the whole thing while checking email, etc. It appears that I forgot my power cable at Sue’s the other day.

I get into Walker and begin Maisying, confirm my mains-cable mistake and drink more coffee. At lunchtime I retreat upstairs with the Steinberger and a Pandora box with headphones to practise and (frankly) noodle. If I knew twice as much Repertoire as I do, I’d be merely disgustingly ignorant.

By the time I leave to go home my head is fried and I spend the rest of the evening in cranial death mode. Sadly any day that ends in Cranial Death Mode doesn’t really contain that much worth talking about – the office strips me of all the things that I notice during the day. While in this mode I work on some adjustments to the L4 website, and also try to find the answer to the question "why does Fontlab put white lines through these characters in OS9?". But no answer is forthcoming.

HobNobs are eaten. Desperate measures for desperate times.

Kurt Schwitters and exciteable friends

As yesterday, except this time I catch a 43 from London Bridge. I still get to Ben’s late, but no matter, as it’s given them time to sort out some vocals (including the 7/8 against 4/4 riff song, which doesn’t really hang together, which is a shame because it’s a good riff) and make a whole new track which is waiting for a guitar track – I immediately do three tracks of sparse guitar solo, one of which is obviously the star, the other two running alongside in support roles; then three tracks of slide over one of the verses. And that one’s completed. In all three or possibly four tracks are finalised, including one that sounds like Kurt Schwitters and exciteable friends – Gerard was doing the Ur-poem-isms, I was responding with jumpy slide guitar and another that’s stitched together from takes I did yesterday. So a good weekend. We complete at around six and I carry all mys stuff back on the 43, then change and get home.

Evening in, with very little to report.

Mmm. Nutrition.

Up at 7:30. Another hot day. Coffee and then assemble my bits to take to Ben’s, which takes a lot longer than I thought it would, but then everything does. Eventually get out of the door, having plumped for the number 4 bus (this turns out to be a mistake, as it gets to the foot of Holloway Road, where my destination is, then veers off in the wrong direction for a long time, giving me a guided tour of, apparantly, the entire universe. It gets there in the end, as do I. Ben and Gerard have begun at something. We continue at this and other somethings throughout the day, with a break for omelettes. By the time I leave at almost 11:00 we have four somethings in varying stages of completeness. I think some of these could be quite good if Ben’s computer would not crash so often. I manage to conjure up some archetypal CA riffs, anyway. There’s stuff with a berimbau as well, though I’m not sure how successful this is. It sounded quite good down the stairs when I was washing the cups.

I catch a 17 to St Pauls and walk over the Millenium Bridge (absolutely stunning bridge, by the way, and, being a hot summer’s night, the perfect weather for it, cool breeze blowing down the Thames) pausing slightly to remind myself that I was there at that moment, then home. For dinner I have a cheese sandwich, some crisps and some HobNobs. Mmm. Nutrition.

It’s now 1:27 and I’m feeling slightly the worse for cheese/crisps/hobnobs. To bed soon, I hope.

abusing the novelty dessert

Up… late, I think. I need to rest. I spend the day largely on the sofa. Muesli is also eaten. There is the tang of moral wrongness surrounding the notion of the second bowl of muesli, particularly if it’s after 10:30 at the time. I shower and dress.

I’m to go into Walker at 3:00, but get there late and so the person I’m to see is going into a meeting and I just walk home again. Very tired, when I get back I eat chips, pay my taxes and lie on the sofa. Eventually Juan comes home, but in my torpor I’m not very communicative.

I go out to the Walker party at about eight – I don’t want to arrive too early. This turns out not to be a problem as firstly I get totally lost, then the entrance that’s indicated on the invitation turns out to be blocked and I have to walk all the way around the venue to get in, so I’m actually quite late. I’ve missed dinner, but am in time for dessert. I find Ben and Helen and sit with them for a while, then Ben introduces me to the Chocolate Fountain, which is just as disturbing as it sounds, but not quite large enough to be truly Willy Wonka-ish. This one is flowing with white chocolate, which apparantly represents a major technological breakthrough. One is to catch the chocolate on a variety of chocolate-carrying media – shortbread, fudge, marshmallows, pineapple or strawberries. I like the pineapple and strawberry so much I eat a number of pieces without dipping them in the chocolate and wonder if I’m to get into trouble for abusing the novelty dessert.

There are people I’m very glad indeed to see here, even though I’m going to see them again tomorrow.

I walk home, reaching the flat at after half-past twelve. It’s a lot further than I’d thought. I chat to Juan, then he goes to bed and soon I shall too.

There are also croutons.

Up and Sit, then Breakfast, then practise. After a few days of Maisying (which ate up all my time); it’s very nice to get back to practising, which has a lot going for it. I’m sure this has been mentioned before.

At 11:30 I begin Lunch with Sylvain – vegetable soup. One might not think that one could apply complex strategies to vegetable soup (at least if one were generally ignorant of it, like me); but I do so and the strategies seem to work. Mainly this involves not just dumping the vegetables in the pan and then dumping water on top and adding stock cubes, but something more involved. There are also croutons.

After completing lunch I have a shower and prepare myself for the dentist, to which Ruth then takes me. Today it’s teeth-cleaning lessons, but in German, with Ruth translating, also lessons in the arcane ways of the interdental brush. In the car on the way back, Ruth fills me on the many details I missed.

We’re back in time for tea.

Between tea and five thirty there’s the thrumming of Leagueness next door, and then a house meeting with the Director, with whom I have a personal meeting just before Dinner.

During Dinner, the Director tells of the Invented Level One. And the dessert is very good, too.

At 9:00 there’s a meeting with guitars with Mart?n, running thorugh the repertoire we know. For my part this is very little, but it’s fascinating to watch at close hand. As it were. This goes on until about midnight. In the break I show Ignacio the some of the pictures from Mendoza and the pictures from Pl?n, with which I should do something soon.

I use my new teeth-cleaning techniques, which take a very long time, or at least longer than I’m used to. I also wield the interdental brush mercilessly.

Bed at 00:45.