doing things with pictures

9:15 – Get up. Not going well, the getting up thing. Sitting. Breakfast.

Guildhall work – setting and doing things with pictures.

13:30 – Instant Ramen for lunch, then watch a couple of episodes of a tv comedy that Channel 4 are putting on the internet. Very silly, very funny.

Back to Guildhalling. It needs to be done a lot quicker than it’s getting done. I also buy an image for the cover. Something else I’ve not done before.

Haru has dinner, and then I make myself rice and tuna.

I watch CSI.

Posting this and to bed.

This time we only got the pancakes.

8:30 – Get up.


I make pancakes, something I hadn’t been expecting to. They’re sort of half-way between American pancakes and British pancakes. As usual tdo he last two are as good as one would hope they all would be. I have made one huge step forward, though, as in previous times I would have made pancakes and a terrible terrible mess. This time we only got the pancakes.

I do some font work (the new version of FontLab really is hugely improved) and some CD cover work.

As I’m going downstairs to check on the post, I hear the buzzer for our flat go, and I open the door, roundly expecting to have to shoo someone away. However it is actually the postman with a huge package from Haru’s mum. A part of me got pre-emptively annoyed at the person who didn’t ring the buzzer, and it takes me a few minutes – long after I’ve lugged the parcel upstairs – to shake it off.

Lunch – pasta, followed by Japanese sweets courtesy of Haru’s mum. Thank you Haru’s mum.

After lunch I change all the fonts in the Guildhall programme to fit with the Guildhall’s house style, which I’ve only just found out about today. Also I buy one. Very close to a combination of fonts I tried and rejected when I did my first Guildhall job several years ago.

I walk up to the Embankment to pay a ocheque into the building society. Outside Waterloo (in both directions) I am beset by charity pimps. There’s nothing quite like cheerful, outgoing young people, looking forward to a promising career in sales, trying to extort money (on commission) from passing strangers to put me in a bad mood.

On the way back they try again. This time I put my hand up to get the guy to stop and my retreating form is roundly mocked all the way down Waterloo Road.

Back in the flat – tea and more biscuits.

Guitar work – primaries and Variation 10.

I go out to the Movements class.

21:48 – the class finishes, I return home, stopping off at a convenience store to buy breakfast cereal and crisps.

22:20 – Back at the flat. I eat tuna fish and the crisps and write and post this.

More Japanese than Greek, anyway.

We get up late again. Actually, since H has a cold she has a reason to get up late, and I just piggy-back on that. I get up and read emails, and then go out to get some bread for breakfast. Toast and honey. H gets up and I make her hot honey and lemon and ginger.

One thing I managed to achieve during the morning was an upgrade to the software I use to make fonts.

I also play the guitar when H goes back to bed – looking at scales from Yusef Lateef’s inestimable Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns. Archaic Greek, mostly, which sounds quite Japanese. More Japanese than Greek, anyway.

Cheese sandwiches for lunch. And I don’t do any exercise. It’s that sort of a Sunday.

In the evening I shower, and when H goes to bed again watch The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with the director’s commentary and eat ice cream. H emerges for a bit, and we discover that the Spanish soundtrack has the theme song translated into Spanish, too, which is nice.

(Mmm! again)

7:30 – Get up. Shower.

8:45 – Sitting.

9:30 – Breakfast.

10:20 – DoA, Guitar.

Today I’m working on a font. That’s all to say, really. This morning I convert the characters and this afternoon go through and edit them to clean up glitches and check the spacing.

12:50 – Lunch. Mmm. Japanese food!

Haru goes out.

Back to work.

16:00 – Tea, and brownies (Mmm! again).

19:00 – To the gym. I run more intensively for shorter times and pretend to lift moderately heavy objects. It’s really a tremendous effort to do less than the maximum I possibly can, and I think I fail. Actually this is an area that I need to work on.

21:30 – Back in the house. Shower. Haru has prepared dinner – tofu and miso soup. Mmm! again.

23:19 – Posting this and soon to bed.

This surprises me.

9:30 – Get up. Sit, breakfast.


The door buzzer goes and I go downstairs and tell the person trying to get into next door not to press our buzzer. I even push him in the chest to get him to move away from the door before I slam it. This surprises me.

13:30 – Lunch.

Sorting stuff. We unearth my Casio SK1 sampler, which is (extraordinarily) as much fun as it was almost twenty years ago when I bought it.

15:00 – To the supermarket: my father gives me a lift, and I dump an old armchair and some unwanted kitchen gadgetry.

When I get back, Haru’s gone out. Bits of work and a trip to the supermarket.

On my return I write emails until H gets back.

20:00 – We got to the noodle place for dinner – it’s clean, pleasant, the food is good and extraordinarily cheap.

21:00 – Back in the flat. Tea, biscuits and a couple of Seinfeld episodes. I write and post this.

But I force myself.

8:30 – Get up.

9:00 – Sitting.

9:40 – Breakfast.

10:00 – I spend a while rekerning a typeface, then some Guildhalling. There’s an ad for the back page from a sheet music company. Someone calls from their offices, I miss it by a couple of seconds, 1471 to call them back and then wonder why a computerised switchboard is trying to sell me song-books.

13:30 – Lunch – spicy pasta.

Difficult getting back to work. A bit of Guildhalling, then some guitar work.

Haruko has baked bread rolls. I’m slightly astounded at them – quite lovely. So nicely shaped it seems a shame to eat them. But I force myself.

I convert all the Beowulf spreads to EPS to go onto a DVD and be sent over.

Email flurry.

We leave to go to the Scala to see Robyn Hitchcock. I remember the Scala when it was a cinema. I’m not sure it’s improved by being a venue, but better a functioning venue than a closed cinema.

We position ourselves at the back for the support (whose name I can’t remember, except it’s a date in May. 18th of May, I think). They’re given a huge build-up by Andy Kershaw, which they don’t quite live up to. Good, though, particularly at some points in the set, which seem much more vivid. What’s telling is they’re best when they’re folkiest. Folk music is the one area in English music that’s preserved a sense of craft. The problem is that it’s usually offset by self-effacingness.

But then I’m disappointed in myself when I notice the group fall in my estimation when I realise they’re from Liverpool. Rather than Oregon, or something.

We move to the side at the front so that H can sit down. We can’t really see anything (if I stay with H I can see Mr Reiflin, if I move over to the left I can see Mr Hitchcock). I comment later that I have a list of favourite Robyn Hitchcock songs and he didn’t play any of them, but it was still a stonking gig.

Robyn Hitchcock is a bit like Eddie Izzard fronting the Byrds. Very funny. I’d like to see him again.

We loiter for a bit, say hello to Sandra and Ben, then go home on the tube.

We pick up snack foods (well cream crackers and Boursin Light) and go home and eat them.

1:14 – Posting this and soon to bed. Probably not going to get up early tomorrow.

things I’ve been meaning to do

10:00 – Get up. Will Tuesdays be like this for very long?

Sitting. Breakfast.

Guildhall work – a programme for a festival of concerts by the composer John McCabe.

Haruko goes out.

I make Tuna Fish sandwiches for lunch. This is my usual response to Haru going out.

Back to the programme.

There are a couple of reports of Incidents in the building on a website I’ve made for us to keep track of the incidents. One of these is hilarious, and makes me think that our Annoying Neighbour could be quite good entertainment if he weren’t such a pain in the arse.

Without being judgemental, I hope, this neighbour is a very good example of someone being led by his immediate visceral desires without any controls from higher up. Which would explain the shouting. And the drinking. And the broken stuff. And the frequent visits from the local constabulary.

H. returns at 15:45 and we have tea and cake.

Work and emailing.

19:15 – Dinner

I digitise a video I’ve been meaning to transfer for a while, and complete and email a CD cover I’ve been meaning to complete and email for a while. So an evening of things I’ve been meaning to do.

curry with cheese in it

7:00 – Rise, shower.

7:40 – Sitting.

8:15 – Breakfast.

9:00 – DoA / Guitar work.

10:00 – Looking at the new Guildhall job. Scanning, and seeing how I can adapt the previous job in the same style. Also looking into buying the cover image. Other bits and pieces.

13:15 – Lunch by H – curry with cheese in it.

14:00 – Rediscovering Tetris and PuyoPuyo when I should be getting back to work. Then getting back to work.

I get Cheap Cake for tea.

17:00 – I rush out to the post office to post a package that ought to have gone out in this form before Christmas, but I thought that it would be better to do it a different way. It’s not. As a wise man once said: “It’s a fine line between clever and stupid”.

18:30 – Iron my shirt and trousers.

19:15 – To the movements class.

22:10 – Arriving back at Waterloo I get some money and snack foods.

22:20 – Arriving back at the flat I find that H has made soup and that there is no bread. I go out and buy a small loaf of bread.

Snack foods and proper soup.

Answering mails.

23:39 – Posting this. Soon to bed.

very slightly more civilised

Another night of disturbed sleep. The original intention was to get up at 7:00, but we don’t get up until 9:00. Our bodies don’t allow us. Breakfast, interrupted by the usual call from my father asking if I want to go to the supermarket. I say yes, and he calls at 9:45 to say he can’t find his car keys, so I’m waiting. At 10:30 I call back to say we don’t need enough stuff to justify a big shopping trip, so it’s fine.

Haru goes back to bed and I sort out things in the living room and see if I can set up my analogue-video-to-computer converter. Apparantly so. The living room now looks very slightly more civilised.

I have another cup of coffee, which is possibly a mistake, and then go to the gym, which isn’t a mistake, but isn’t as intense an experience as it usually is. Back in the flat at 16:00, shower and eat bread pudding that H has prepared from the bread I made last week.

Answering emails and doing Stuff.

H prepares very fine (possibly Fusion) pasta for dinner.

Tea and cheap cake.

I spend the evening working on a soundfile, hoping to extract a human voice from a sea of hiss. A human voice that was originally on the other side of the room from the microphone and pointing in the opposite direction.

22:47 – Burning disk. Write and post this. Soon to bed, I hope.

Very odd day.

Last night I had a terrible attack of insomnia – After going to bed I found that I not only couldn’t get to sleep but was actually full of energy. At 2:00 I got up and at 6:00 went back to bed. I was woken up at 9:00 (by the postman) and 10:00 (by a phone call) finally getting up at 13:00 in time for lunch.

Consequently throughout the day I was tired, which I perceived as a heavy sensation around my solar plexus area.

After lunch we took the recyclable stuff to the recycling bank.

I think I insulted a potential client, or at least freaked them out. This I do not consider to be a good thing.

I cooked dinner at 6:30 – beef mince patties with bacon and onion, with cous-cous mixed with tomato.

In the evening we ate popcorn and watched Jackie Chan’s Police Story on the tv.

23:20 and soon to bed. Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight.

Very odd day.

(On reading through the journals I find that the course in Kiel completed. I thought it was tomorrow for some reason. The week has been like that, full of misapprehensions. Bah.)