some kind of hooray

7:30 – Rise, shower.

7:55 – Sitting.

8:30 – Breakfast.

What I originally intended to be a small task – the putting of further vinyl records into boxes to be conveyed to the store along with large format books and anything else that happened to be on those particular shelves – took up the whole morning. However there are now six boxes sitting by the front door, so some kind of hooray there.

The new Scritti Politti album arrives, along with the last Goldfrapp album, which I don’t remember ordering, nor did I ever have any intention of ordering. I want to send it back, but there’s a little voice that says “maybe you want this after all”. As I haven’t heard it, I can’t say. I’m not sure that I like the idea of Amazon sending me stuff because they think I’ll like it, at least if they’re going to charge me for it.

The Scritti album is fab, though – recorded at home, with lots of bleeps and some guitars and hugely lush Green Gartside vocals.

Lunch is instant ramen with boiled eggs, and after lunch I do some Mahler.

Haruko goes out to a job interview at 15:00.

Juan arrives at 15:30 to pick up his guitar. We have tea and a long chat.

Some more Mahler.

18:20 – Haruko arrives back.

At 18:45 I go to the Samye Dzong centre for the Shinay meditation. I’m struck by the power of being in a room with a number of other people striving toward the same aim, and leave the centre quite elevated.

20:30 – At home, H has prepared delicious gratin and soup.

After dinner, on the sofa, looking at some website details I need to deal with.

23:30 – Monthly toast.

00:21 – Posting this. Soon to bed.

I presume it works

7:30 – Get up.

7:45 – Sitting.

8:20 – Breakfast.

For the hour or so after breakfast it felt like I had all the time in the world to get things done, and then everything began to accelerate. During that time I watch, on YouTube, a Rob Newman stand-up show, basically a very strong political show about imperialism, oil and Iraq (a relationship that goes back a lot further than I thought it did). He also has some pointed things to say about the world post-Peak Oil. A political start to the day, then.

Haru’s making bread.

Today I began the new Guildhall job, which is a new translation of an old, unfinished, biography of Mahler. Some of the images that have been supplied appear to be photocopies of photocopies of old-style photocopies, which it’s going to take a lot of work to clean up.

I install VNC on my Powerbook and the desktop Mac, so I can control each from the other, remotely, which is a remarkable thing.

Lunch is the new bread with tuna, olives, home-made tzatsiki-without-cumbers and cheese. Mmm.

The phone keeps ringing, and when I answer it there’s a desultory bleeping. It’s presumably a fax machine. I 1471 and speak to a receptionist who says she’ll look into it. The ringing doesn’t stop, so I 1471 again and speak to a different receptionist. After that the phone stops ringing, so I presume it works.

In the afternoon, apart from the Mahler work, I take the cardboard boxes full of vinyl records to the storage. Now I have to fill more boxes with vinyl records. Also books.

Back to the Mahler.

Dinner at 19:20 is stew with the rest of the bread. Still Mmm!

At 21:20 I sit.

23:21 – Posting this. Soon to bed, I think .

I find details like that slightly scary.

8:30 – Get up, sitting, breakfast.

Somehow an even less active day, or at least an even less active morning. It’s a bank holiday so I theoretically have an excuse. Lunch is reheated kedgeree from yesterday. I spend a lot of the afternoon working on sound files, although the computer is misbehaving slightly. Nothing too drastic, but simply not opening files or treating them in a wholly unexpected way.

Haruko goes out to meet up with a friend, returning at 18:30.

Dinner is at 19:40, and after dinner we watch Life of Brian, part of the ongoing Python Education Project. Very, very funny (it’s possible to forget details like that about things I’ve seen so many times), although I need to explain a lot of language-based jokes. There’s also a BBC documentary that I saw when it was broadcast twenty-seven years ago. I find details like that slightly scary.

00:17 – Posting this. Soon to bed.

slightly disorientating and not altogether pleasant.

8:25 – Woken up by H getting out of bed. I woke up at 2:30 last night and was still awake after five. I’m feeling a bit odd – not unhappy, or unwell, but definitely odd.


9:45 – To the supermarket. At the checkout there are normal-sized bags (as opposed to a choice between far-too-big and far-too-small), but the person before me queries the price of the tins of dog food she’s bought, so she and the checkout clerk disappear for five minutes, leaving me to wonder why I always choose the wrong queue.

10:30 – Back in the flat.

Not thinking very coherently today. H goes out at about 12:30 and I sit on the sofa and have a long shower and, eventually, lie on the floor and go to sleep. I keep dipping into very deep sleep and quickly coming out of it, which is slightly disorientating and not altogether pleasant.

18:20 – I begin to cook: kedgeree. H comes back at 18:30 and dinner is served at 19:20. During washing up I break the last surviving pyrex lid from the pyrex saucepans. After dinner we have extraordinary cakes procured from an incredible cake shop in Richmond.

After that we watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail, followed by all the extra features. Very strange to see location reports from a film I’ve seen so many times that I’m slightly surprised to discover that it was filmed and didn’t just spring forth into the world fully formed. What’s also surprising is that as the locations were around Stirlingshire, I was actually familiar with some of them from visiting my Grandmother there. In fact I remember going to Doune Castle in 1977 and thinking that it reminded me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which is ironic, really.

23:59 – Posting this and soon to bed.

the Celts (hooray!) vs the Romans (boo!)

7:15 – Get out of bed, shower, sitting.

8:30 – breakfast.

9:10 – I go to Southwark tubes station and from there to Ben’s arriving at 10:00.

The morning is spent adding guitar noises to various loops of Ben’s devising. Tremendous fun. Particularly the thrice-dubbed heavy metal riff over the electrofunk loop. Goodness knows what Gerard will make of it all.

At 14:00 I go with Ben to the centre of town. He picks up a camera which the manufacturer has – astonishingly – admitted was not made as well as they might and repaired for nothing. Ben is famous in this particular camera shop for getting the Free Repair. They’ve heard of nothing like it before.

(Minolta, in case you were wondering.)

I walk down to the British Museum and from there to Atlantis Books and (via a cafe for a late lunch) Mysteries and Watkins. Instructive to see how this market has arranged itself.

In Atlantis Books there is an exhibition of paintings by Austin Osman Spare. He may be very highly esteemed by Chaos Magickians, but I’m not sure he was a terribly good painter.

I walk back to the flat and have a cup of tea and more brownies.

19:50 – Dinner by H.

20:30 – Sitting.

21:00 – Have I Got News For You, then the second half of a documentary by Terry Jones about the Celts (hooray!) vs the Romans (boo!), then we watch Jabberwocky as a follow-up to that.

00:13 – Writing this. Soon to bed.

it’s a shame to add annoyed to the mix

7:15 – Get up, shower, then sitting and breakfast and then answering a couple of emails that came in.

9:20 – Leave the flat.

9:45 – Arrive at Walker.


Trying to meet an unmeetable deadline.

I get a number of opportunities to observe the way that people conjure worlds out of the air with words.

13:00 – Lunch.

14:00 – Back to work.

This goes on until 20:00. However the security guard is on walkabout and so I don’t get out until 20:30. He apologises profusely and I say “no problem, you were doing your job”, cheerily, and what surprises me is that it was totally genuine. There was a time when I would have taken it as an excuse to be annoyed. Probably that time will come again. But not tonight, which was nice. If one is tired and delayed it’s a shame to add annoyed to the mix if it’s not entirely necessary.

20:45 – Return to the flat. Collapse on the sofa for a bit, then I make myself a tuna fish sandwich and we watch Totoro. Hurrah. Oh, and there are delicious Haru-made brownies.

23:32 – Writing and posting this.

an undercurrent of menace

7:15 – Get up, shower.


8:20 – Breakfast.

10:00 – Leave the flat, walk to Walker.

13:00 – Lunch.

14:00 – Back to work.

18:30 – Walk home.

19:20 – Dinner.

Evening on the sofa, brain-dead. I find (behind the rest of the world) that a number of videos of considerable interest have been posted on YouTube.

23:09 – Post this.

Very irritable today, and despite knowing that this was simple a bodily reaction, wasn’t able to prevent it from manifesting, especially in my interactions with other people. I’m constantly amazed at my ability to give the simplest phrase an undercurrent of menace. That said, there was a lot of irritability around.


7:29 – Wake up, shower.

7:55 – Sitting.

8:30 – Breakfast.

10:10 – Leave the flat.

The sun is shining but it’s cold, probably because of all the moisture around combined with stiff breezes. The kind of weather I’d ordinarily think of as “April-like”.

10:30 – Arrive at Walker’s.


Listening to more Alan Watts talks on my iPod. Interesting guy – the way he puts the different strands together – Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist and Christian (albeit a very unorthodox view of Christianity) is fascinating. It’s obviously his version more than an authentic view, but I’d rather that, actually. That he tends to repeat a lot of things is good for my tiny brain.

13:00 – Lunch.

14:00 – Back to work.

18:45 – Leave Walker’s.

Now the combination is sunshine and rain with the consequential Rainbow, which comes down behind my flat on one end (which is nice), and a fainter secondary rainbow around it. The clouds above the rainbow (on the outside edge) are darker than those below (on the inside), which I’d never noticed before.

19:10 – Back at the flat.

19:50 – Dinner – Japanese soup with rice and stew, which includes tuna steak that turned up in the cut-price section of Tesco’s. Mmm!

Vegetating on the sofa. Answering a question on the telephone about file formats (!) but my brain’s not quite up to it.

23:20 – Writing and posting this. Soon to bed.

I wonder if anyone notices.

7:00 – Get up, shower.

7:55 – Sitting.

8:30 – Breakfast.

9:45 – Set of for Walker via the bank, where I pay in the cheque I tried to pay in last Monday. Now my name has been amended and initialled and it should be OK.

10:15 – Arrive at Walker.

Maisying and listening to more calming Dharma talks.

13:00 – Lunch.

14:00 – Back to work.

We get word that the Victoria Line (the local tube station is on the Victoria Line) is shut. It was last Monday as well.

18:30 – I go to the bus stop and catch the bus to Sloane Square. The traffic is terrible and the bus takes a very long time to get there. It’s raining heavily, though, so I’m glad I’m inside the bus and not outside walking. Take the tube to Baron’s Court.

19:50 – Arrive at the Movements class, which begins at 20:15.

As I’m the first to arrive, I put out the chairs. As there are both black and (a smaller number of) red chairs, I put black down one side of the room and red down the other. I wonder if anyone notices. I certainly feel very pleased with myself, probably unhelpfully smug.

21:45 – Class ends. Return home. Usually the trains arrive fairly quickly at Baron’s Court and Green Park or Westminster (depending on whether a District Line or Piccadilly Line train arrives first), but today there’s a wait on each leg of the journey.

22:30 – Arrive home. There’s a cheque from Walker, made out to the name that the bank doesn’t recognise, so I have to get it made out again. Poo.

00:03 – Posting this. Soon to bed.

emitting random syllables

Another day off.

9:something – Get up, shower.

10:something – Breakfast.

Looking at a book I bought yesterday – Everything and More: A Compact History of ? by the very wondrous David Foster Wallace. I hope to read it when I’ve finished my current book (into the last two hundred or so pages and it’s getting tough).

14:something – Walk to the shopping centre with H and buy groceries in Tescos.

Why are supermarkets such Hell? They’re just big shops, after all.

On the way to the supermarket I notice how uncoordinated I am, and how little control I seem to have over my body. I’ve also been emitting random syllables all morning. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that I didn’t sit today.

16:something – I go out and (after returning to the flat once to get my A-Z) go to Judith’s for a mini-gathering. When I get to Seven Sisters (the other end of my tube journey) it’s pouring with rain. Whilst it’s a good opportunity to work with aversion, it’s also the case that water is dripping down the back of my neck and that’s not nice. I get slightly lost, and walk in the wrong direction, stopping in a telephone box to check my A-Z before setting off in the right direction. The last time I was here was one of the hottest days of last summer.

Arrive at Judith’s. Drinking tea, listening to singing, eating cake and chatting. And a bit of washing up. I sing one song (9.8m/s2) and leave Judith’s at about 20:15.

21:30 – Arrive back at the flat.

Eat cheese sandwiches and cakes that Judith gave me to bring home. Watch last night’s Doctor Who with the downloaded commentary. Intense stuff.

23:02 – Posting this. Soon to bed. I may have to sort washed and dried underwear first, though.