I am asleep, yes, but what else?

6:00 – Rise. Bracing shower.

6:30 – Official rise.

7:00 – Sitting.

7:45 – Breakfast.

Pack up Tea and Coffee stuff to take to the NST day.

8:35 – Depart.

9:00-ish – Arrive at the Schloss. Set up tea and coffee and occupy a space by the bar downstairs for T&C needs.

9:30 – Inaugural meeting.

R.E. Meeting – we work on augmented Stick and less augmented Tiki.

I join Fabiano in the Green Room for slow Primaries (the whole lot, and very andante – challenging and good). We are, in turn, joined by Alex and Jacek. A quartet (I am facing Fabiano, with Jacek on my right and Alejandro on my left.)

Later I return to the room where Ruth is lying down. We try some Evil and I show her the lead line from Oso Furioso, which I’d like someone to play somewhere, some time.

13:00 – Lunch. R.E. perform The Stick (with special guests) and Tiki (without). During the former I manage a Being a Zombie coup – I don’t notice that the circulation is coming from my right because I’m thinking about switching to the Dani/Pixies low lead and manage to fumble both quite badly. Oh well, now I know. Food. Silence.

T&C. It appears that the bar is actually out of bounds, so we have to find an alternative water source.

15:20 – I have my meeting with Hernan, but it overruns by ten minutes, delaying the R.E. meeting. A very bad foot-misplacement on my part. Also it seems to be very difficult to get and hold tuning in that room. Perhaps the temperature, perhaps something else.

16:00 – Tea – we just about make it and perform the first few seconds of Gnossienne followed by Libertango and One of a…. On emerging from the Green Room we find another performer is in action. There is some kind of Growing Circle. I send good wishes Baldywards.

In the Green Room just before this the spare pick falls from my strap, as it did in the Green Room at the Klinik last night. What can this signify – that I am asleep, yes, but what else?

17:00 – R.E. meeting without guitars.

I hear a new piece from Mme Reg – cool!

17:30 – Completing T&C down by the Forbidden Bar and moving all the stuff upstairs prior to the opening of the restaurant and the Final meeting.

18:00 – Final meeting. Need to break down T&C quickly as we have to be out at 18:30.

18:30-ish depart.

19:00 – back at the House, dinner preparation has begun, we reconstruct the Tea and Coffee station.

20:00 – Dinner. Comments and observations. Alejandro elects to record in the morning and to have an early night and early morning, but – ha! ha! – after a week in the Tai Chi dojo (probably mixing my Eastern cultures there) an early morning seems like a lie in to us.

21:30 – The early night begins. Conversing with various Mexicans and others on subjects as diverse as breakfast around the world and Polish barmaids.

22:50 – Complete tea and coffee.

23:08 – Begin writing this.

fracasos casis

5:40 – Rise.

6:00 – Begin breakfast preparation.

6:30 – Breakfast.

7:00 – Depart to the station with Anthony. Make base camp near platform 3, from which we will depart. Get money. As people arrive bring them to base camp, then a surreptitious encirclement and get on the train.

8:12 – The train departs.

9:15 – The train arrives at Hamburg. I’m almost misled by an innocuous sign into thinking it’s the wrong station and telling everybody not to get off. However is correct and we do get off. Seven minutes later another train arrives and we get on (at pretty much the same spot on the platform) and it leaves for (ultimately) Budapest. We have to occupy the compartment we’ve reserved and the compartment next door for our luggage.

After about half an hour, Anthony and I set off to find the buffet, but it’s not a buffet, it’s a proper restaurant car, so we sit down and have a (proper) cup of coffee in a (proper) china cup, then back to the compartment. Lunch (open sandwiches by Alejandro) and a nap for me.

Nearing Dresden I get everybody to gather their stuff together and move it to the door. However delays have caused the train to be late, so it stops at another, different, station first, as the (actually quite scary) conductress tells us. So people have to get off past us.

So two complementary fracasos casis for me in one journey.

Ignacio and Frieder meet us at Dresden Hbf (which appears to be being rebuilt) and take us to our luxury accomodation. A substantial tea and then to the venue – Bavaria Klinik. There is a wait to get into the room, and then setting up the room and preparing as such and then into the green room as the audience begin to arrive. Then we perform and then the League perform and and then we all do Asturias. Then we pack up and go home.

Short meeting.

The idea is to go out to The Turkish Place, but it’s shut. It’s further elected to go to to the next village, but that’s too far away. We end up at the Schloss. By the time the food arrives all I want is to sleep, so I get the key to the van from Ignacio and nap on the back seat. Back at the House I do some more comprehensive horizontalising.

everything-that’s-left-in-the-fridge soup

6:40 – Stumble out of bed – I’ve a headache, or at least shooting pains from my right shoulder all the way over the top of my head to my right cheek. Experience tells me that Tai Chi won’t help, but standing under a hot shower for a few minutes will. Experience is right.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:15 – Warm up with Luciano.

10:30 – RE weak-spots coverage rehearsal.

11:15 – House work – I mow most of the lawn and then leave Roberto to finish because I have to make lunch with Anthony. It’s everything-that’s-left-in-the-fridge soup today and it tastes pretty good.

13:00 – Lunch. We perform Thrak and Soledad.

14:00 – House work – I sweep the stairs and sort out the last of the washed sheets.

16:00 – Tea. Practise.

17:00 – Presentation of work.

18:30 – Tai chi in the garden.

19:00 – Dinner. We perform the thrakking section of Libertango and Tiki. Tiki increasingly has words, at least in my head.

20:00 – Representatives of the UK Circle meet with Luciano. Practicalities with Christian.

20:45 – Meeting to complete Lucho’s stay and to cover practicalities. I’ll be in charge tomorrow. Then evening off, a lot of heading off to the pub. There’s exactly one Niederregger each. Mmm. Listen to a CD.

23:05 – Begin writing this.

23:16 – Complete and post.

some final bumps and niggles

6:48 – Get up.

7:00 – Tai Chi.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:15 – Warm up.

10:00 – Practicalities.

10:30 – Meeting with guitars, covering some final bumps and niggles.

12:00 – Practising.

12:30 – Set up.

13:00 – Lunch. Silence visits. Afterwards I wash up.

14:00 – House work, though I need to complete the washing up first and then see if I have a telephone number for Christian (I don’t). I’m set to raking up all the leaves in the back garden.

After house work: Cooking, setting up the table, etc and so forth.

16:20 – Checking the stage.

16:35 – In the Green Room.

17:00 (perhaps a bit early) – we hit the stage. There will certainly be juicy comments and observations tomorrow. Very good to look out and see Betty and the girls looking back.

Very pleased with Tiki‘s progress. And playing Jankee is a blast.

The buffet opened, then the R.E. reappear to play Asturias with Roberto in the Middle. Then the Mexican delicacies appear. The tiramisu is a palpable hit, as usual.

19:30 – Circle for the whole House.

21:00 – Begin making bread.

21:40 – Chatting in the Dining Room as the dough rises (hopefully). It’s not so much an evening off as a Quiet Night In. Tomorrow is a morning off. One person went to sleep before this was announced, so it’s conjectured that possibly they might get up as usual to go to Tai Chi at 7:00. One thing is for sure: none of us want to get up as well to see if they do.

22:10 – Knead the dough again. This will be tough bread.

22:30 – Check something for Lucho re: the Zum site.

22:39 – Begin writing this.

22:52 – Complete and post. Still need to bake the bread. Let’s see what happens. Soon to bed, I hope.

Numerous very small people.

6:30 – Rise.

7:00 – Tai Chi.

7:30 – Sitting.

Guitars in the Ballroom.

8:15 – Breakfast.

8:40 – Encircle.

8:50 – Depart.

9:10 – In the green room, which is also the performance space. This is actually much better than OK. Just this once.

9:30-ish – Show time. Numerous very small people.

10:30-ish – Return to the House. House meeting. Kitchen team meeting.

11:30 – Tai Chi in the Garden.

12:30 – Quiet Time. I sit outside and read.

13:00 – Lunch. Comments and observations. I’m aware of a lot of available energy, which seeps out in the form of talking. Nothing I regret saying, much, but I’d rather I hadn’t talked so much.

14:45 – House work. I clean the top of the kitchen cupboards. They are very dirty. I think I cleaned them about this time last year.

15:30 – Completion.


16:00 – Tea.

16:45 – Rehearsal.

18:00 – Practising: Soledad, Jankee, a bit of EotN.

18:30 – Tai Chi.

19:00 – Dinner.

20:00 – Shower.

20:45 – Run-through/open rehearsal in the Ballroom.

21:45 – Break.

22:00 – Resume.

23:05 – Begin writing this.

00:05 – Complete and post. I was interrupted somewhat.

Probably not the right time for the impromptu avant-garde arrangement

6:45 – Get up.

7:00 – Tai Chi.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast. It goes on a long time, as there are a number of comments and observations that need to be made about last night’s performance. After this I check the tea and coffee station.

10:00 – Warm up.

11:00 (ish) – Rehearsal.

12:30 – I lie down.

13:00 – Lunch.

Having realised that I missed my washing machine slot this morning, I take the (as yet unclaimed) afternoon slot.

14:00 – Guitars in the Ballroom.

14:10 – Depart.

14:30-ish – Arrive at the venue. The completely tobacco-free team is shown to their green room, which is otherwise and concurrently the nursing team’s smoking room. One positive aspect to this is that it does mean that the room is likely actually to be green.

15:10-ish – Hit the stage. Probably not the right time for the impromptu avant-garde arrangement of the last chord of Tiki. Not sure there is a right time.

16:00 (-ish, I think) – Leave the venue. It’s raining steadily.

16:20 (I think) – Return to the House, encircle. I put out hot water and begin to make coffee, although this is interrupted by the beginning of house work, so the two tasks crash into each other slightly.

16:45 – House work. I assist Roberto in sweeping the basement, or as we ought to call it, The Downstairs Swimmming Pool.

17:25 – House work completion. I remove my clothes from the machine and hang them to dry, or at least hang in the cold, damp, Kiel air.

17:45 – Lie down. Not AT, just common-or-garden horizontal.

18:00 – Tai Chi.

18:40 – I sit on a football in the ballroom and have a meeting with myself regarding my approach to my time here.

19:00 – Dinner. Comments and observations on today’s juicy gig. Interested (in a slightly unrelated way) in how my body and self is feeling, and how it’s different as the discussion is taking place and after the end of the meal.

20:45 – Shower.

20:55 – Begin writing this. Hoping to catch up with myself before it’s too late.

21:15 – Circle for the full House with Luciano in the Ballroom. For some reason it reminds me of a rehearsal of the Kitchen Team with Christian at Luhan, the night the League played the open air gig in Mendoza.

22:30 – Meeting without guitars for R.E.

22:45 – Meeting with guitars: Connecticut Yankee. I’m glad to report that I can remember a lot of it. Thanks, Jaco!

23:35 – Pass another couple of chords for Cielo to Elena.

23:40 – Complete Tea and Coffee.

23:57 – Catch up with this. Post. Horizontalize.

I dare say it plays better without me.

6:35 – Rise.

7:00 – Tai Chi.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:30 – Tai Chi.

10:15 – Warm up with Luciano. I fall asleep during the fives. Literally. My arm keeps going. I dare say it plays better without me.

I manage to lie down for five minutes. It helps a lot.

11:30 – Rehearsal. I present Tiki.

12:00 – Begin lunch preparation.

13:00 – Lunch, lunch completion.

13:45 – I speak to Haru. I’m lying on my bed, and fall asleep. I’m woken by Jacek making the bed next to mine. It later transpires that I missed house work.

15:15 – Rehearsal.

Work out Milonga lead from Zum.

16:00 – Tea. Perform Zum, Zum, Libertango and Gnossienne.

17:00 – Dress Rehearsal.

18:00 – Tai Chi in the Garden.

18:30 – Quiet time.

I lie on my bed.

18:50 – Roberto D arrives.

19:00 – Dinner.

19:45 – I shower.

20:15 – In the Green Room.

21:00 – We hit the stage:

Circulation G Major

The Stick




Eye of the Needle

One of a Thousand Regrets





Zum (Requested)






22:00 – Meeting without guitars in the Ballroom. We have a tourette coming up. Alejandro assumes control of the group.

23:00 – Circle with Alejandro to work on Tiki, Third Relation and Zum.

23:40 – Pass the Zum Milonga part to Jacek.

23:54 – Begin writing this.

00:14 – Complete, post, imminent horizontalization.

Extensive walking-into-and-around-rooms practice.

6:30 – Rise.

7:00 – Tai Chi.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:30 – Tai chi.

10:15 – Warm-up.

11:30 – Circle.

13:00 – :Lunch.

14:30 – Housework.

15:something – Circle.

16:00 – Tea.

17:15 – Another circle.

18:00 – Begin cooking dinner.

19:05 – Dinner.

I learn a part for Gnossienne.

20:30 – Shower.

21:30 -Circle.

23:00 – Extensive walking-into-and-around-rooms practice. One of a Thousand Regrets, Zum.

23:40 – Return with Zum.

00:11 – Begin writing this.

00:18 – Complete and post.

Extensive walking-into-and-around-rooms practice.

6:30 – Rise.

7:00 – Tai Chi.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:30 – Tai chi.

10:15 – Warm-up.

11:30 – Circle.

13:00 – :Lunch.

14:30 – Housework.

15:something – Circle.

16:00 – Tea.

17:15 – Another circle.

18:00 – Begin cooking dinner.

19:05 – Dinner.

I learn a part for Gnossienne.

20:30 – Shower.

21:30 -Circle.

23:00 – Extensive walking-into-and-around-rooms practice. One of a Thousand Regrets, Zum.

23:40 – Return with Zum.

00:11 – Begin writing this.

00:18 – Complete and post.

all podded up

8:10 – Decide that now is a good time to get up. Sit in Ballroom. Decide that I’ll go out for breakfast this morning.

9:00 – Leave the House, walk down to town. Breakfast in Le Buffet, wander through Sophienhof, then down to Woolworths where I buy some sweats and toiletries; to the other Karlstat, where I ask which of the Casio watches bleep on the hour and she says none of them do, even when she’s corrected my on-going misunderstanding that the German word for hour is “Uhr” rather than “Stunde”. Wander back. Eat an Ice Cream at the Sophienhof then return to the house, very strongly craving a drink of water.

12:30 Buy lemons from supermarket in Gaarden. The area is just as delightful as I remember it to be.

(That was an unfortunate use of sarcasm in the GC Journals).

13:00 – Get home. Chop a couple of lemons and put them in a water jug, Drink same. Chat to Conor.

13:55 – Chat to Haru.

15:00 – Nap.

16:30 – I go out again, this time to get a watch, definitely. I buy a cheapish one, then get a monopod and a mini-tripod. I’m all podded up, or would be if I’d remembered to bring my iPod. Retire to Le Buffet for a cup of coffee and to check out the watch. I find that, despite what the woman in Karlstadt might have said, it does bleep on the hour. I suspect they all do, which means I could have got a much cheaper watch.

Stroll home the long way, walk past a soundcheck and failing to watch a mime. When I get home I upload a few pictures I took with the phone to my Flickr account. Apart from being the first, they’re not particularly exciting.

20:30 – Hanging out in the House. Long conversation with Conor.

22:00 – another jaunt outside, this time to Bambule (again), where tonight I have a Pizza Speziale II, which has everything on it as far as I can tell. Christian and Luciano appear and I describe the pizza to them as “melodramatic”.

23:08 – Begin writing this.