I get vague around the feet

9:00 – Crawl out of bed. Sitting (the sitting is ended by the man from UPS with H’s latest credit card statement), breakfast. Very low energy at the moment. Sitting is better than yesterday and the day before, but I still drift off, particularly when I’m completing a circuit, or a specific part of the exercise. Also I get vague around the feet.

I spend the morning on chores, mostly washing and ironing shirts.

I’ve always found ironed shirts (and the act of ironing too, for that matter) extremely gratifying.

At 12:30 I begin making lunch: salad with very lemony dressing and last-chance basil, pasta with bacon in tomato sauce.

13:30 – Lunch.

After lunch we eat chocolate rice flakes and drink tea.

I spend the afternoon recoding things on the GC site, for a future iteration. The idea is to make it exactly the same but better. This takes me all the way to 18:20, when I have a shower.

18:45 – To the Samye Dzong centre for the Shinay sitting.

20:05 – We go via the bank (where there is a very long queue for the cashpoint – must be a Friday night) and return home. I let H in and go to the corner shop where I buy a 2 litres of milk and some popcorn (in case we want popcorn).

Return home and look at my handiwork from this afternoon until dinner is ready.

20:45 – Dinner – rice balls – two each of sour plum and of seaweed, and one each two kinds of sesame seed. Mmm!.

More bits of coding. Discovering groovy features in the software (editing emails and text entry fields in the TextMate word processor, for example, which is very cool).

22:29 – Posting this. Soon the monthly toast and then, eventually, to bed.

my best kedgeree yet

7:40 – Wake up. Hmm. My waking up skills are definitely waning. Shower, sitting, breakfast.

Into Walker’s again.

In passing I get an unusual musical offer – to play jazzy guitar at someone’s exhibition in September. It should be fun, really, if it happens.

13:00 – Lunch. Today I have a bit of a lie-down under the table.

Quickly run out of things I can do after Lunch, so I’m home by 15:30.

I’m curious why I’m so de-energised (and craving food, too). As I approach the flat, I can feel my body sagging.

Lie on the sofa. Haruko appears, the sound of the key in the lock shows she’s obviously confused by not having to un-double-lock the door.

Tea, and extraordinary luxury chocolate that H brought back yesterday.

I definitely crash out on the sofa.

18:20 – Begin to make dinner – kedgeree. H goes out and gets some basmati rice.

19:20 – It’s my best kedgeree yet, and there’s an awful lot of it. Mmm!

Also, ice cream for afters.

In the evening watch Meaning of Life extras, and Life of Brian with a commentary.

23:17 – Soon to bed. Recently there was someone outside shouting heartfelt but incomprehensible abuse (I think). Anyway, he seems to be very annoyed with someone called Caroline. No Caroline here.

a proper circle of a manageable size

7:50 – Get up, breakfast.

8:15 – Sitting. Terrible sitting, not attention span at all. Eventually my uncontrolled body movement gives H the impression I’ve finished and on reflection I concur that I have.

8:50 – Breakfast.

10:10 – Leave the flat and walk to Walker’s.

Maisying. Almost the last of it.

13:00 – Lunch.

14:00 – Back to work, but my energy levels have gone through the floor.

18:20 – Walk home.

19:20 – Juan and Victoria arrive with guitars.

Long chat, then we tune, begin arpeggios, tune again, then carry on arpeggios to warm up, then circulating the arpeggios, then circulating the Bach tune that goes with the arpeggios, then a free circulation to complete. Although it falls down occasionally the circulation sounds very good. It’s a good place to be. And it’s been a very long time since I’ve been in a proper circle of a manageable size.

Afterwards we have pasta salad and crisps, then some amazing chocolate that H has brought back from Marylebone High Street.

22:00 – Juan and Victoria leave.

23:30 – Posting this. Soon to bed.

I can far too easily convince myself that I don’t know

7:10 – Get up, dither, shower.

7:40 – Sitting.

8:30 – Breakfast.

The morning is spent fonticising – the process takes slightly longer than I thought it would.

I also fold shirts.

13:00 – Lunch, including potatoes with salt plums, a Japanese delicacy.

In the afternoon I look at the next (after Mahler) Guildhall book, which will have to wait until Sara’s looked at it, I think, and handle corrections to the font. More folding.

Also discover virtual desktops, which is a remarkable thing. And useful. I think.

19:20 – To the Movements class. the time between 19:08 and 19:20 disappeared somewhere.

Despite the threat of severe delays to the Piccadilly Line I, and my new dancing shoes, arrive on time.

Transformation appears fragmentary.

And development takes place while you’re not doing something rather than when you are – in between the times of practise.

And I don’t know what I know; I don’t know what I don’t know; But I can far too easily convince myself that I don’t know, even if I do.

21:45 – Class ends. Return home.

22:20 – Get home. H has made rice balls, one of which contains more salt plum – mmm!

23:09 – Posting this, soon to bed.

definitely the raw end of the deal

8:20 – Get up, sitting, breakfast.

9:40 – To the supermarket.

10:20 – Back in the flat.

Ironing shirts.

12:45 – We leave the flat to meet up with Haru’s mother and aunt. I go to a newsagent and buy two Oyster cards for them to use while they’re here, then we catch a bus up to Euston.

All-you-can-eat-buffet at Chutney’s – Mmm!

As I come down stairs it sounds like they’re playing the music that I have as my ringtone – the theme to Peewee’s Big Adventure over the sound system, which strikes me as oddd, as they usually only play Indian music. Then I realise that my phone is ringing. I’ve missed the call (from Juan) so I put off the reply until later (in Regent’s Park).

We walk to Regent’s Park – through the and around the Inner Circle – all the roses in the Inner Circle are out, so there’s an astonishing perfume in the air. Long walk, then down to Marylebone Road where we catch a 453 – H’s mother and aunt get off at their hotel (County Hall) and we ride back to the bottom of Waterloo Road (for some reason there’s a detour around Waterloo).

On the bus a boy takes several photographs of me with a mobile phone. I suppose that it’s some kind of a joke (of the throwing-balled-up-paper-at-the-back-of-someone’s-head variety), but I can’t imagine what he’s getting out of it as it only confuses me rather than annoying me, and he ends up with the photographs of me, which is definitely the raw end of the deal.

Back to the flat, very tired. I burn a CD of last night’s Dr Who and we watch it. Various internet surfery.

23:57 – Posting this. Soon to bed.

which seems a bit more creative

9:30 – Get up, shower, sitting, breakfast.

Again, don’t achieve much during the day. I do begin to look at a font I’m supposed to be doing and I’m dragged in by the internet and also by Logic, which seems a bit more creative.

Haruko goes out at about 12:00 and comes back at about 17:00, bearing stuff from the outside world.

Ramen for dinner: mmm!

And ice-cream for dessert!

And more not-much in the evening.

23:30 – Posting this and soon to bed.

more than five cents an hour

9:30 – Crawl out of bed, still very tired.

H goes out and gets breakfast, while I put on a pot of coffee (the macchiato I bought in Rome).

Croissants for breakfast. I note that the weather may be cool enough to try making them.

A day for recovering, then, and putting things in order – I sort out to do lists and lists of my current jobs and so forth.

I call my credit card company about getting my money back from the agency over the hotel business. As I’m talking to the (very helpful) CC guy there’s an email from the hotel agency – nothing very useful (I’d spelled the name of the hotel wrong in my original email to them), but after establishing that they would try to recover my money, I thank him for his help, reply to the hotel people and leave it at that.

At 16:00 I go to the shopping centre and buy some quilts.

We listen to the new Divine Comedy album that arrived in the post Monday or yesterday. Not immediately arresting, but I wasn’t really listening properly. Also noodling with Logic.

I try some Amazon Mechanical Turk tasks to see what they’re like, although I have several things I should be doing that pay more than five cents an hour.

Even if I could find a way of earning money with it, I couldn’t collect it without an American bank account. So.

23:34 – Posting this. Soon to bed. Normal service resumes tomorrow, I hope.

They are actually very good indoor shoes.

7:11 – Get up.

7:35 – Sitting.

8:20 – Breakfast.

The morning is Mahlerising, and some of the afternoon as well. Lunch at 13:00 (spicy spaghetti).

I do some rough mixes on very cheesy speakers of some old songs I’ve found and copy them to the iPod, then walk into town at about 16:00 to get some dance shoes from an ancient and (presumably) reputable dance shoe shop – Freeds of St Martin’s Lane, just around the corner from Watkins. Very interesting experience: the shop appears to be run with an iron fist by one grey-haired lady who obviously doesn’t approve of me at all, particularly as I don’t know really what I’m looking for, but I know when what I’m presented with isn’t it (it’s for the Movements: I was shown one of the shoes I should be aiming for, but I wouldn’t know how to ask for it). I’m served by a young lady of about 18 or 19, but there is an almost-visible link to the older woman at all times, who stands impassively behind the counter, occasionally murmuring what I assume are commands. A second young assistant goes off to find the shoes (size 12 rather than 13, but it’s suggested that they will stretch). I pay (three times the price I was expecting from what I was told) a second senior staff member who’s perfectly pleasant.

One of the most fascinatingly uncomfortable shopping experiences I’ve ever had. Until a few years ago the sheer horror of it would send me screaming into the street, but frankly I just find it amusing.

Whereas a few days ago I easily found similar items on the internet at the price I was told they would be, today there’s nothing. Perhaps a quiet revolution has taken place in the dance shoe world over the last week.

I walk back to the flat. They are actually very good indoor shoes.

At 18:45 we walk up to the Samye Dzong for the Shinay meditation. At 20:05 the meditation ends and we go via Masters to get a fish-and-chip supper (very busy, but then it’s Friday night). I also get a french loaf from the corner shop, for no easily understandable reason.

Supper, then.

At 21:00 it transpires that the series of Have I Got News For You has finished so we get to see all of the last installment of Terry Jones’ revisionist history of Rome (boo!) versus the barbarians (hooray!), today focusing on the Huns and the Vandals and the ultimate victory of the Church (who got to write the histories).

23:44 – Posting this. Soon to sleep.

and most of them are drunk

8:20 – Get up. Finding this rising business more difficult at the moment.

8:40 – Sitting.

9:20 – Breakfast.

Some bits during the day: A small job for Ben at Walker, I buy tickets to Barcelona, listening to old pieces in Logic.

14:00 – Lunch (bacon, scrambled egg and mushrooms).

More bits. The day’s a lot less productive than I’d have liked.

Haruko goes out at about 15:00. I call the Guildhall accounts department about the invoice (response:”What invoice?”), and then speak to my sister about the Mahler job. Then I have a shower. As I’m in the shower, the woman from the Guildhall leaves a message on my answerphone saying that they’ve found the invoice and will pay me soon. I’m expecting that they’ll send a cheque with the wrong name on it, that I can’t pay in. That’s what usually happens. I send an email asking for the name thing to be taken into account.

18:35 – Go out, walk up to the bank and then to the Samye Dzong centre where there’s a meditation class happening. On the way there, there’s a lot of shouting coming from the various pubs we pass, as England are playing Trinidad and Tobago. Everybody seems to be watching the World Cup, and most of them are drunk. The weather’s gone back to “pleasant” again.

18:55 – get to the Samye Dzong and pay for the class.

Useful class. However I’ve been tense, so as soon as I relax I fall asleep.

During the break I find some good books for sale, including the Buddhist scriptures in Japanese (a cool old edition in a box), which I get for Haruko.

21:00 – Class ends. Walk back to the flat. I have cheese sandwiches and look at videos on YouTube, including one of the French Pop Idol contestants doing Jacques Brel’s Amsterdam, which must be even more incongruous if you can understand the words. Actually I only manage half of that one.

23:38 – Posting this, soon to bed.

people seem to believe I’m good at quizzes

7:10 – Get up, shower.

7:40 – Sitting.

8:20 – Breakfast.

9:40 – Haruko goes to Salisbury for today’s Soundscape.

10:00 – To Walker. Today I’m typesetting a version of Treasure Island. It’s a rattling good yarn, as they used to say. Essentially the plot is the good Middle Class people vs. the nasty common people, but RLS’s sympathies seem secretly to be with the Pirates. Interesting that he not only lets SIlver escape at the end, but he gets to take some of the gold with him. Also some lovely gruesome details (Ben Gunn’s cheese obsession, the skeleton that acts as a pointer).

Also very instructive to work with these particular people, particularly the idea of maintaining a permanent sense of crisis as a motivator to action (even when there is no crisis as such, really).

13:00 – Lunch.

14:00 – Resume work.

16:30 – There is cake (to celebrate someone’s leaving-to-have-a-baby). Yum.

17:30 – Most of the people go downstairs for Quiz Night. The last time, I joined in and was on the winning team. Their winning-ness was nothing to do with me, I was just lucky enough to be on the same team as someone who really did know all the answers. However, people seem to believe I’m good at quizzes.

20:00 – I leave Walker and return home.

20:20 – Arrive home.

20:40 – Dinner.

After dinner I play with old tracks in Logic, again, and some doodling with some of the pings and twangs that one can get out of some of the plug-in instruments.

23:29 – Posting this. Soon to bed.