which is called out of the aether

I get a call at 9:40. This one tells me that I shoudl be in Walker at 10:15, which puts me in a bad mood. I stump in and sulk at people, eventually settling down to work.

A morning of Maisying, then.

At lunchtime I’m still annoyed and pouting somewhat, and I don’t initially want to have the lunch. I relent. I was wrong, it’s delicious.

Back to work, and at 17:00 I slip off home to prepare for the Jeays gig. I take a guitar I’ve not used for this purpose for seven years and have to dig up a pick-up, DI and leads. I set off for the gig at 18:00.

I catch the tube to Oxford Circus. On exiting the station I’m so confused by the people that I walk in the wrong direction (south-west rather than north-east) for five minutes before I realise it, so I have to turn around, walk back and (worst of all) negotiate the crowds around Oxford Circus again.

I reach the venue just as the rest of the band are arriving. They are all wearing hats. We go downstairs. There is, as yet, not much in the way of a set-up, though there are other performers. Introductions and banter, and also we get a chance to run through a couple of songs (though without amplification) and I reacquaint myself with Will’s bass.

Robin Ince, whose night this is, arrives and a sound-guy is procured. We all plug in and sound check and then go and hide behind the curtain.

We kick off the show with a slowish number, then there’s a set from Mr Ince, then sketches, then we do three numbers. The second half follows the same structure. I bummerise, but less than I thought I would. Say You Love Me, which is called out of the aether, is very powerful.

After the show we sit around chatting for a while until we’re turfed out. I find that I can catch a 453 almost to my door. Which is nice, though slow.

Bed very late.

And procrastinating.

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:25 – Breakfast.

8:10 – Haru goes to work.

10:00 – I go to work. On reaching work, I discover that the art director is ill, and that they’d forgotten to call me to tell me to stay at home. While I’m here I’m briefed by Ben, who’s more than willing to use my time.

At home I divide my time between insanely pedantic corrections to the Mahler book (although my sister the editor says that the copyeditor that wrote the corrections is actually a lot more laid back about it than her email suggests. Reading the corrections I have a very strong desire to be pretty much anywhere else), a sample spread for the Hachette book which I’ll probably be late-shifting next week and the spreads for Ben. And procrastinating.

Haru gets home at 18:40 and we have dinner at 20:00 and I listen to a lot of Steely Dan.

After dinner I do some clean-up on a challenging audio file that’s been in my inbox since we came back from Japan.

nerve-wracking things

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:20 – Breakfast.

8:00 – Haru goes to work.

I convert and upload some files for Ben, although he won’t be at work until tomorrow. Best to do them now, though. I shower and go to Walker’s.

10:30 – At Walker’s, Maisying. I spend the day listening to dharma talks, which I find an almost perfectly calming influence during heavy Maisying periods. I’m not sure why.

13:00 – Lunch.

14:00 – Back to work.

18:20 – Stop work for the day. I walk to Vauxhall tube and go to the Movements class.

I’ve missed the first two of this term. so I’m catching up. On one occasion I’m put in the front row to act as a pattern, which is quite nerve-wracking, although I ought to embrace nerve-wracking things.

21:45 – Class over. Catch the tube home. I get off at Southwark and walk home. There’s been a bad, possibly fatal, crash on the not-quite-a-roundabout, so half the road has been closed, there’s a smashed motorcycle in the road. The rider is in an ambulance nearby. Ominously, the ambulance isn’t going anywhere.

Get home. Cup of tea and a couple of slices of bread. Soon to bed.

time warps in the vicinity of printers

8:30 – Get up. Breakfast.

9:45 – To the supermarket.

10:30 – Back in the flat I do various web bits, answering emails and so forth.

13:30 – Lunch.

After lunch I get down to some bits of work that I need to get out of the way – a font surgery job, a leaflet for the Body Book and some corrections to the same, which have appeared out of nowhere over a month after the files were signed off. I’ve never understood the way that time warps in the vicinity of printers. Everybody edges the deadline forward “just to be safe”, so it’s difficult to be sure when the job’s finally gone away. It will probably come back aggressively when things are very strained in a couple of weeks.

At 18:40 I go out and run around for a bit, then come home and shower.

Dinner, then some more comedy downloaded from the internet – Inside Victor Lewis Smith, Hippies and The Thick of It.

Good frying pan

6:30 – Rise, sitting, breakfast.

8:00 – Haru goes to work.

Bits and pieces, then I get a lift from my Pa to PC World where I buy a CD/DVD Rom drive that will work with the new laptop. Of course it’s more expensive than the one I checked up on on their website. They always fool me. Tch.

Back in the flat I test the drive with the other computers (the Powerbook likes it because it has USB 2.0 on it, the desktop Mac is sniffy about it because it doesn’t, which is a shame as it would be quite useful on the desktop Mac).

The ParcelForce guy arrives with a package from Japan: Haru’s mum has sent on some things that we didn’t want to risk bringing in the luggge, including pottery, food and a cast iron frying pan. Consequently it’s a bit heavy. Good frying pan, though.

After lunch, I attempt to install Ubuntu on the new laptop with the following results: 1. It doesn’t work; 2: It works, but only gives me a command-line interface; 3: It works, but installs an OEM version that demands a username and password and isn’t content with the one I give it (which I’m sure is the one I assigned moments before). After this I identify that I’ve downloaded the wrong installer disk.

I get down to some Walker work, communicating with Ben about it.

Haru comes home and opens the package. Then she makes dinner.

After dinner I get back to the Walker work. I’m trying to fake a black glass table-top which is more difficult than I thought it would be.

white label test pressing

6:30 – Rise. Sitting. Breakfast.

8:00 – Haru goes to work.

10:15 – I leave for Walker. I feel very dizzy and weak on the way to work, which convinces me that I have in fact some kind of lurgi. It’s difficult to identify what’s actually the case, what might be related to the fact that I’ve hardly strayed outside since returning from Japan and what I might be making up. I stay at Walker all morning, not really able to concentrate, then go home after lunch and crash out on the sofa.

Ben has passed me the white label test pressing of the Cultural Amnesia LP and the latest mix of the latest CA tracks. I’m more able to disassociate myself from the separate bits that I did, and am able to appreciate the whole better.

I remember that I need to send a signature to my accountant related to my tax, do so.

Haru comes home.

H cooks chicken-in-tomato-sauce and rice for dinner.

After dinner I listen to stuff I’ve done in Logic, and am pleasantly surprised by much of it. I must be going through a liking-stuff-I’ve-recorded phase.

To bed at 23:10 – later than recently.

various bits of other stuff

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – SItting.

7:20 – Breakfast.

8:00 – Haruko goes to work.

10:00 – I get a call from Walker to say that I should go in tomorrow rather than this afternoon.

I have various bits of other stuff to do, so I do them.

12:00 – I have lunch early.

13:30 – Photoshop work.

17:00 – I begin cooking dinner, a recipe for meatballs that I convert into meatloaf.

18:10 – Haru gets home.

19:10 – We have dinner.

20:00 – Some website work and I conk out on the sofa, like I did yesterday, though perhaps not as badly.

22:00 – To bed.

other useful things

5:50 – Rise, shower.

6:25 – Sitting.

6:30 – Breakfast.

8:00 – Haru goes to work.

10:00 – There’s a call to say that I shouldn’t go in to Walker today, nor tomorrow morning. I spend the morning doing other useful things instead.

13:00 – Lunch.

Learn some Hiragana characters.

Walker work for Ben.

17:00 – Begin cooking – spicy chicken.

18:00 – Haru gets home.

18:30 – Dinner.

21:30 – To bed soon. I can barely keep my eyes open. Very strange.

Time-Gap Stupid

5:50 – Having lain awake for a couple of hours, we get up.



Haruko says that the Japanese for jetlag is Ji Sa Boke, which she says means “Time-Gap Stupid”, although Boke is worse than stupid. I certainly feel time-gap stupid, though.

8:00 – Haru goes off to work.

Although I do manage some website bits and pieces, I otherwise manage to do none of the long list of things I’d written. I manage lunch. I find an answerphone message from last week telling me to go into Walker’s tomorrow rather than today, which I’m planning on anyway. Otherwise I’m crashed on the sofa.

I call to say I won’t be going to the Movements class.

Haru gets back at 18:00 – further crashing and crisps for dinner.

nothing is done, really

8:30 – Get up. Breakfast.

9:45 – To the supermarket.

The day is spent in recovery, so nothing is done, really. I notice that I’ve been very irritable, which doesn’t seem to be related to tiredness.