No, really, this is my life, sort of.

Up at just after 7:00 and into the kitchen to wash up cups and glasses and prepare breakfast, which takes me through to 8:15 and breakfast itself.

After completing breakfast I finalise the setting I’ve been doing for the office, and then get on to the Guildhalling again. There’s rather a lot of this throughout the day, as my sister (the editor of the project) will be relieved to discover.

After Lunch there isn’t a house work meeting. But more Guildhalling? Yes. And a circle at three. And a bit of a nap, too, as I’m feeling very tired and ill-tempered. It took me forever to get to sleep last night, which didn’t help. I am required to count in a couple of pieces, which I then proceed to do in a variety of interesting tempos. Then tea and then more typesetting.

No, really, this is my life, sort of.

I finally decide to complete for the day shortly before the Listening session at 9:00. The gig in the arts centre in San Cugat, I remember it well. Strange how these recordings are so full of the life of the place. Listening carefully, one can make out backing vocals from Amelie Puglisi. Not a lot of interest, though. I remember I was sitting next to an English ex-pat, who was very impressed with the show and regaled me with a number of opinions, many of which I had to prevent myself from openly disagreeing with quite vociferously.

Half past eleven now. Very tired. Soon to bed.

notes and sounds from the air

Up at… well, we all miss the 7:30 sitting curfew by five minutes, so we sit in the bedroom instead. Saturday extended mix. After breakfast I continue to fill the new site up, making connections to the database. With the exception of the shower I have, this takes me through to Lunch, and indeed after, as I make my excuses early and leave the table. Back to the site.

At 2:30 there’s a circle, where we quickly run through the stuff we know up to now and look at Mirada and The Stick and another game tune. So now a combination of site-work and playing. After tea I borrow Christian’s audio interface and try out some ideas in Cubase. Some of which obviously don’t work. There’s also another Circle at 5:00 – stray cat is introduced. I manage to get two parts (A and B sections) done just before quiet time. Another part arrives after dinner, and I lay that down just before we listen to the white-hot and buzzing Paloma show from Barcelona.

I listen again after Dinner, after I’ve gathered up my now-dry washing. I like it a lot. It’s a bit eccentric and I don’t know where to take it, but I like it.

There’s a flurry of plucking notes and sounds from the air in the House.

I realise that there’s a chore I forgot to do last night, so I decide to do it tonight instead. As I do so, Zombies are active in the dining room.

And so to bed.

minor glitchette

Up late, but then Juan gets up later. I’m supposed to be doing my accounts, but find that all the files I need are on the hard disk that’s still in Kiel. So that was what I forgot before I left then. Good.

Juan goes off to college.

I do go through the papers, but there aren’t enough of them and there must be more somewhere. I don’t really know where. Hmm, this will be exciting.

Christian helps me retrieve the files. There’s still a minor glitchette, but hopefully nothing that can’t be dealt with.

In the evening I watch Star Wars. I’m trying quite hard to remember what it was like when it came out. It had more build-up than any other cultural event I can remember, and extraordinarily, when I finally got to see it, it didn’t disappoint in the least. This is touched on by George Lucas in the commentary.

nifty stuff in there

I don’t get out of bed until embarrassingly late. I’m still weak and dizzy, indeed perhaps more so than yesterday. When I do emerge I get a cup of coffee and collect my email. The time up until lunch is spent waiting for a call that doesn’t arrive until well after lunch. Some stuff is done, though: bit of fontery, bit of Guildhallery.

After lunch there’s House Work. I feel more energised afterwards, perhaps to do with vibrations from the vacuum cleaner. Also meet with the Registrar re the site.

Then Tea, and at 17:00, guided practise followed by a Circle, where we begin to resurrect Dollhead, Mariana’s and my parts, anyway. At just after six I begin to cook Dinner, which turns out to be bulgar wheat, courgettes and a sort of sauce.

After Dinner, we listen to the recordings to extract the parts of Dollhead and Suspiro we don’t know. Some really nifty stuff in there, actually. Then we meet and work on them. I think they’ll sound good…

After that I poke around the Internet a bit and go to bed.

Ask for help and you will receive it

I wake up at 8:00 and 9:00 and finally get up at 10:00. Still feeling ill. Still, today’s a day off.

I drink a cup of tea and slob out. At about noon Mme Registrar suggests a trip into town so she, Jabato and I drive down there. I’m glad of this as I’m not sure I’d have liked to walk.

We split up – I go in search of thermal underwear. I don’t find any I want, but do manage to get the disks posted to London and also find Seinfeld season 3 DVDs. So. Meet up with the other two and we go to Le Buffet for lunch – there is a stir-fry available, which we go for. Not just a meal but a sort of performance too – one selects the ingredients and presents them for stir-frying.

With the meal there’s a fortune cookie. Mine says Ask for help and you will receive it.

Also dessert, which I have to taste to be sure that it’s not a plastic model of dessert (very nice, though, raspberry, which is also a plus). The director joins us for coffee, and then we all drive up to the cool CD shop. After some browsing I buy Laurie Anderson, Live in New York, September 2001.

Back at the House I watch some episodes of Seinfeld (including a couple I’ve never seen before, which is incredible) and then go to Bambule for dinner (some time has now passed since lunch. Besides, it’s a day off). Ignacio joins me and we discuss a number of things.

We return and watch Donnie Darko (my recommendation); which never fails for me. One of those films that click.

At midnight I sit briefly with Dani and soon to bed.

Two years ago today I saw Cardiacs play at the Astoria. Why do some gigs stick in the memory like that?

Other than bland bread.

Again difficult to get out of bed. Sitting, then circulation and breakfast.

At 10;00 I begin making bread – two loaves. Through the morning I have a growing sense of illness, a cold perhaps or some kind of minor flu. I hope minor, anyway, I don’t think I need the kind that knocks you onto your back for two weeks.

I also work on setting up the databases on the GC site.

The bread grows and grows. By the time I come to put it in the oven (while Daniel’s making lunch) the loaves are humungous. Shame I forgot the salt. I always forget to put salt in things. I wonder if that means anything. Other than bland bread.

By lunchtime I’m definitely ill. I also have an inflamed gum (which naturally follows blocked ears in a night/day sort of way); which can be pretty nasty. All part of the same lowered-immune-system thing, which I suppose grew over the last few days. I pay especial attention to cleaning my teeth (too late, I suppose); and lie down again.

House work at 14:15 – general cleaning.

The pain grows through the afternoon and becomes difficult by teatime. After the Guided Practise at 17:00 I take a couple of painkillers and a hoarded antibiotic.

By Dinner I’m pretty spaced out, but the tooth hurts less, though I can’t say whether that’s the painkillers, the antibiotic or nature.

After Dinner I wash up.

At 21:30 there’s a circle led by Dani – lots of work on Third Relation and then after a break a look at the Bartok. Then Ignacio comes and we play the Bartok. Third Relation and Thrak and some more circulations.

Right now my problem’s in blocked sinuses. Let’s see how I am tomorrow. Perhaps it’ll all pass tomorrow. We’ll see.

as before plus improvisation

Up, sitting, circulations, breakfast, shower, then stuff. Guildhall stuff and web stuff.

Then I make lunch. This was a stab at a pasta bake. I wonder whether recipes in the blood – Daniel, confronted with random ingredients, and being Spanish, makes a tortilla. I, being English, make a pie.

After Lunch back to the stuff, then at 15:00 I wait for Walker to phone me about the Lucy Font, while there’s a circle going on next door. They do and I I tweak the font and burn DVDs for them of PSD files of work I’ve done. Then it’s time for tea.

After tea, a circle with Ignacio, Bartok, Third Relation.

Dinner soup by Ruth. I spend the whole meal trying not to say "Souperior!", although it is very good soup. Then a meeting with The Registrar with regards to the web site and matters arising, then a meeting with Christian with regards to… well, I have to do it an octave down, which makes the whole thing a bit Sylvianesque. Then another circle – as before plus improvisation, and another short meeting with the Registrar to finish off Matters Arising. And I buy a pick.

I chat to my sister with reference to the Guildhall book and to Ben with reference to everything else.

And then

Up in time for the Sitting at least. And then the sitting. And then the circulating. And then the muesli. And then I so some AAD, but find that I need to lie down for a while.

I get up and have a word with the registrar about something, then go and see if there is any need for further coffee. Apparantly not.

Generally as yesterday, which is never a good sign in a diary. I call Walker but there’s inclarity so we’ll speak tomorrow when Sue is available.

Lunch and then a further chat and then at 15:00 guided practise with Dani. Hmm. Counting to four is a real bind, isn’t it? And then a circle with Ignacio – Bartok? not as such. Thrak? Hmm. I then go to prepare Tea, or at least organise biscuits on a plate. And then tea.

After washing the cups I go to the computer and look at the new site again, and chat to Pablo about a few things. He sends me the source file for the page, which is handy.

Dinner is a relaxed affair apart from all the dental talk. I must begin to abstain again. Also: there seem to be more Scorpios in Guitar Craft than other walks of life I’ve strolled through. Odd.

We watch a documentary on my computer. At the moment Ruth and Dani are looking to see if they can find a film. The future is uncertain, from a cinematic point of view.


Getting out of bed is a bit of a struggle this morning – in fact in general this is one of those struggly sort of days. Sitting and then Breakfast, then a shower and a meeting with the Director and the Registrar with regards to the website.

Then there’s a session listening to the recording sessions from July. This morning the large group pieces.

I look at the Guildhall book next, attempting to get the style tags to import, with no luck.

Lunch, more looking at the Guildhall, I take my washing off the drier and then a Housework meeting at 2:30. I sweep the stairs, the entrance hall and the dining room. I am not taking to authority well. But these rooms are swept.

Back again to the style tags, closer to a solution. This must be a file thing hidden in OSX, as I did this thousands of times in earlier OSes. Long iChat with my sister regarding various Guildhall factors.

Tea at 16:00 – I grab a couple of quarter-alfajores and get back to the computer.

Guided practise to 17:00 followed by a circle (back to the Bartok and then back to C major); and then I begin cooking Dinner. This is a soup. Astonishingly and quite against my expectation this is (a) on time and (b) edible. The world of GC guitars sounds exciting.

I complete the kitchen before another listening session at 21:00 – small group pieces, many of which I got to ruin. "We’ve heard it all, now" the Director said after the session, and he was right. I heard a number of things about myself that were quite tough – it’s all there. On the one hand when these sessions were taking place I didn’t have any time at all for practise – some intense Maisying was occuring – on the other hand, I suspect the carelessness and unfocusedness were endemic, related to weakness in the hands as much as anything else. I’m sure I can play better than that, or at least I hope so. It’s a shame, especially as some of these (Dollhead for example) probably won’t be heard again. There are two takes of Cielo. This is the first time I’ve heard it. There are some crippling technical misjudgements, but he piece itself I’m very grateful for. Whether it’s mere self-indulgence I can’t say. Its moment probably came in Lunlunta as the Russian Butter piece’s moment came in Pl?n. Will they find other moments? Who can say.

At least one strong, build-on-able take of Suspiro, although whether it’s worth the building time remains to be seen.

I feel totally shattered after the session. However I’ve answered two technical questions perfectly adequately and made some edible soup, so the day wasn’t completely wasted.

let alone anything more complex

Up at 7:00 and into the kitchen to commence making breakfast, sitting at 7:30 and then back to the kitchen. Some form of circulation is taking place in the Ballroom. Personally I have trouble standing up before I’ve had my coffee, let alone anything more complex.

Breakfast is at 8:20.

After breakfast, I check my email, then do DoA in the Ballroom.

At 10:30, there’s guided practise with Dani, and then I get down to doing the cut-outs for Triplets 8. This takes me through to Lunch. i also discuss the upcoming Guildhall project with my sister via the wonders of iChat. Oh, and putting clothes in to wash.

After lunch, I complete and send off my first attempt at the front cover. Also looking at the GC site – looking at reference and tutorial sites on the net to see if there are better ways of doing things. There usually are. I eat too many biscuits at tea.

Before the guitar circle I hang the clothes on the drier.

Ignacio continues to introduce us to the Bartok piece. I find that I can’t absorb the information. Perhaps I’m not concentrating. It’s very frustrating.

More site stuff before Dinner. Then Dinner. Then at 21:30 another circle – repertoire and all the notes of C major except C#. After this, Osos are on, or at least they would be if I were, but I’m not, really, although there is the beginning of something there, somewhere.

I continue to play the guitar until just now when I wrote this. And soon to bed.