Not, probably.

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:20 – Breakfast.

8:00 – Haru goes to work.

8:15 – DoA / Guitar work

Although my original intention was to work on my accounts, I do find some very interesting and useful software and look at using Subversion (software version control … um … software). I have an issue with my accounts. Well, actually, an issue with accounts in general, but the only ones I need worry about are mine.

(Yes, I know – that’s Money and the Use of Time, and it’s not looking good for me.)

13:00 – Lunch.

14:00 – more evasion tactics. I discover that I am the only person I went to school with who owns the .com domain for his own name. I don’t know whether I should be proud of that or not. Not, probably.

17:30 – I begin making dinner, which is intended to be quiche. By the time H gets home at 18:10, it’s well under way. I use the steamer for the first time (I’d previously found it a bit daunting, which it’s not once one puts the water in the right place. It’s definitely designed for people who have machines to do their washing up, though). However, when I take it out of the oven after the prebaking it’s shrunk to the extent that it doesn’t really function any more, so I have to use alternate strategies.

19:00 – We eat the not-really-quiche. We ascertain that it tastes all right, and that if it had worked it might have been quite good. I’ll try again soon.

After dinner I mix a track that I recorded for someone else (sans vocals, as I exported them from the original Cubase file wrong) and also an old one of my own (sans vocals, because frankly the vocals aren’t very good.)

10:20 – Toast.

Unite and Fight!” is still very popular, for example.

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:25 – Breakfast.

8:00 – H goes to work.

8:15 – DoA / Guitar work.

Bits and pieces.

11:30 – To the gym.

13:30 – Back in the flat.


I’m really not sure what happened to the afternoon. I did some washing.

17:30 – Leave the flat and walk up to Leicester Square, meet H and take the tube to King’s Cross, then find a bookshop where a friend is giving a reading from his book. Small but select gathering with wine and crisps. Interestingly it’s a political bookhop, but not really a political book. Nice to see him again.

Interesting to see that the left still do a lot of magazines, and also that the headlines haven’t changed at all in the last twenty years. “Unite and Fight!” is still very popular, for example.

I buy a copy of the book. Everybody else present seems to have ordered it from Amazon.

19:30 – Head back to the flat. Dinner – omelette and sausages, with Haru-made bread. Afterwards, I’m looking for the files for a track I rerecorded a few years ago, that seems to have disappeared. Or rather the CDR onto which I archived it has been mingled with a lot of other CDRs of dubious value. I don’t find it, but I do find other stuff. So. This keeps me occupied for the rest of the evening.

which is kind of counter-intuitive

8:30 – Get up. This is the new improved 8:30, which would have been 9:30 yesterday.



Work on website. This is what I do pretty much all day – largely rewriting menus to make them work better. Which they do, except on Firefox, which is kind of counter-intuitive – I thought everything worked on Firefox.

13:30 – Lunch. Ramen by H. Hurray for ramen.

More websiting.

18:30 – Begin making dinner – spicy sausage pasta.

19:30 – Dinner. Enough left over for Haru’s lunch tomorrow.

In the evening, watch a couple of episodes of The Prisoner. I realise that all the characters that Number 6 encounters in Many Happy Returns (including the lorry that he travels to London in – which is owned by Netco) were placed there by The Village. I hope that I’m not just realising this for the first time, because that would make me very slow.

(if I can put it like that)

8:45 – Get up.

9:00 – Sitting.

9:30 – Breakfast.

I spend a lot of the day typesetting, which wasn’t my original intention.

13:30 – To the supermarket – Sainsbury’s – with my father. There’s a very different vibe in this supermarket. I find supermarkets to be the places that differ most in emotional resonance (if I can put it like that) of all modern establishments – Tesco and Sainsbury’s (and Lidl and Sky in Kiel, and all the others) are quite different from each other, despite the fact that they’re all offering the same goods in very similar ways. The difference appears to be on the emotional level. Which is very odd considering how calculating they all are, although they try very hard not to show it.

Which means that, since I’m used to Tescos, I find Sainsbury’s to be totally unfamilar territory.

I come back with a lot more than I intended.

Back to the typesetting.

19:10 – Dinner – Japanese food by Haru. Mmm! We don’t go to the Shinay, then.

More typesetting (I’m doing this mostly for the joy of typesetting – it’s a text I’ve downloaded from the internet, that’s been so badly set, I’m doing it myself in order to read it).

21:00 – Turn on the TV and buy some Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut – Have I Got News For You, Not Going Out, Q.I., Newsnight, Newsnight Review.


It’s still warm out.

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:15 – Breakfast.

8:05 – H goes out.

8:20 – DoA / Guitar Work.

11:30 – I go to the gym, via the bank, where I drop off a couple of cheques. It’s still warm out. As I’m walking, I’m possessed by sudden inexplicable rages, largely at motorists (as I encounter no cyclists riding on the pavement today), which take over my body and mind.


13:30 – Back in the flat. Shower.

Lunch (left-over chilli from yesterday).

I find a documentary on the internet (though originally from BBC2) about the story of Tetris.

At around 16:00, sitting on the sofa, I fall asleep, waking up at about 17:45.

I begin making kedgeree and Haruko comes home.

19:10 – Dinner.

19:45 – We watch all three episodes of The Power of Nightmares, as Haru hasn’t seen it (though she has seen other of Adam Curtis’ documentaries).

a lot nicer than people generally believe

6:30 – Rise.

6:40 – Sitting

7:30 – Breakfast.

8:10 – H goes out.

8:25 – DoA, Guitar.

I find an impressive number of displacement activities to keep me from my accounts. Including eating raw cauliflower, which is a lot nicer than people generally believe.

I look for old song files to convert to Logic Pro, and, though I don’t find any of my own that I want to revisit, I do find files for songs I recorded for someone else a few years ago. Duly converted.

13:00 – Lunch.

Still working on the songs. By which I mean “still avoiding the thing that I ought to be doing”. It’s amazing that I can just sit and watch myself [not] doing it.

17:30 – I begin making chilli for dinner.

18:15 – H arrives home.

19:30 – Dinner.

Back to the songs.

21:00 – Watch the Dr Who spin-off, called Torchwood, on BBC2. It’s fairly jolly, and it’s nice to hear science fiction in a Welsh accent. Double length opening episode.

Listen to the songs again.

23:00 – Put the rubbish out.

Quick noodle with loops.

a good time to give up mayonnaise

6:30 – Rise.

6:43 – Sitting.

7:25 – Breakfast.

8:10 – H out the door.

8:30 – DoA / Guitar. More dispersed this morning.

I nap. I don’t mean to, but I do.

My father delivers a couple of birthday presents.

11:30 – To the gym, darn it!

13:00 – Back from the gym. Shower.

I go to the other corner shop and buy a jar of mayonnaise. Although the sell by date is marked as May 2007. I can’t be bothered to go back to the shop, so I just throw it away. Now might be a good time to give up mayonnaise. Or corner shops.

I watch a documentary about the Great Pyramid. The nice thing about Egyptology is that even the most restrained archaological theory seems quite mad.

I burn DVDs for Joan.

16:00 – Joan appears to collect the DVDs and tells me about her experience auditioning as a busker. Apparantly there were people with clipboards and film crews and someone from Time Out. Very odd.

18:00 – Haru gets home.

19:30 – We go to the noodle place, but it’s moved around the corner. Laura appears and points out that it’s moved, and asks if she can come with us, which I’d rather not. . An odd moment.

Anyway, the underpass leading to the re-located noodle place is flooded (which we take as a sign), and the thing that would have been nice about it is that it would have been quiet, and the new one wouldn’t be. Which is probably why they moved.

I stop off at the chinese take-away and get something.

We eat chinese take-away and then remarkable raspberry cakes from Maison Bertaux that H bought today, and I open my presents from H.

I see whether I can reboot in OS9 to open my old copy of Cubase. Apparantly so. Perhaps I can port all the old stuff into Logic and remix it…

And eat biscuits.

6:30 – Rise.

6:40 – Sitting.

7:25 – Breakfast.

8:05 – H goes to work.

8:25 – DoA, guitar work.

In the middle I set a back up running in the other room.

11:00 – Joan C arrives with her iBook, which I set to backing up, then reformatting the hard disk and reinstalling the system. This takes a long time, so we have plenty of opportunity to chat. And drink tea. And eat biscuits.

18:00 – Joan leaves.

18:15 – I go to the Movements class.

21:45 – Class over, I go to the tube.

22:40 – Back in the flat. Haru’s made potato and cauliflower and courgette soup. Mmm!

trying to keep my balance while walking along a line

8:50 – Get up.


9:45 – To the supermarket.

10:30 – Back in the flat.

Replying to emails and some audio file work.

12:30 – To the gym with my newly-acquired water bottle.

Walking back I’m caught in a rainstorm. I set myself the task of not letting being rained on upset me over-much, with some success. If it’s like anything, it resembles trying to keep my balance while walking along a line.

14:00 – Back in the flat.

15:45 – To Sandra’s in the rain.

16:25 – Arrive at Sandra’s flat – I can’t remember which number she’s at, and so have to phone her to find out.

Waiting for Elisa. She arrives and Sandra and Chris go into the green room and we sit in the middle of the floor.

The team emerge and take their places. I realise too late that I’ve sat down with my back to the door and so don’t see their entrance.

An honourable performance. I notice that being in the audience for a performance in the round has some practical difficulties that I’d not considered before – for example, it’s not possible to see more than the player in front of me without greatly exaggerated movement and very obviously moving to look (though I suppose the only thing preventing me from doing that is myself). Furthermore during some numbers I can mostly hear the player in front of me – particularly louder ones. On the other hand, circulations are very effective, especially the last one (with the thumb – D major, I think).

Coffee and cakes. Then we return home.

19:30 – Dinner – H has made tandoori chicken: Mmm!

We watch the latter two episodes of Terry Jones’ series on the Barbarians. Generally (and my own instincts concur with the series) the Romans are rotters and the Barbarians are fab.

All simulated.

8:45 – Get up.

9:00 – Sitting.

9:40 – Breakfast.

I watch a fascinating talk (which turns out to be quite a long talk) by Malcolm Gladwell, about hit engineering – identifying algorithms for successful pop records and movies. Interesting anecdote about the people who think they have the algorithm for moviesl, who claim to be able to take a $30 million grossing film and turn it into a $200 million grossing film. But admit that they wouldn’t like the $200 million film very much.

12:20 – I check the post – the cheque has arrived, and the replacement bank statements. So that’s good.

13:50 – I go to the bank and drop in the cheque and then go to the gym and run and lift moderately heavy objects. All simulated. That is to say, not real distances, and machines rather than real objects.

16:00 – Back in the flat. Shower. I go out and buy a small loaf of bread and make some sandwiches.

19:00 – Haruko goes out to the leaving drinks for the person at Bureau she’s replacing.

I watch an episode of Callan – excellent stuff.

21:00 – Watch Have I Got News For You – H comes home in the middle – then watch the second half of a documentary about Caravaggio (more historically accurate, but not as good as the Jarman film we watched the other day), then QI, Newsnight and currently a documentary about Ronnie Lane. The [Small] Faces is a bit of a gap in my knowledge of rock’n’roll, but I suspect we’ll go to bed before it’s over.