Strange gaps in communication

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:25 – Breakfast.

8:00 – Haru to work.

Not as productive a morning as I’d have liked, although I do get a couple of things done. Not the things that I’d planned to. But then during the sitting I’d been unable to see the shape of the day, so perhaps it’s not surprising it turned out to be nothing much. And not managing to do the important things definitely obstructed the less important, or urgent or just assertive things that needed to be done.

After lunch I go down to the postal sorting office and pick up a recorded delivery letter that arrived last week, that turns out to be my NatWest bank card, which will be very useful. Then to the bank with a cheque that’s been waiting to be paid in for a few weeks, although it turns out that they made the cheque out wrongly, so it has to be resupplied.

Then I finally manage to get down to the work I needed to do – corrections to the Beowulf cover and font modifications. And the font-to-be-modified needs to be resupplied again as well (strange things happen to unprotected fonts in email-space). And it’s the same company that the cheque came from. Nice people. Strange gaps in communication with this company.

Haru gets home and I continue to work, also on sound files.

We have sausage and chips from the local chip shop for dinner, then I do some more sound file bits, then we do the toast.

This time it’s raining, though.

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:25 – Breakfast.

8:00 – Haru goes to work.

Various bits. I upload a file to the Walker servers, then set off to Walker’s in person. On getting there, I find that the file uploaded to a server that appears not to exist. Hmm. It also appears that a lot of files I thought I’d uploaded on Sunday weren’t there. Hmm again.


13:00 – Lunch. Then I decide to go home and get the file that had disappeared into the aether and re-upload the ones that had not uploaded. I walk home, stopping longer on the pedestrian crossing around the corner than I would have liked. Two crossings aren’t synchronised in such a way that if one doesn’t cross one when the little guy is red and no traffic is coming, then one has to wait a very long time for the light to change on the other lane. Today, as there’s a large group of small children who’ve just visited the Imperial War Museum nobody on the crossing wants to give a bad impression, so we just wait. And get ridiculously delayed.

I get home, fetch the file on a USB flash memory and set the upload running again. Then I return to Walker.

I complete corrections on the Maisy, print out a set and take it downstairs to Steve, who has to put it together. Poor chap. He’s philosophical about it, though his philosophy’s a sort of cheerful nihilism. Then I’m relieved of my duties and walk home again. This time it’s raining, though.

At home I do another couple of chores and watch another Callan, this time from the fourth series, in which Callan is, unexpectedly, put in charge of the department.

Haru comes home and begins to make dinner. I retire to the work on some JGB stuff.

Dinner is saag aloo with salad, and after dinner I return to the sound files.

I’ve not put biscuits into it

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:20 – Breakfast.

8:00 – H goes to work.

I do some webstuff, try and fail to upload files to Walker’s FTP server and copy them onto a disk instead, getting out of the door to Walker very late. I remember feeling somewhat distraught by this.

Getting there, everything seems a lot more relaxed. I get down to Maisying – I’ve got a list of things to do, and when i’ve done them, I take great pleasure in obliterating the item.

13:00 – Lunch. I lie down under the table for a bit.

14:00 – Back to work.

18:10 – I go off to the Movements class. The tube is not overcrowded and there are no delays. Something’s awry somewhere.

Today I’m a lot more clear headed than I was last week, and the body definitely feels better than even yesterday. Possibly because I’ve not put biscuits into it (although they were definitely there at the coffee station, suggesting that I should).

21:45 – Leave the class, take the tube home. Again, no problems. apart from two transport police at Green Park, obviously looking for someone. They didn’t find them, and neither did I, thankfully.

22:25 – Home. Rice and tuna, bed later than I’d like.

to drive away spirits

8:45 – Get up.


9:45 – To the supermarket.

Back in the flat I do some work – two covers for Walker and the latest round of corrections on the Body Book – and fail to go out and do exercise.

The GC site and related sites are down, owing to routine maintainance at the hosting company which is planned to take three hours. However, it actually takes seven hours, and I’m beginning to get irritated and nervous.

Ramen for lunch: Mmm!

After lunch I carry on with bits and pieces of work, have a long shower and then go out to Phil’s, where there’s a musical gathering. I don’t take my guitar with me. Nice to meet people again and a bunch of jamming. Someone suggests (and it’s enthusiastically taken up) that everybody make as much noise as they can for a short while, to get it out of their system. But in fact it results in a lot less listening. After all, one makes noise to drive away spirits, not beguile them in.

I’m prevailed upon to play a couple of songs, which I don’t really want to do, as I know that I’m going to perform them as badly as, in fact, I do. There’s a lot of noise in the room, even when no one is making any sound.

20:00 – I leave, having borrowed Phil’s copy of Wings of Desire, a film I’ve never seen. Perhaps I should make a point of watching classic films I’ve never seen.

Back at the flat, I eat some food that Haru’s made and revisit the early JGB talks, having learned a lot more about the task since then. Very challenging, though.

Obstruction day, then.

7:00 – Get up.

7:15 – Sitting.

7:50 – Breakfast.

10:00 – I go to Walker’s. Haru stays at home, as it’s a Friday.

As I get to Walker, an Eastern European couple are having an argument directly in front of the doors, so I have to gesture that I’d like to get past them and into the building. Five seconds later, when I actually enter the building, my way is blocked by someone from the post-room wheeling a very heavy object up the steps. Obstruction day, then.

I get upstairs and begin to work.

13:00 – Lunch – Salmon, which is very nice and had to be ordered specially. There’s also chicken left over from yesterday. I take some of the chicken, but it feels as though I’m somehow disrespecting the salmon.

14:00 – Back to work.

The network goes off at six and I chat until leaving the building at 18:30. Haru sends a text to say that she doesn’t feel up to going to the Shinay.

When I get there at 18:50, it appears they have a teaching on this evening. As it’s part of a weekend of teachings (and I wouldn’t make the others) I make my excuses and leave.

Home and dinner, then tea, then some Linux-y tweaking (not without frustrations and obstructions of its own) and a couple of other episodes of Callan including one that’s made up of all the extant takes – it appears that much of the programme (from the 1969 second series) was shot “as live” with filmed inserts. Terrific stuff, though, even in that mildly frustrating form.

Flexibility is strength.

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:25 – Breakfast.

8:00 – Haru goes to work.

I settle down to the early shift. Today it’s a leaflet for Ashgate, advertising the Body Book and the Library data for the latter. I have to rejig the copyright page quite a lot, actually, as this is quite copious.

I also spend ten minute making some batter.

10:30 – Finally get out of the flat and go to Walker, where I need to get someone from IT to log my computer in (and it takes him ten minutes).

More stuff, anyway. And chicken fajitas for lunch. Then back to the Maisying unto 6:30.

Back to the flat. Haru’s made meatballs, which we eat, then we listen to the promotional CD version of Enormous Savages while I make and we eat pancakes. We missed pancake day, so I’ve moved it to Thursday. Shrove Thursday, then, followed, no doubt, by Ash Friday, and then a snack-free month or so. Flexibility is strength.

Anyway, Enormous Savages sounds good, though I prefer the stuff we’ve done in the last few years a lot more. It strikes me that we work better because we’ve swapped the roles around – we’re still doing the same things, but we approach it differently. In particular, I no longer have delusions of being The Hands, which I never approached. My goodness, I was out of time.

After that we watch another couple of episodes of Callan. Top stuff.

too cold to sit

6:30 – Get up.

6:45 – SItting.

7:20 – Breakfast.

8:00 – Haru goes to work.

I complete and upload the work from last night, then go to Walker.

A day of Maisying. At lunchtime I go and sit on the balcony for a while – the sun’s shining, it’s very pleasant, but gets too cold to sit after about five minutes.

After work there’s a leaving do for someone in the department I’m working in, pretty much next to the desk I’m sitting at, which puts paid to my attempts to work from about 17:00.

I get back to the flat at 19:20-ish, and have dinner – H has made a Japanese meal, hurrah!

After dinner, I’m destroyed so I just stare at the computer for a while, and watch a couple more Callan episodes from the second series. Very exciting, and as they’re copies (of copies of copies…) of the original studio tapes, during the advertising break there’s a blank screen with the voices of the actors in the background.

rendered fairly foul

6:30 – Rise.

6:45 – Sitting.

7:20 – Breakfast.

8:05 – Haru goes to work.

I stretch, shower and then carry on with the work I was doing yesterday.

At 12:45 Juan comes round bearing biscuits – letting him in, I meet a neighbour who is washing the walls. Very good of him, as they’ve been rendered fairly foul over the last few years.

Long chat to Juan, buy tickets to Derbyshire, then after he leaves carry on working.

I complete the job, and then begin another one.

At 17:30, I begin cooking dinner, watching an episode of Callan, then when it’s in the oven, and Haru’s come home, I do a bit more work. Sadly I leave the food in the oven too long, and some of it’s burned, so I have to improvise a bit.

After dinner we drink tea and eat the biscuits, then I get back to work until late.

an enthusiastic waddle

9:00 – Get up. Breakfast.

9:45 – To the supermarket.

10:30 – Back again.

I make the beginnings of bread.

Working on website stuff.

12:30 – Lunch.

Continuing with website stuff.

18:00 – I go out and run around. Up to Southwark Bridge, along to Blackfriars Bridge and back down. Not so much a run as an enthusiastic waddle, but perhaps I’ll improve.


19:00 – Dinner. Very fine lasagne by H.

As the bread didn’t go much further than the beginnings, I decide to put it in the fridge and carry on tomorrow.

More website stuff, including stuff on a different website. Also watch a documentary on 9/11 conspiracy theories.

quite a strange extemporisation

7:00 – Get up. Sitting. Breakfast. Feeling better than the last couple of days. Shower and uploading bits of Guildhallery, which refuse to quite go away, but I’ve been paid, so that’s OK.

10:00 – I go to work.

More Maisying, then, listening to dharma talks on my iPod Shuffle. It’s quite a large project (a pop-up book that is actually a doll’s house, so lots of parts), a bit like filling in a large wall from the top left hand corner with a felt-tip pen or drawing your own 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. With a break for lunch from 13:00 to 14:00 (discussing the state of DRM, patent law and the problem of a culture that’s based on the assumption of perpetual growth) and then carrying on to about 18:00.

At 17:00 I go downstairs to the toilets and find a neglected door labelled “Maisy Room”, which leads to a cupboard entirely full of Maisy memorabilia. I extemporise something on a Maisy guitar actually the size of a ukelele, and with four nylon strings tuned very loose, so it’s quite a strange extemporisation). I also see that, stuck to the bottom of a door-frame in one of the toilets, there’s a tiny cut-out Wally/Waldo, which was part of a company Where’s Wally/Waldo? competition about fifteen years ago.

There’s something about the building that makes me very tired, and it’s much better to be in for only three days a week. I’ll be back in next Wednesday. Plenty to do otherwise.

I leave at 18:20 and walk to the Tibetan Buddhist centre. I call Haru, who decides to stay at home, then I go to the Shinay meditation. I find it quite difficult to stay awake, but fight with it.

The bell rings at just after 20:00 and I get home at about 20:15. Haru’s made dinner – soup and gratin.

After dinner we sit on the sofa and look at the internet. Also watch part one of Derek Bailey’s series on Improvisation, that I downloaded from UK Nova a few weeks ago.