At least now I know what’s in it.

7:00 – We get up and prepare ourselves for the day.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:00 – Breakfast

8:35 – We begin practising and playing the guitar. More calisthenics, more Askesis, more fun. We also swap bits and pieces of other things we might have.

10:00 – I collect the toner cartridge from downstairs and install it. There is a wide, white, non-printing stripe. I try all the suggested troubleshooting suggestions, to no avail, and email their customer support department, although I’m not holding out much hope.

12:30 – I borrow my father’s printer*, which turns out to be totally non-Mac compatible, not only that but it appears not to work with any of unofficial solutions that people have come up with. Pooh.

*The printer is in the boot of his car. When I attempt to open the lid, it will not open at all. Eventually it does, but it’s at this point that the technical failure begins to appear supernatural. I’m beginning to feel conspired against.

13:30 – lunch. Egg fried rice by Haru. I’m distracted by the non-useful printer. After Lunch I try to install the drivers for it into Virtual PC in hopes that I can get it to do something.

14:45 – I give in to the inevitable and take the files downstairs to be printed out.

15:00 – We go out for a walk: up the road to the Tate Modern, then along the river, across the Jubilee Bridge (downriver) to Watkins, then back, across the Jubilee Bridge (upriver) past Waterloo Station. Walker call – they’d like me to go in to be briefed tomorrow.

17:10 – We return home. The shop downstairs has been closed for ten minutes. Grr. Ben calls and I chat to him for a while. Haru and I have cups of tea and sit on the sofa, and I fall asleep. Deciding I need the energy, I resolve to sort the shelves. This takes a while, and the cleaning overflows into the rest of the living room. The shelves don’t really look any tidier, but there’s something distant and unfamiliar about mess that’s not been interfered with, something more manageable about a mess that I’ve touched. At least now I know what’s in it.

20:10 – We begin cooking dinner – pasta with tomato sauce.

21:00 – dinner is served, followed by the rest of the Jaffa Cakes and a couple of chocolate digestives. Then sitting on the sofa, reading.

22:00 – writing this.

Am I On? Off?

7:10 – Wake up. Getting up becomes difficult. Am I On? Off? Up and about would be preferable. Get up, shower and sit with Haru. Then, Coffee and chocolate digestives for breakfast. After breakfast we find the muesli.

9:00 – Sorting, tidying and unpacking, also retrieving shirts from the big red suitcase.

10:00 – My father gives me a lift to Office World, as he’s going that way anyway. They used to have a large range of printer cartridges available, but have been bought up by another chain (Staples) and are in the process of refurbishment. Most of the stock seems to be stuff you’d find in the PC store just up the road. They don’t have what I want. I notice how disruptive the noises of construction are, and wonder if it’s the volume or the unintentionality (although I suppose it ought to be intentional). The stone-cutting machine is especially disturbing. It makes it very difficult to be present in any way.

The trip back is delayed because Pa needs to make a short stop. He’s away for a while, and on his return asks why, in Council offices, a five minute job always takes twenty-five minutes. I suggest the possibility that it is, in fact, a twenty-five minute job.

11:00 – Return home. Look in shop downstairs for printer cartridge, anyway. They say they don’t have it, but can order it for me. I demur.

13:00 – Given lift to the supermarket by my father. Buy lots of veg, some other needed things (new dustpan and brush, for example). Spend a long, fruitless, time trying to find “real” (not dry) yeast.

14:00 – Lunch. Bread, tomato, cheese and avocado, with scrambled eggs.

15:00 – Begin afternoon jobs – I go down stairs and order the printer cartridge, do corrections to the Lucy font, other bits and pieces. Eventually I realise that I’m very tired.

18:00 – Nap.

19:45 – Squeeze orange juice, begin cooking dinner.

20:30 Dinner – Rice, tomato sauce, mushrooms and tuna fish.

21:30 – Guitar work with Haru. Primaries, Askesis. I am attempting to learn the other part. I recount that when I first learned a bit of Askesis (in San Cugat, because Victoria thought it might be “fun”), Leo told me that I should be very careful about which voice I learned. I asked him which was trickier, and he said “both of them”.

22:30 – listening to music – Britten String Quartet, Ravel, Beethoven. Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #32 has a boogie woogie section.

23:00 – Writing diary. About to have peppermint tea and get to bed.

Then I remember.

One odd theme about to day has been clumsiness in various forms. Not only tripping over and breaking things (there was a time in Charmissimo when I was just dropping coin after coin), but also verbal clumsinesses, when saying goodbye to people particularly. Not rudenesses, but off things, thoughtless things. I’m disappointed more than anything else.

I’ve noticed that this happens after courses – after Lunlunta I morphed into Mr Clueless overnight – and I wonder if this is the real me (I hope not) or some kind of side-effect. Anyway, it’s a shame.

6:00 – I get up and shower.

6:20 – I sit in the Ballroom.

7:00 – Dani wakes up and we begin to move around the room quietly, packing and sorting.

8:00 – Dani leaves for Madrid.

9:00 – Go to Bauhaus to buy parcel tape, then return to the House to pack up the books.

10:00 – Start work on the second parcel.

11:00 – The last big parcel is beginning to take shape. It’s quite an odd shape, but it’s taking it. This is good, as I’m running out of parcel tape. When all three are done I vacuum the room. Then Haru and I join Christian and Ruth as they eat toast and cheese.

12:30 – Go with Christian to Sandy’s to post the belongings. They have Walker’s crisps there, labelled “Now Even Better For You”. Because, of course, they were very good for you before. I think “I must get some of those to take back to the House for Tea”. Then I remember.

13:15 – We return to the House momentarily, then all go out for coffee and cake at Charmissimo, a cafe that have unfortunately adopted MS Comic Sans as their house type face. After this we say goodbye to Mariana, Ignacio and Ruth.

14:30-ish – We return to the House, I pack up the last of my stuff, check the room, and we’re off. I hand the door key back to Christian.

14:45 – We arrive at the station. The L?beck train has just left. We wait.

15:45 – We get on the train to L?beck.

17:00 – We arrive in L?beck and take the bus to the Airport.

17:50 – We check in. L?beck has been transformed into a sort of hell on earth – they’ve expanded, with extra scanners and so forth, but are now so obsessed about security that it takes a lot longer. One gentleman is very angry about the laptop computer scanning procedure. It seems that he’s been preparing to be angry, and this is the pay-off.

18:50 – The plane takes off. The scouts are all in the front of the plane, so that’s all right. There’s something remarkable in the presence of one of the scout leaders – a woman whose 50th birthday it is today (this is announced over the tannoy and she’s wearing a big badge with “I am 50” on it.

19:00 (BST) – The plane lands. However the process of getting off the plane and collecting luggage takes longer than the journey itself.

20:20 – get on the bus at Stansted (though the clock on the bus is still operating at GMT), and then the tube to Elephant and Castle.

22:00 – Arrive home. Juan has left the place impeccable. Give Haru the tour and check out some things around the place. I am, it appears, home.

23:00 – Go out in the rain to buy chips and plain chocolate digestives. Running through the rain to get this bounty, a penny drops and I have an image of myself in relation to Guitar Craft. I’m sad and relieved and excited in equal measure. Then I buy chips and biscuits. We eat them with Late Junction playing on the radio. Hello there, England.

23:40 – Sitting at my computer, writing my journal. Soon-ish to bed.

it equally quickly lurches into the sixth dimension

7:00 – wake up spontaneously, rise and shower. Suppose this must be what I’ve been training myself for over the last few weeks by getting up early.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – breakfast.

9:30 – Calisthenics with Dani. I’ve missed this, oddly enough.

10:45 – rehearsal of the Ruthenian Song by Bartok. Picked up very quickly despite the fact that it equally quickly lurches into the sixth dimension.

13:00 – Lunch.

14:00 – rehearsing the Bartok circulation.

14:45 – Housework. I sweep the stairs, dust the shoe rack and sweep the shed.

16:00 – Tea. We perform the Bartok circulation. Profoundly moving. Then we eat a lot of chocolate.

17:30 – Final meeting.

18:45 – photos in the dining room

19:00-ish to Hohenstaufen. No stron liquor for me tonight, but pizza…

22:00-ish – return home, hang out in the bedroom and watch the Whistle Test DVD.

00:40 – Very tired, must sleep, but must write journal first…

I’m reminded of Ford Prefect’s theory

Up at 6:15-ish, which gives the hot water time to warm up, so a shower and a shave. Then to the Ballroom to read, lie down and Tai Chi.

7:30 – sitting and extended greetings. As I usually work my way around the globe, there’s some uncertainty about where people are at the moment. Also the fatigue is beginning to make the sitting tough.

8:15 – Breakfast – as today is a quiet day, people aren’t making noises with their mouths. Interestingly, they find all sorts of substitute noises to make (tapping, banging, scraping, etc). It seems very much that the impulse is to make noises, and that usually the mouth is just a convenient noise-making apparatus. I’m reminded of Ford Prefect’s theory that humans keep moving their lips because otherwise their brains start working.

After Breakfast I find that my attention has been drawn to a Site Glitch, which I attempt to deal with.

11:00 – AT – standing up and sitting down. I really should practise this a lot more. After the first five times it becomes fascinating. How many times have I been instructed in this? And I still can’t do it?

11:50 – Begin Lunch preparation, converting leftovers. I have a bright idea. Not even an idea. A glittery notion.

13:00 – Lunch is served, eaten and then completed.

14:15 – Meeting with Mike.

15:00 – I miss the Housework meeting, they’re just dispersing as I rush out of the bedroom. Apparantly, though, there’s not that much to do, so back to the computer.

16:00 – Tea. Excellent biscuits.

16:30-19:00: pottering, mostly. Sleeping a bit. A lot of sleeping today.

19:00 – as it’s been a quiet day, there’s not quiet time as such, in fact it appears to be a less-quiet-than-one-might-hope day.

19:30 – Dinner, tortillas and salad. Very quiet, fairly short, but with cheesecake. Hurrah.

20:00-21:00 – Waiting to see if anything appears on the board for this evening. Apparantly not. So last night was probably the last time we played together, which is appropriate, I suppose, although I didn’t really think about it at the time. I wonder what a life without daily circles is going to be like.

21:00-23:30 – Looking at the website glitch. As most of these things are it’s actually very simple, it’s just a question of finding it.

23:30 – i begin writing this.

if only for a moment.

Today the L4 Completion Week completed, although the L4 itself doesn’t complete until Sunday.

I drank liquor for the first time in seven years. It was a very important toast.

I made bread rolls.

I played with The League of Crafty Guitarists, and the heavens opened, if only for a moment.

Lots of things happened, it was one of those days that’s a week long, and it was yesterday, so it’s a bit difficult to remember.

Three days left in Germany.

A story from everybody.

5:58 – I decide to get out of bed at 6:00, having turned off the alarm.

6:00 – My upstairs neighbour rolls out of bed and beats me to the bathroom. How early am I going to have to get up? When I get in there the water is still cold.

7:00 – I’ve been reading, sitting in the Ballroom. Now I Tai Chi until the Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:00 – or just after – I begin making bread rolls for tonight. This keeps me occupied until the meeting at 10:30, then back again to knead and prepare the rolls with just enough time to get to the performance craft meeting. Something comes back to me from last night, but doesn’t seem sayable – I saw that not only does the music come from somewhere else, but the bummers do, too, or at least some of them – we are equally the medium for the music and the bummers. It’s much easier to shrug off ownership of the music than the bummers. We love our bummers.

After the meeting I stash the rolls on top of the cupboards and clean up as best I can.

After Lunch, Christian asks me to prepare more bread for tomorrow, so I juggle sweeping the floor and bread making, and then also a meeting with Mike.

16:00 – tea. And at 16:35 an impromptu meeting with Mariela. There are a number of these.

17:00 – LCG meeting – very useful information, and an opportunity to observe the coming of bummers in action. Being observed as we were shone a very powerful light on my shortcomings, but mainly (as, on occasion, in Italy) showed me how little control I have really, how tenuous the relation between choice, control and playing the right note in time and sounding good can be; Also: if it’s established that someone oughtn’t to be playing, and I don’t know that that person is not me, should I desist anyway?

Preparing for the performance.

19:00 – Quiet time.

19:30 – Dinner – superb celebratory dinner. It’s strangely touching to look down and see my rolls there. A story from everybody.

21:30 – meet in the green room.

22:00 – Showtime. A very different performance from yesterday, and very different from how I expected it to be. Playing the arpeggio sections on Vroom were little moments of joy for me, but that’s just a selfish thing.

Then cheesecake and toasts with strong liquor. The first time for me for over seven years.

23:20 – Final meeting for the week, then winding down, writing this and soon bed.