am curious as to what this might mean

7:15 – Rise.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:00 – Back to the AAD site – it launched yesterday, so of course today I find all sorts of loose ends that need tidying. I tidy them.

Also, there being a bit of code that I’m trying to work out, I find that I’m refolding my clothes using the secret make-small folding technique that I learned from Haruko. It helps me think, somehow.

12:00 – I begin making carrot soup. For some reason I don’t leave myself quite enough time to cook the vegetables. I end up liquidising them, converting an almost-completed kitchen into a far-from-complete one. The soup’s fine, though, as long as one adds salt. I tend to under-salt things that I cook (bread particularly), and am curious as to what this might mean.

13:05 – Lunch.

14:00 – Back to it.

16:00 – Tea.

16:30 – We four meet with guitars – Tiki, Evil and a look at Minute for the pocket.

17:00 – Back to work again.

19:00 – Dinner, by Mariana.

Converting files to GIF and introducing an undocumented feature into the site.

23:18 – Complete and post. Soon to bed.

Much more satisfactory.

7:15 – Rise.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

Working on the site again. Nearly done.

10:45 – Realise that I should be doing the tea and coffee. Do the tea and coffee. Luckily it’s only me drinking it, so there’s not much to do. Back to the site.

13:00 – Lunch: Vegetable soup by Ignacio.

Wash the dishes.

14:00 – Guitar practice.

14:30 – Working on Tiki with Ignacio and Mariana.

15:50 – Go to the Kitchen to begin preparing tea. Haru got there at 15:45 and has already done some of it. I take over.

16:00 – Tea.

16:45 – Housework. I clean the downstairs bathroom, and use the wrong stuff to clean the mirrors, with the result that they’re not very clean. I have to go to the upstairs bathroom to get the right stuff. Much more satisfactory.

Back to the internet.

19:35 – Dinner (salad and potatoes) by Haru with Dessert by Mariana. The director is with us.

Evening off – Watching Top of the Pops from 1971. It’s mostly old men with beards, quite dispiriting. Rick Wakeman with the Strawbs, already wearing that cape.

Uploading pictures and files to the AAD site.

Midnight feast in the Kitchen with Hernan and Mariana: nachos with home-made hot sauce. Mmm.

The site is now ready to go.

01:00 – Posting this. To bed. Tomorrow is a day off.

difficulty getting my variables sorted out

7:00- Rise, shower, then to the kitchen to begin breakfast. I lay the table and put out the cereal.

7:30 – Sitting with Haru.

8:00 – Back to the Kitchen: coffee, hot water, hot milk and toast.

8:15 – Breakfast. We are five at the table. A lot of discussion and information.

9:30 – Completing breakfast.

9:50 – To work on the site, which keeps me occupied until lunchtime.

13:00 – Lunch, then coffee on the balcony, then back to work.

16:00 – Tea and, yes, back to it.

Today I’m having a bit of difficulty getting my variables sorted out. My main difficulty is that when I move from interfacing with the computer to meeting people again, I find it difficult to think in people-terms. I also have these visualisations of the structures in the code cluttering up my mind. And this isn’t even particularly difficult code.

19:30 – Dinner. Pasta by Haru. Silence.

20:45 – Listening session – Los Portaligas in Mendoza, three League versions of Tiki, the extraordinary Argentinian Evil and the Resonanzensemble tape that got away (mainly Tiki again). There is some difficulty locating tapes.

22:00 – Back to the room.

22:54 – Write and post this. Soon to bed.

Fiddly conditional menu stuff.

7:30 – Rise, Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast, after which I wash up.

Straight to work on the AAD site. This takes me through to lunch.

13:00 – Lunch. Spaghetti by Haru.

Chat to Mariana, back to work.

The House is very quiet – occasional traffic sounds, perhaps faint drilling from next door, as well as guitar practice from the Ballroom and Skylight Room.

16:00 – Tea. The White Digestives have gone…

Back to work. I’m surprised at how much time it takes, or rather looking back how much time it has taken. It doesn’t seem like a long time.

19:00 – I lay the table. Quiet time.

19:30 – Dinner by Mariana.

After Dinner, back to it again. Fiddly conditional menu stuff.

23:09 – Writing this, soon to bed.

but apparantly not

9:00 – We get up and we sit. Then we have breakfast.

In the morning I speak to Ben about the imminent work from him and the imminent nuptials also. And print out some invoices.

I don’t have any lunch as I’m going to go to the gym at about 14:00 – on the way I take the Monster & Frog disk to the post office and post it. Job done.

I manage a gratifying quantity of physical exercise, with a gratifying quantity of perspiration, returning home at 16:30, where I shower. Haru returns and we get tickets for the cinema tonight.

At 19:10 we leave and catch bus to Moorgate for the Barbican to see Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The cinema is a very long way from the main complex, an endless walk down nondescript corridors. Also, I’d have thought that as it’s a subsidised entertainment complex they could miss out the adverts, but apparantly not.

The film’s marvellous, though, as wonderful as everybody says it is, and there’s a bonus in the shape of a short featuring the penguins from Madagascar. After the film, a small girl behind me comments that although the short was very good, they could have put it on instead of the adverts. Missing the economics of the situation, but it’s a good point.

Afterwards, we wait a while for a 133 to take us home, and when there we have cheese and crackers in honour of Wallace’s obsession.

23:52 – Posting this, soon to bed.

some small things

8:35 – Rise, Sitting.

9:15 – Breakfast.

10:00 – Guitar work.

12:30 – I get something from the newly-opened Indian takeaway around the corner. While waiting I sit an look at the astonishing vista that it affords, which is sadly probably not a selling point for this particular establisment.

In the afternoon I do some small things on the computer.

16:00 – Haruko produces a very fine cake (with strawberries and cream on!) and gives me a marvellous card and birthday present (Cardiacs live at the Garage – newly released album).

I gather the files for the next Monster and Frog album, though I don’t get it in the post.

19:00 – H produces a real feast, including beef and pork patties, miso soup (with sweet potato), bacon and chinese leaf and mushroom rice. Very delicious, and followed by the rest of the cake.

In the evening, watch the TV, though all it has to offer is a documentary about the Palestinian/Israeli peace process, which is fascinating, though a tad depressing. We then watch a couple of episodes of Rutland Weekend Television.

23:38 – Soon to bed.

Various exertions follow.

7:45 – Rise, shower.

8:15 – Sitting.

9:00 – Breakfast.

9:45 – To the supermarket.

10:30 – Back in the flat.

12:30 – To the gym. Various exertions follow.

15:00 – Back in the flat. Shower.

16:00 – Tea. Biscuit and pear.

Various online adventures.

19:00 – Dinner. Steak, with some vegetables and extraordinary soup. With olives in. This is a soup first for me, but a good thing. Stuffed olives, too.

We watch the rest of the 1974 Top of the Pops – a dismal year is saved by Waterloo by Abba and Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade. As I remember it, that was true of the actual year as well.

Generally running down since then. It is Sunday. Haruko, looking at this over my shoulder, comments on this. “How plain the day.” She’s right.

23:12 – to bed soon.

my jaw drops open with the sheer horror of it

7:04 – Rise, shower.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

Haru goes out.

I spend the morning coding something for myself, eat some rice and tuna for lunch, followed by some limited edition digestive biscuits. I have to go to the shop to get these, and as I’m walking there there’s a call from behind me to get out of the way, and a cyclist goes past on the footpath. I suggest that he might find his way less impeded if he used the road, and he suggests that I go forth and multiply.

I spend the afternoon colouring in. By dinner time I’m complete. Hurrah! Haruko returns in time for tea.

19:00 – Dinner – Beef ramen. Mmm!

The evening’s entertainment: A documentary about John Wyndham, CSI, Family Guy, American Dad and two episodes of Top of the Pops from 1974. There are a lot of really bad records from 1974 that have been totally forgotten, and they’re all here. On several occasions my jaw drops open with the sheer horror of it.

Last week we watched a programme that listed all the horrors – political, financial and industrial – of that year, and here’s the pop music, which is, if anything, worse. I’m surprised that people didn’t completely lose the will to live.

It’s not how I remember 1974, but then I was nine.

23:48 – To bed as soon as I can stop the horror that is Billy, Don’t Be a Hero by Paper Lace. Actually, I have a strong memory of browsing in the Witney branch of Woolworth’s with this record playing over the tannoy. Very odd.

that wasn’t our initial intention

7:04 – Rise, shower.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:10 – Breakfast.

9:10 – Guitar work (primaries, arpeggios and what turns out to be a blues riff in 21/8, although that wasn’t our initial intention).

10:30 – Font-making. It seems that the two versions of the font that I’ve made have come out at different weights. I send both to Ben and see what he says.

11:30 – Get down to colouring in the next Frog & Monster book. I make good progress: two and a half spreads done before lunch. I listen to Regeneration and Absent Friends by The Divine Comedy as I do so.

13:30 – Lunch.

14:30 – Back to the colouring in. This afternoon I listen to Guns by Cardiacs and some Joe Frank episodes. Break for tea and home-made sesame biscuits (Yum!!) at 16:00.

19:00 – I go to the gym, where I exercise through to 20:45. The showers are only dispensing cold water…

21:00 …so I walk home for a shower. When I come out, Haru has very kindly made me some food. Tea and biscuits and internet.

I put the radio on, but instead of Late Junction there is a very modernist piece being performed. I am struck by the theory that the reason that people don’t like modernism very much is not because it’s discordant, but because it’s a bit of a mess. This piece is, anyway, and it sounds very like the kind of thing that’s usually called “modern”. It stops and the mellow sounds of Late Junction come on. Perhaps I’m just getting old.

23:12 – Post this, soon to bed.

one way or another

7:25 – Rise.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:00 – Guitar work.

10:20- I begin looking at the GC AAD site again. This occupies me all day, one way or another. Haruko goes out at about 11:00, returns (with biscuits) around 15:30. I forget to eat lunch. During the day I do get a phone call from George at the Guildhall about more possible projects.

19:00 – Dinner.

19:30 – Return to work.

22:00 – Watch the original Max Headroom film, from twenty years ago. It’s aged rather well, apart from some of the filters on the lenses and the music.

23:10 – Write this. Soon to bed.