with choral accompaniment

6:45 – Rise. Sit outside on the bench by the HOD. As on previous days when I’ve done this, as I’m sitting there the lamps in the garden go out. I feel oddly privileged to see this.

7:15 – Sitting.

8:00 – Breakfast. Tom asks if anyone’s sick and only I put up my hand. Very embarrassing.

9:00 – Go to the office to log on and check the tube map for Luis C. I miss tai chi, another mistake.

10:30 – Begin lunch preparation with Christian. Lentils with potatoes, so a lot of potato peeling and chopping.

13:00 – Showtime.

14:20 – Complete lunch.

14:30 – Mariela demonstrates an exercise for the arms, using chairs. I’m very tired and finding attention hard. Afterwards I lie on my bed and read and nap.

16:00 – Tea. Croissants. I save one for Haru.

16:30 – Presentation of the Quality Exercise. There’s a moment here when I laugh, totally inappropriately, another moment of feeling-bad-ness. Then Zum/Big Time announce another performance, so we have to move fast. I’m surprised by how fast I can move, actually. Personally meeting with Tom at the back of the HOD.

17:30 – Zum/BIg Time performance, I’m assisting Tom R. Moments when I have much greater clarity of attention than any performance recently, just attempting to hold the group and the audience in my field of vision as long as I can. Then breaking down the room and sweeping the floor with Tom and Riccardo.

19:00 – Dinner. Haru and the Four Riders of the Apocalypse perform The Stick, then Alain performs with choral accompaniment, followed by Big Jabato Zum and Hall of Suffering and Happy Fanyulo for Riccardo.

20:15 – Log on to collect email. Give money to the Treasurer.

21:00 – End of term, waiting for the meeting to begin. A fantastic double rainbow in the sky.

21:30 – Final meeting.

After the Final Meeting – I go and get some more money and settle with the Treasurer. Table moving. Talk to Haru, return to room and chat to Ignacio.

24:33 – Begin writing this. It’s already June, apparantly. Chatting, including the history of El Corne de Fanyulo from Luis.

There is dancing, both on stage and off.

6:45 – Rise.

7:15 – Sitting.

7:45 – Breakfast.

9:15 – Tai Chi.

10:00 – Shower. Minor drenching incident.

10:30 – Sitting in the stone circle.

11:00 – Mechanics of last night’s performance. A useful insight comes to me that I perhaps hammer to death a bit.

12:00 – Washing clothes, hanging them on the line as it’s about to rain, so hanging them on the bed instead. Reading.

13:00 – Lunch. I volunteer to do the washing up.

14:00 – Begin washing up. I’m involved in the most spectacular plastic chairs cascading off tables incident yet.

14:45 – Complete the washing up. L1 washer-uppers are very careful.

15:15 – AT lie down.

16:00 – Tea.

16:30 – Begin Dinner preparation with Christian. There’s some loud rehearsing going on out there.

19:00 – Showtime. Performances. A question. Dessert.

20:30 – Complete kitchen.

21:00 – It’s quiet.

21:30 – L1/2.25 display. There is dancing, both on stage and off.

22:30-ish – Begin setting up room.

23:00 – Showtime. Formal set up, informal rehearsal.

23:40 – Rehearsal ends; break down room;

23:57 – begin writing this.

de facto

I spend most of the day lying on my bed being ill. There’s a performance in the evening for which I end up a sort of de facto stage manager, which is both a shock and a surprise to me.

I’m supposed to be somewhere doing something

6:45 – Rise.

7:15 – Sitting.

8:00 – Breakfast. I miss the KT encirclement, by standing with a cup of coffee in my hand, thinking how I’m sure I’m supposed to be somewhere doing something.

After breakfast I organise my personal space and sweep the floor of the dormitory.

9:15 – Tai Chi.

10:00 – A bit of reading.

10:30 – Begin lunch preparation with Luis. Orange vegetables I still don’t know the name of that are probably squash*, caramelised onions, chickpeas and rice.

13:00 – Lunch bell is rung. Dani doesn’t show. Zum play, then Personal Creatures perform Dollhead (not a good performance, which is a shame), then L1 players, Madrid duo and Tom and Lilian.

15:00 – Complete lunch. There are a lot of left-overs.

Lie on my bed, sleep, then shower and shave, then tea (Madrid Circle plus Alain perform Blockhead. After tea some practise.

16:50 – Personal meeting with Robert.

17:10 – Run to Shinku’s room. Meeting with Shinku.

(It appears my good question was a bad question or perhaps not an issue at all.)

17:45 – Walk with H in the garden.

18:00 – Tai chi. The weather is quite close and threatening rain.

18:30 – Quiet time. I sit in the HOD.

19:00 – Dinner – performances by Tololo (Luis, Mari and Dani – Rocking!); Alain; Big Time.

20:45 – personal meeting with Fumihito. After this I show the counter-part of Evil to Claudio.

21:30 – Robert reads from Discipline and the Act of Music.

It appears tomorrow I have a day off from the kitchen. I can feel a cold coming on.

23:16 – Begin writing this.

23:39 – Complete.

After the middle. Thankfully nothing got broken, but feel bad about the misuse of time and energy, particularly other people’s time and energy.

*Haruko suggests this might be Butternut Squash.

It’s a viral thing.

6:35 – Rise.

7:15 – Sitting.

8:00 – Breakfast.

T&C stuff – I put a kettle on to heat up amongst other things.

Sitting out front with H, watching lizards, feeling very tired in the belly and the bone.

11:15 – I lie down. Ignacio comes to tell me that they’ve used the water from the kettle I put on the stove in lunch preparation.

11:30 – Ignacio comes to tell me that the hot water has run out, but it’s OK, they’ve just refilled the kettle.

12:00 – As the lunch is set up, I continue Tea and Coffeeing.

13:00 – Lunch. We don’t perform.

14:00 – Resetting the tea and coffee station, then a shower.

14:50 – AT with Mariela.

15:00 – Preparing tea with Horacio.

16:00 – Tea bell is rung. When, eventually, tea is declared over, I’m free.

17:00 – Rehearse with H and I, then wash clothes and hang them to dry.

18:10 – Meeting with the Director. Collect my now dry clothes.

19:00 – Showtime. Alain performs, then us (technically and officially Fierce Creatures, but also christened by R), then Zum with a silence, The Stick and (with Tom R) Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright. It goes well.

20:00 – Washing up. Or rather drying up.

21:00 – Hanging in the Dining Room and out front, with guitars, with Jaco and Luis.

21:30 – The staff troop out of the chapel to the HOD for the L1/L2 presentation. The definition of “Staff” appears to have broadened since R proposed the meeting.

Levels 1 and 2 present their work. Then the kitchen team meets.

22:00 – Jamming with Jaco and Horacio in the Dining Room, later teaching Luis to play Zombies. In the distance I hear The Stick being passed. It’s a viral thing.

23:45 – Begin writing this.

which is a thrill

6:45 – Rise.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:15 – Tai chi.

10:00 – Some reading.

10:30 – Lunch preparation with Jacopo – bean stew. The last hour goes very slowly. Some confusion as to our aim with regards to the serving. Also I make the mistake of asking for forks to be put on the table (if it doesn’t fall between the tines, I’ll tend to eat it with a fork, including bean stew, certainly of this consistency. Yes, they’re called “tines”).

13:00 – Show time. Immediately people ask for spoons, indeed are reluctant to even try to eat the beans without them. I offer spoons to all that want them, a surprisingly small number considering the clamour that I’d perceived.

They’re all right. Keep the windows open, though.

14:35 – I go straight from the kitchen to House Work – Emptying rubbish bins.

15:00 – Completion.

Somewhere around here the intention to perform at dinner solidifies – Zombies, with Dollhead in the pocket.

Again, it’s what I’d consider very hot, but Ignacio assures me that by Madrid standards it’s a fresh spring day. So there may be such a weather type as “too hot” after all.

16:00 – Tea.

Jamming with Jacopo, always a thrill, and also Dani, including general jazz, Straight No Chaser and So What. Groovy.

18:00 – Initially meet in the Power Boys Room, then disperse, then recoagulate for a run-through, also checking entering and leaving the space. I get to say “Free dispersal from the circle”, which is a thrill.

19:00 – Meet in the Green Room. Tuning difficulties, late start and then when we do enter the room there is already someone hanging around near the seconds and when I circle round the door isn’t shut so I have to do it. Fairly typical Personal Creatures performance, with all that that entails.

Apparantly I look as though I’m waiting for an intimate and uncomfortable procedure to be enacted on me, which I don’t really find surprising.

20:00 – Practising/playing with Haru – Invention, Evil, Vroom, IBE.

21:30 – Meeting with guitars in the HOD, abandoned after numerical difficulties. Run through Evil with Ignacio and Haru and the fish for ideas with Ignacio.

22:52 – Begin writing this.

My clothes are soon dry.

6:00 – Rise, sit outside the HOD listening to the dawn chorus, as I’m not sure when I’ll have another chance.

6:30 – Sitting in the HOD.

7:00 – Begin preparing breakfast.

8:00 – Breakfast. I forgot to put out spoons for the muesli.

9:15 – Complete kitchen, then do an internet task for the Registrar.

Lying down – feeling very tired.

13:00 – Lunch.

15:00 – Shower, wash shirts and underwear and hang them to dry.

15:40 – Personal meeting with Robert.

16:00 – Tea.

My clothes are soon dry.

More lying down, some reading.

18:10 – Assist Ignacio with blankets on the floor in the HOD.

18:30 – I elect not to go to the instruction in the practise of doing nothing. I dio play the guitar, but it’s very hot.

19:00 – Dinner (spaghetti with tomato and carrot sauce by Haru and Alvaro) and dessert (chocolate mousse – Yum!). I volunteer to wash up.

21:00 – Complete washing up.

21:15 – Vroom, Zombies out the front, and the first official disastrous performance of the Invention.

21:30 – Big circle. Followed by jam session (Vroom!) / Yellow House Band rehearsal (Zombies, poss Evil, poss Dollhead, poss Whip) and learning how to play El Cuco.

23:50 – Begin writing this.

from ?love? through ?attentiveness? to ?carefulness? to ?steady effort?

6:30 – I get up as I’m awake anyway. I go to the ballroom and lie on the floor for a bit.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast, then I post this on the board:

1340, from O.Fr. diligence ?attention, care,? from L. diligentia ?attentiveness, carefulness,? from diligentem (nom. diligens) ?attentive, assiduous, careful,? originally prp. of diligere ?value highly, love, choose,? from dis- ?apart? + legere ?choose, gather? (see lecture). Sense evolved from ?love? through ?attentiveness? to ?carefulness? to ?steady effort.?

Then I practise for a bit until…

9:15 – Tai Chi.

10:30 – Begin Lunch preparation with H: A lot of Salad, and pasta salad and (after 12:00) Mashed Potato Tempura. Haru is a lot better at this than me. I’m technically chief cook.

13:00 – Showtime, i walk around from the back with the bell. Afterwards, completion, which takes an age.

14:30 – Tai chi under the trees – Sitting down, standing up and walking around, sometimes backwards.

16:00 – Tea. Big Time perform.

Practising the Invention with Haru, out the back

18:00 – Tai chi under the trees.

18:30 – Quiet time. Sitting outside in the sun.

19:00 – Dinner.

20:20 – Money matters with the Treasurer in the office and then an evening on our own recognizance – Haru and I practise the Invention again and later a gang plays the Chaconne, IBE, Third Relation and we rediscover Zombies, Tiki and Suspiro.

22:30 – Discover that Vic and I are on breakfast tomorrow. Sylvain shows us round the breakfast stuff and we agree to meet at 6:00 in the H.O.D. I clean my teeth. There are spots of blood on the sink and the floor. I hope there wasn’t a ritual murder or anything. (It was actually my thumb, which I must have cut accidentally reaching for the toothpaste.)

22:42 – Begin writing this.

the etymology of the word “diligence”

6:54 – I get out of bed and check the time. As it’s so close to actual rise time I get up anyway.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:15 – Tai Chi, outside under the trees.

10:00 – I go out to town in search of a towel. All I manage to find is a beach towel, very colourful and not terribly absorbent. I also get some emergency chocolate (I give one bar of 85% chocolate to the House Manager, who will probably need it), three CDRs, some sweets, some toothpaste and some bars of clothes-washing soap.

12:00 – Shower.

12:40 – I wash some clothes and hang them up to dry.

13:00 – Lunch. Lentil and potato soup by Jacopo and Claudio.

14:00 – My shirts are almost dry!

15:00 – Meeting with Bill R. The course is not yet begun and I still manage to break my first commandment, “Keep Your Mouth Shut”.

15:55 – I retrieve my shirts.

16:00 – Tea.

16:30 – Begin cooking Dinner with Victoria. A lot of peeling potatoes and chopping onions, peppers and eggplant. Then boiling and mashing the potatoes.

19:00 – Showtime. It’s very difficult to get the potato alotted fairly, so different people end up with different amounts. Long wait for Big Time so by the time we get to sit down, there’s a silence going on, and then the pre-Inaugural Meeting Dinner chat, so we have to eat in a hurry.

20:45 – Complete the kitchen, finally.

21:00 – Inaugural meeting. I have difficulty with the etymology of the word “diligence”.

22:30 – Manage to connect to the internet by pretending to be from Philadelphia. Find the etymological definition of “Diligence”.

23:09 – Begin writing this.

23:33 – Complete.

the about-to-be-becoming Ballroom

7:10 – Rise.

7:30 – Sitting amongst the tables in the about-to-be-becoming Ballroom.

8:15 – Breakfast, then lying on my bed, reading. In particular following up a very important idea that I noticed yesterday and I’m running it around my brain in hopes that it will soak in.

9:30 – House work. Moving tables to make a Ballroom, then cleaning the Ballroom, then cleaning a bathroom.

11:00 – Begin cooking lunch. I am chief cook, with Alvaro. Potato soup. It tastes, which is a relief, but A’s lemon salad dressing is marvellous.

13:00 – Lunch is served. There is some talk about promoters and the way they try to help the artist. Then we complete the kitchen.

14:30 – House work. I sweep and mop in the dormitory building. In fact, I sweep and mop the dormitory that I stayed in the last two times, and thought about doing the same thing the morning we left last time. It seems like a lot longer ago than it actually is. It seems to be important to return to places like this, as it gives a sense of how changed one is since the last time one was here.

16:00 – Tea. Sitting outside with H before the bell was rung, we saw a lizard run along the low wall outside the dining room. Cool!

16:45 – Practising with Haru until she has to go and cook, then practising by myself (I need it – after all that fairying, my fingers are very rusty) until:

18:00 – Tai Chi, outside on the games court.

18:30 – I change my guitar strings, sitting outside. Yes, yes, I know, chilly breeze and sunshine, but the guitar was in my shadow and it was a lot nicer than sitting indoors to do it.

19:00 – Sitting outside, reading.

19:30 – Dinner, courgette stew and rice, by Luis C and Haru, with dessert served in plastic cups. More people have arrived.

20:00 – Sitting outside, chat to Mariana, then go to the practise rooms and jam with Ignacio and (momentarily) Sylvain. Then hanging out with Haru.

21:52 – Begin writing this.