But not inedibly so on either count.

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:20 – Breakfast.

8:05 – H goes to work.

Clearing up more Body Book bits and pieces, then some other Photoshop work.


Thinking about a conversation I had the other day, I realise that although I can work under instruction, without the instruction I tend to wait for the instruction to arrive. Sometimes it does arrive from somewhere, and I suppose this would be Initiative. When it doesn’t, I just wait. I realise that this has made my life rather inefficient.

Start some bread dough going.

I package up various Guildhall, and other things which includes a visit to the stationery shop downstairs, and take them to the Post Office. I get the impression that the woman behind the counter is making the transaction more difficult than it need be. I’m not sure why.

Back at the flat I work on the bread dough and begin some soup.

Donna at Walker asks if I can do another couple of hours on the Maisy job tomorrow.

18:30 – Haru gets home.

I abandon my idea to go and get exercise. Continue making bread and soup.

Dinner is finally served at 20:30. The bread is fine, even though I strayed from the recipe quite a bit. It stayed quite flat until I put it into the oven and then it shot up, which was a bit odd.

Too much pepper in the soup, too much salt in the bread. But not inedibly so on either count.

10:30 – Toast.

it’s always like that

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:20 – Breakfast.

8:10 – Haru goes out.

I do more Body Book corrections, and then when I’ve PDF’d that and uploaded it, I do the Mahler corrections.

Then Lunch followed by a nap.

Sara comes back with more corrections to the Body Book, so I begin those.

17:00 – I start work on dinner: roast pork chops and vegetables.

I get a call from Walker about the next big Maisy job, which will probably be around our trip to Japan early next year.

18:30 – Haruko gets home.

18:50 – Dinner. Quite successful. I’m pleased.

After dinner I do more Body Book, then watch some television. We skim through a Steven Seagal movie, which is quite mesmerisingly bad. There are some shots that appear to have come from an early ’80s music video. Also I notice that in cheap films, there’s a stock shot – begin with a close up on a detail of a building, the pull out (the camera being on a crane) and pan down to the street below. There’s always one person walking into the middle of shot. I’ve never noticed that before, but now I come to think about it, it’s always like that – the shot and the way the extras are disposed is always the same in every film that it’s used in. The only problem is that to verify this, I’m going to have to watch a lot of bad films. Switch over to catch the repeat of Look Around You.

Switch the TV off, and soon to bed.

the notion of silent letters

6:30 – Get up. Sitting. Breakfast.

8:00 – Haruko goes to work.

I didn’t sleep very well last night, and lie on the sofa and stay there for much of the day. OK, to tell the truth I slept very badly indeed and find it impossible to move. I do have lunch (sandwiches made with the bread I baked at the weekend) and a shower and then continue the Body Book corrections after having spoken to George (10:00 am – barely coherent) and Sara (11:30 – Slightly more coherent) about it.

Haru gets home at 18:10. I begin making dinner at 19:00, and pop out to buy milk and Viscount biscuits (there’s nothing especially special about Viscount biscuits, except that they’ve been making them, or biscuits with that name, at least since I was a small child. I remember having to have the notion of silent letters explained to me. And they’re chocolate-minty, which can’t be a bad thing).

After dinner I complete the corrections.

23:11 – Complete corrections. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow.

time is an important ingredient

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:20 – Breakfast.

8:10 – H goes to work.

9:45 – I go to Walker’s.

10:00 – Arrive at Walker’s. Maisying ensues.

13:00 – Lunch.

14:00 – Back to work.

17:00 – The job’s finished. Rather than going home I go to the venue for the movements class early.

18:05 – Arrive there. I sit in their library and fall asleep until the class begins.

21:45 – Class ended. Return home.

22:35 – Home. H makes some instant soup and I finally get to eat some of the bread I made yesterday, which is very nice indeed. It appears that time is an important ingredient in bread, and next time I’ll endeavour to add more of it.

Day Off Head

10:00 – Get up.


Web site stuff.

I begin making bread – attempting a more complicated method than usual. I make a starter dough and put it in the fridge.

13:00 – Lunch – Udon noodle soup by H.

Web site stuff.

Call Juan about collecting the VG88 at the same time as we go to the 48 Wires performance. I intend to take the tube to Holloway Road but change to the Victoria Line rather than the Piccadilly Line and get off at Highbury and Islington. Halfway up the Holloway Road I call Juan and admit that I’m not going to get there with enough time to come back, so I brings the VG with him, and I meet him on the bus outside Holloway Road tube. My brain’s not working properly today.

On the bus, I get a call from David Harrod regarding his Mac and ask whether he’ll play piano for me at the Jeays christmas gig (he agrees, hurrah!)

We get to Sandra, and I’m greeted by name by someone I don’t recognise, which is always a bit disturbing. He asks if I’m going to play or listen, and I say “listen, I hope”.

Sit in the middle of the circle and the performance is on.

Afterwards there’s coffee and chatting, and I discover that the man recognised me from the Jeays performances. Two worlds colliding, which is always very confusing, even if one doesn’t have a bad case of Day Off Head.

Return home – H has made North African-style meatballs for dinner. Mmm!

After dinner I continue with the bread, combining the starter with more flour and water and yeast, kneading, letting rise, proofing and finally putting in the oven. The result is very impressive, though, and more bread-like than my bread has been before.

now there’s more information

6:30 – Rise, shower.

6:50 – Sitting.

7:25 – Breakfast.

9:30 – To Walker.

A lot of the morning is spent struggling with the materials (getting a computer that works, working out what I’m supposed to do), and then a bit of doing the job.

13:00 – Lunch.


Back to work.

Also Ben briefs me (again) on the job he briefed me on a couple of weeks ago. But now there’s more information.

After work, chat to Denise and to Ben about various things.

On the way home, stop at the fish and chip shop and buy dinner. The vibe on a Friday night is very different – a lot more intense – than a Saturday evening.

19:30 – Dinner.

On the sofa, vegging out. One day in an office completely destroys me. What a wimp I am.

21:00 – Have I Got News For You, then a new sitcom that’s a bit too… something or other, so I switch to Simon Schama talking about Van Gogh on BBC2. Then QI and Newsnight. After that they’ve put on the cricket, so I switch channels for a bit, but the only thing I find is From Hell, and as I’ll spend the movie saying “They got that bit wrong” and “it’s not in the book”, I switch it off. Although they did get it wrong. And neither is it in the book.

Too bubbly-headed to do anything particularly useful.

a supermarket trolley full of large plastic letters

6:30 – Rise.

6:40 – Sitting.

7:20 – Breakfast.

8:10 – Haru goes to work.

8:30 – Guitar practise.

10:00 – Body Book work.

13:00 – Lunch. I watch a BBC programme about the number 1 by Terry Jones, courtesy of Google Video. Cute, with perhaps too many gags, but full of fascinating information. And many kawaii animated 1s all over the place. I almost watched a Horizon on Feynman. While it lasts this online video thing is a remarkable phenomenon.

14:00 – My father is going to the supermarket so I hitch along for the ride. We go to Sainsburys at Vauxhall Cross, which is being refurbished, so it closes today and reopens next Thursday. My father is hoping for bargains, and I just want to top up the groceries. He fares better than I do. They’re dismantling the store around us, pretty much, lots of large men in orange jackets wandering around. Waiting outside, a woman walks past with a supermarket trolley full of large plastic letters that comprised the old Sainsburys sign.

We go via the sports shop on the Old Kent Road (which is a long via) and I get two more yoga mats as sort of tatame substitutes. Not that they are a substitute, but they might be comfy.

Back in the flat. More Body Book. I’m becoming slightly disappointed that The Body Book is not the project’s official title.

18:30 – I begin making dinner, just before Haruko comes home. Stir-fry noodles. I could have done it a lot better.

In the evening I do more JGB. The talk I was working on segues from what I was thinking about when I began working on to what I was thinking about today, two wholly unconnected subjects. Remarkable.

Bologna might sue

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:25 – Breakfast.

8:10 – H goes to work.

Guitar practise.

9:30 – My sister calls about the Body Book 2nd proofs and I work on them through to…

15:30 – I go to the gym.

17:00 – Back from the gym. I shower and eat a cheese sandwich.

18:10 – Haruko gets home.

18:30 – I begin making dinner, though I have to go out a couple of times, firstly to get milk and tea bags, then again to get an onion, as we’ve run out.

20:00 – Dinner is served. Spaghetti Bolognese, although I think Bologna might sue if they saw it. Nice, though.

Looking at website stuff, watching Torchwood and various news programmes.

23:48 – About to put the rubbish out and then bed.

A bit coriander-y.

6:30 – Rise,

6:45 – Sitting

7:25 – Breakfast

Haru’s caught the cold, it appears, so she decides to stay at home and rest today.

I do corrections to the Body Book.

For most of the day, I’m in a strange mood, with very odd, grotesque, leaps of imagination. In fact I need to keep reminding myself that they are leaps of the imagination before I get carried away.

13:00 – I make scrambled eggs for H, then go and get a loaf of sandwich bread and make tuna fish sandwiches for myself.

Back to the Body Book. This is three lots of corrections from three different sources, so it’s very fiddly, and will take a long time, darn it.

I get a call from Donna at Walker – can I go in on Friday. Yes, I can.

I’m sidetracked by a search for a box containing spare parts for my Wacom tablet. I seem to have every other appliance box, why not that one? Because it’s the only one I’m likely to need, I suppose.

At 7:00 I begin making dinner – chicken stew that turns into soup, or rather I present it Japanese-style, with chopsticks, and with the (basmati) rice in a side-bowl. It’s nice. A bit coriander-y.

After dinner I go to the shop to buy biscuits. As I’m staring at the biscuits in a reverie, a neighbour comes in and we discuss the political situation regarding the building. Said situation seems to be straddling optimism and despair, without actually occupying the ground in-between.

I do some more JGB stuff, as well as another look at an early one, which is the worst-sounding one I’ve ever had, to see if I have picked up any tricks that might help.

Curiously, the one that I begin listening to tonight, the one I worked on a couple of days ago and the older one very closely complement each other thematically, despite the fact that they’re drawn from three separate years. Some phrases recur almost verbatim, and certainly more than one would expect. I need to consider what I’m to take from this.

There’s a car-crash outside – at one time, when the three roads outside fed into the same road, this used to happen all the time. During the summer, with the windows open, the bang-and-tinkle sound of colliding cars was so common I stopped paying attention to it.

Very late now. To bed.

I don’t know if this is an improvement or not.

6:30 – Rise, Sitting, Breakfast.

8:10 – Sara goes out.

Guitar practise.

Various bits of work.

13:00 – Lunch. I watch some of An Inconvenient Truth, which someone has kindly, though not entirely legally, posted on a French website. It’s interesting, what’s necessary to sell that sort of thing to that sort of target audience.

More stuff.

I burn a test CD of the talk I was editing last night. It sounds fine.

Haru calls – she’s coming home slightly early with a cold, that I gave her last week.

18:05 – I go out. As I’m early leaving, I see if it’s any easier changing at Westminster for the District Line. In this case, not – when I get to the train there’s an announcement advising passengers to use another route, just as happened on the Piccadilly Line last week. So I go all the way back to the Jubilee, travel one stop and change to the Piccadilly. At Baron’s Court I stay on the train, just getting out of the doors moments before they close. I failed in exactly the same way last week, only I didn’t manage to get off and had to come back from Hammersmith. I don’t know if this is an improvement or not.

Movements class.

9:45 – Class over, I return home.

10:30 – Get home, have a cup of tea and a couple of H-made buns.