Except the shredded paper

7:48 – I wake up and look at my alarm clock. Late again. This is annoying. Again also, I had a dream that flavours the colour of the rest of my day.

8:00 – Sitting.

8:35 – Breakfast.

9:30 – Guitar work.

I render a number of sound files to AIFF files and burn them on to CDs. I check the CDs for sound. There’s sometimes an uncomfortable split between the part of my that wants to listen to the content of the files and another part that needs to listen to the sound quality.

11:00 – I take the recyclables to the recycling bins. Except the shredded paper, which has been refiled.

12:30 – I begin cooking a huge fry-up for us – bacon, mushroom and tomato with scrambled egg and toast. I learn that I shouldn’t scramble eggs with a whisk or they attain a non-standard constituency.

12:50 – Just as the frying gets to it’s most exciting point I get a delivery, which is even more exciting.

13:00 – Lunch. I suppose if I can cook anything it’s an authentic English all-day breakfast. Nice, too. Followed by tea and biscuits.

14:00 – Begin preparing my PowerBook to receive OS X Tiger.

15:00 – Get a call from someone about a job-ette. In conversation it appears that due to mergers this designer and the last designer I worked for are in the same department. It’s quite difficult keeping track of all this.

16:00 – Tea. No biscuits.

Continue preparation.

18:00 – Begin installation. Occasional scary moments, as there always are.

19:10 – Dinner – delicious light vegetable stew with bread and home-made humous.

When Dinner is over the install is done and the computer is sitting there with a blank blue screen. I suddenly become very impatient for it to finish and keep looking at it. I’m putting away my washed underwear as a distraction.

Eventually it’s done and I explore Tiger, and get back to doing stuff.

AAD site work, and a DGM query.

23:06 – Complete this and post.

others more geometrical

3:40 – I wake up. I don’t know why – I really have no idea what wakes me up. Perhaps something is happening somewhere. I’m unable to get back to sleep.

I’ve woken from a strange dream, involving a big house, which I relate somehow to Yellow House, though I’m not actually in the dream. It’s as though I’m watching a film.

My brain is occupied by a number of things, some of which are petty political things, others more geometrical.

I lie awake until shortly before the alarm goes off, and am unable to get up. I’m reminded of a dream that someone spoke about at Lunlunta last year. I had had exactly the same dream three years earlier, and wonder what exactly it signifies.

I have a very particular headache that runs up the back of my neck, stiffening it, to about the centre of the back of my head. My neck creaks when I move it. The sensation is of pressure more than pain. This is a symptom that has recurred occasionally since the early days of the L4.

9:15 – We get up. I feel terrible, as if I’m hung over. Breakfast and coffee and my first emails of the day, on every nice one in particular. I realise that I have to think, which is less than fun.

The morning has been eaten, and I don’t really achieve anything of practical value. Actually, I do make a quick-and-easy website, with a total audience of about fifteen (that’s the idea, anyway) and answer some emails.

13:00 – Shower and shave. I feel more humanised now.

I give Haru some small instruction with the food processor. I notice that I’m not behaving as I’d wish myself to behave.

13:30 – Lunch: Haru has fetched some snacks from the shop and has made houmous! Mmm!

15:00 – Go with my father to the storage to dump some more stuff, and stop off at Tesco on the way back for vegetables and yoghurt. Very irritable at the check-out, which manifests as a tingling in the backs of my hands.

16:00 – Tea.

Working on the quick-and-easy website, some answering questions.

19:00 – Delicious Ramen. My personality changes into something I’d far rather it was.

Tea and biscuits.

20:05 – Watch the film of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I rather like it. It has a theme song by The Divine Comedy, which is a definite plus. It is a bit all over the place, but never mind.

A couple of AAD tasks, one of which I baulk at. I think I’ve run out of brain-steam for today.

22:56 – Complete and post this.

shreds of activity

7:15 – Rise.

7:35 – Sitting.

8:10 – Breakfast.

8:15 – To the computer, picking up emails and answering them.

9:05 – DoA, Guitar Work. New Variation.

I have lots of things to do at the moment, but they’re all so slight (as well as being largely virtual), that they’re difficult to refer to as activities. They’re more shreds of activity.

13:10 – Lunch pasta with courgettes.

Haruko goes out.

14:00 – Beowulfing. Sadly there’s not much of this at the time being.

16:00 – Tea and the last of the cake.

Working on sound files.

I call up an employer about an errant invoice. It appears they’re just about to pay me, so cool!

19:20 – Dinner. Steamed sesame chicken and soup

On the sofa with the computer. More sound files, or the same ones. Also, answering emails and sketching in Illustrator.

23:02 – Post this. Soon to bed.

new cake – Mmm!

7:20 – Get up.

7:35 – Sit.

8:15 – Breakfast.

Haruko talks to her mother in Japanese. Obviously.

9:30 – Guitar work.

More emails to answer. I do a diagram in Illustrator for no good reason. Pretty, though.

12:45 – To the gym. I run on the machine for an hour.

15:30 – Return to the flat, shower. Eat light snack that H. has thoughtfully prepared – and some of her new cake – Mmm!

16:00 – Downstairs to the restaurant, where there’s a meeting of owners about the leaseholder, who appears to have added malevolence to his incompetence. Luckily this means that he’s incompetently malevolant, but that’s still not good. It is good to meet my neighbours, with the exception of the disturbance-creating ones, who are also discussed.

18:30 – Back to the flat.

19:15 – Dinner. Yesterday’s sort-of-chilli, with rice and salad. Followed by Haru’s cake again.

Uploading to the AAD site and writing my Theme posting, ongoing DGM stuff and looking at the diagram again.

23:24 – Complete and post this.

the Sorcerer/Sorcerer’s Apprentice analogy

7:30 – Rise, shower.

8:00 – Sitting.

8:35 – Begin making breakfast – buckwheat pancakes. Haru made the mixure last night and begins frying the pancakes. I take over, as I have previous form in the business of frying pancakes. Nevertheless they’re mostly less-than-successful, all different. Two almost perfect.

9:00 – We eat them. Mmm. Worth the effort, but perhaps we might stick to muesli for our day-to-day breakfasts.

Lots of DGM support mails for me to answer – I’m currently Robin to Webmaster Eric’s Batman, or possibly Bucky to his Captain America. What an interesting array of questions people have, so many of which I’d not have even thought of asking, let alone answering.

The buzzer rings. Usually I’ve not been answering the doorbell as it’s mostly friends and relations of my neighbours. Good job I do today, as it’s a delivery man with my copy of OS X Tiger. I bring it upstairs, and we inspect the packaging. On the whole, we agree, that we will treat it with the same caution we would a real tiger. I will go first in a couple of days when I can cause the least chaos to myself.

Haruko goes out. I do bits and pieces and answer occasional emails from confused customers.

13:00 – Haru returns bearing health food and news of terrifying cold.

13:30 – Lunch. Instant Ramen (hurrah).

14:05 – DoA, Guitar work. Unusual time to do it, with occasional background pings from the email. Variation 6 is sounding more plausible each day and the anchor exercise is very instructive.

During the afternoon I get the DVD together to send to Watts and buy an envelope to put it in, but fear of the terrifying cold keeps me from the Post Office. Tomorrow morning, then.

I buy ginger nuts for tea, which we have at about 17:00.

19:00 – DInner. Authentically Anglo-Japanese. H is inventing a new cuisine, I think. I approve.

Tea and more ginger nuts.

Working on a sound file with headphones on. At 21:00 I watch Have I Got News For You while H soaks her feet. I turn the television off and get back to the sound file. Every so often another question appears. One question, which I research as fully as I can, seems to have one clear answer. The questioner tells me that’s not the right answer. But it’s the only one available. This is bamboozling. I await the outcome with interest. Captain America returns tomorrow.

(Perhaps I should have gone with the Sorcerer/Sorcerer’s Apprentice analogy. In which case the Sorcerer returns tomorrow.)

under the indulgent tutelage of Mrs P

7:06 – Rise, shower.

7:35 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:05 – DoA, Guitar Work.

10:30 – To Colouring in, I take the PowerBook with me in case there are any further developments.

13:00 – Logic Audio break.

13:30 – Lunch – Home made chappattis with cheese and houmus. Very nice. Home made! Also they’re the main course with cheese, and the dessert with jam, so it’s a very efficient meal.

14:30 – Back to colouring in.

16:00 – Tea, with bread pudding (the first use of the new steamer), by the resident domestic mastermind. Mmm! A wonderful afterlife for the Very Good Bread (deemed to stiff to feature in further breakfasts).

Back to the colouring in, which I complete at 17:30.

Answering emails and working on technicalities.

19:00 – Think about the possibility of dinner (chappatis and bread pudding are very filling!).

19:30- Begin making miso soup under the indulgent tutelage of Mrs P.

20:00 – Dinner: miso soup with wakame. Very nice, I thought.

Back to technicalities. Finally spring for a software widget that I’ve needed for some time. Install it. It works. Goodness! Of course, I’d be jolly upset if it didn’t.

Informal practicalities meeting.

22:59 – Complete and post this.

more expensive but nicer

7:00 – The alarm goes off, but I think I’ve got what Haruko had yesterday. I stay in bed.

10:20 – I get up. Straight onto the computer, where tasks await.

11:00 – Shower

11:30 – Breakfast.

12:15 – Guitar work. Explaining something to Haru about chord progressions, I tell myself something that I didn’t know I knew. And it’s very interesting, too. In general the work goes a lot better today, certainly in the right hand.

14:30 – To the supermarket. We go to Sainsbury’s which is more expensive but nicer.

15:30 – Back in the flat.

Working on a site for one of my projects. The project isn’t a web site, but I think the site will help a lot.

16:30 – Tuna pasta by Haru. Just what I needed.

Cheap cake and tea.

Back to work, but no colouring in today. Chiz.

20:15 – I go out for saveloy and chips. Haute cuisine.

After dinner – more tea and the last of the cheap cake. Batman Begins. I point out where all the imagery was nicked from. Otaku.

Write this. Soon to bed.

after months of dithering

7:10 – Rise, shower.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:10 – Breakfast.

9:00 – DoA. But Haru is ill and goes back to bed.

I continue with a job I was working on last night, trying to keep up with emails appearing in my inbox and swapping between them and colouring in.

13:30 – Haruko gets up and we have a snack-based lunch: bread, cheese salami and crisps. I go to the shop to get the last two mentioned. I need to go to the supermarket.

16:30 – Tea, then back to the colouring in.

19:30 – Haru has made a marvellous spicy concoction with last night’s leftovers and rice.

I run and get Cheap Cake, which we eat with tea.

I sit on the sofa and continue with a job. The form of what I have to do has suddenly become very clear to me after months of dithering, but it is too late. Annoying.

23:22- Write and post this. To bed.

it really wasn’t necessary

7:00 – Rise, shower.

7:30 – Sitting.

8:10 – Breakfast.

The internet is not available.

9:00 – DoA, Guitar work.

10:00 – Trying to get hold of the internet, I fish around for the helpline number, which is actually quite difficult to find if you don’t have the internet.

The internet becomes available.

11:00 – Finally get my email.

11:30 – As I’m doing this, the buzzer buzzes. I’ve given up answering it, but this time I do. It is someone for the neighbours, but someone apologetic and (importantly) sober. It’s a good thing that I let this person in. I play the part of the angry neighbour to the tee, though, and afterwards I wonder why, as it really wasn’t necessary.

13:30 – I go out and get some bread and make some sandwiches.

14:30 – I get on to the colouring in for today.

15:00 – Haru returns.

16:00 – Tea and custard cakes.

Back to the colouring in.

19:00 – Dinner by Haru.

20:00 – Return to a job that I really must address conclusively. This involves me switching between the laptop and the desktop in the bedroom.

23:41 – Complete writing this and post it. Soon to bed.

This is, perhaps, backwards.

7:15 – Rise.

7:35 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:00 – DoA / Primaries.

9:55 – Depart to the station. Very cold – a reminder that the heaters in the flat do actually work. Buy tickets from the machine.

10:14 – Train leaves the station.

10:40 – Train arrives in Richmond. We have hot drinks while waiting for Haru’s Japanese friends.

11:00 – They arrive, and we walk to a reknowned confectioners where we eat remarkable desserts. Then we walk to a nearby pub where we eat lunch. This is, perhaps, backwards. Buying lunch, I find I have been careless again. This is annoying.

After lunch, one person has to leave, and we three walk up Richmond Hill, and then back down again. At the top, looking over at Strawberry Hill in spectacular mists, I have vague memories of HG Wells’ War of the Worlds, and have visions of tripods amongst the trees, zapping. On further research these memories prove to be, perhaps, erroneous.

We catch the train back to Waterloo while it’s still light.

16:00 – Back in the flat, we have tea and Cheap Cake.

Some AAD site work.

I burn archive DVDs of stuff.

I fold some shirts and put them away.

18:00 – I begin to make dinner, and listen to an old episode of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue. The jokes are almost impossible to explain to Haru, and each episode would require an infinity of footnotes. They make me laugh, though, and some things (Mornington Crescent, One Song To the Tune of Another) are fairly clear, while others (Humph’s introductions and asides, Samantha and any joke involving British celebrities) are totally opaque.

19:00 – Dinner. Stew again. No matter what my intentions, I always end up with stew.

19:30 – More tea and cheap cake.

The evening’s entertainment is From Dusk ‘Til Dawn.

I unpack the steamer we got from my father as a wedding present.

22:46 – Posting this. Soon to bed.