one sequence of head movements

6:37 – Get up.

6:48 – Sitting.

7:25 – Breakfast.

8:10 – Haru goes to work.

I upload a picture to the Walker servers.

On arriving at Walker I find that the upload didn’t work.


There’s an email regarding one of the jobs that keep coming back, that’s come back again.

Lunch, after which I lie on the floor for a while.


18:20 – Off to the Movements.

I feel more confident and capable, though I still make mistakes (like finding it very difficult to remember one sequence of head movements). Still it’s instructive to compare myself with the memory of myself when I first began.

9:45 – Class over. To the tube, then home.

10:30 – Arrive home – leftover soup and rice ball.



9:30 – Up.

Working on the cover for Walker and drinking coffee.

12:00 – I go out for a run – up to the river by London Bridge, then along the river to the London Eye, where the press of people (I have to literally jump over two tourists who just stop in their tracks immediately in front of me) is too much.

Back in the flat, shower and a bit more work.

Haru goes out.

14:30 – Juan arrives. Chat and play guitar.

16:30 – Haru gets back.

More chat and tea.

18:00 – Juan leaves.

I do more work on the cover.

19:30 – Dinner: beef&pork&parsleyburgers by Haru. I go and get chips.

After dinner, although I should be getting back to the cover, I don’t. I work on the old website, streamlining the way the calendar archive works.

Bed too late again.

This is vexing.

6:30 – The alarm goes off. We don’t get up.

7:40 – We get up and sit. Then we eat breakfast.

I do some more, hopefully final, fixes to the Body Book. I said that last time, I know.

Into Walker’s – Maisying. It appears that there’s an intermittent problem with files being corrupted, one of which is the largest file I’ve been working on. This is vexing.

Lunch. Lasagne: the length of the queue is quite vexing, but the lasagne itself is not. After lunch I lie on the floor and oversleep a bit.

More Maisying, then. I manage to reconstruct the file from old versions.

At 18:00 I run home, literally, or jog, anyway. There’s the usual knot of people at the London Eye, and I dodge cyclists all the way back. As usual, also, the need to cross a busy road chops the last minute or so off my aim, which I make up again afterwards.

I’m impressed that I make it – for the first minute I think I’ll never keep it up, but actually become less out of breath as I go on.

Get home and shower, then dinner (pork curry by H).

After dinner I do more recropping and uploading of old pictures. We watch television, too. The usual Friday night stuff, though with a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie at the end.

a thing to hold and look at

6:37 – Rise very tired.

6:4-something – Sit. Or rather, sit.


8:10 – H goes to work.

I do some font work.

9:30 – I’m preparing to go into Walker on time-ish when an urgent request with regards to one of the jobs-that-absolutely-refuse-to-go-away appears, so I have to deal with it. Consequently:

10:40 – Leave the flat and go to Walker.

On arriving at Walker’s, I discover that everything’s been moved around in the lobby. I’m sure it makes more sense, but it must be miserable for the receptionist to be surrounded by building and decorating.

Maisying – the final stretch is about to begin.

Ben delivers a copy of Enormous Savages, the compilation of early 80s Cultural Amnesia tracks. An actual 12″ vinyl album, which is an ambition fulfilled right there. There’s something very gratifying about vinyl as a thing to hold and look at. Probably to listen to as well, if I can get my Garrard gramophone deck working.

13:00 – Lunch, then I lie down. I fall fast asleep and can feel myself snoring, hopefully gently.

Speak to Juan – he’s in Southampton, so no meeting tonight.

Work peters out for the day at about 18:00 – long chat to Ben about various (meta)physical issues. I realise that watching the Dennett talk has clarified some things that I understand by the notion of consciousness, even though I don’t really accept Dennett’s definition (I suspect his definition and his explanation have been crafted to fit each other).

One thing in particular that’s suddenly very clear is that within consciousness and life, there’s a tendency that moves in the opposite direction to entropy – a force that pulls together.

18:30 – Walk home.

H has made a gratin with yesterday’s stew: Mmm!

In the evening, eat popcorn, watch a PBS documentary on the internet (essentially asking the question – The build-up to war: didn’t the press notice it was nonsense. The answer seems to be “yes, but…”), then do some entries for thingsithrewaway and upload a couple of the pictures I took last night. They could have been quite cool. Perhaps next time I’ll take more.

To bed late-ish again, then.

The Book Club at the Albany

Played with the Jeays band at Robin Ince’s Book Club comedy night – I took six blurry photos just after the sound-check, and was going to take more, but the evening was slightly chaotic as it was, and I was afraid that distracting myself (and the people around me) with photography would only make it worse. So I stopped after six, three of which were in any way useable. Perhaps next time.

this isn’t competitive

6:37 – Get up.



8:10 – Haru goes out.

I have a non-productive day – a lot of my energy goes into rebuilding an old website, and updating pictures for it. I’m sure this will come in useful at some point. I also fall asleep at random moments – I’m aware of a train of thought (which continues while I’m asleep) and a voice continuing through it, saying non sequeteurial things that I immediately forget when I wake up, even though I might be halfway through saving something.

So my energy has taken a big dip.

At 11:40 I go out for a run – up to the river by Lambeth Palace, then along to the Tate Modern and back. At one point I fall in behind a group who leave me behind. Until then I thought I was doing rather well, and then I realised that I was actually going quite slowly. Must remember that this isn’t competitive, and that even if it is, I’m not going to win.

Back in the flat I shower and have lunch.

I watch a lecture by Daniel Dennett, who says that he can explain consciousness, but never quite does so. I don’t know if he does in his books. He seems to be a conjuror.

Afternoon has less than I’d have hoped for in it.

At 18:00 I set off for the Jeays gig. I decide to go by bus, which may have been a mistake, as it takes a very long time, but the bus does stop outside the venue. Phil and Will are already there. We set up and try to soundcheck, but with no luck, or, indeed, sound. Eventually we are assembled and manage something like a soundcheck, but it doesn’t sound to good.

We stay in the venue for the first half, and stay upstairs for a drink and a chat in the second half. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a proper pub conversation.

We get back in time to go on, and it sounds quite poor. All we can see are two couples in the first row, who are making no attempt to hide their distain for us. After it’s done though – and it was a tough night for everybody – the mood is generally good.

Phil gives me a lift home. I eat crisps, drink a cup of tea and write this.

which mostly involves cutting stuff out

I wake up at 4:30 and try with little success to get back to sleep. I get up at 6:00 and do Tai Chi stretching, then when H gets up at 6:30 I prepare breakfast, then we sit.

7:20 – Breakfast. We’re both quite tired, I think, but I’m both tired and awake, which is an edgy combination.

8:10 – H goes to work.

I look for work to begin, but find that I can’t find it. I send an email to the person responsible, and then look into other things. I decide to do house-stuff – firstly I sort out some piles, then folders of very old artwork that needs to be returned.

At 11:00 I go for a run. The fatigue slows me down – and I wonder if the greyness and atmospheric pressure has something to do with it, too. I feel self-conscious walking to warm up in my new shorts, so begin the run (as I began the day) prematurely. However I do manage to keep going until almost the last moment, when I come up against The Cut.

Back in the flat I stretch and then shower.

For lunch I have one of the breads I made yesterday, with Tuna fish. I watch a documentary about The Archers.

After lunch I carry on tidying, rearranging the corner of the room that has the television it. This is quite tiring and makes me very grubby, but it’s gratifying when it’s done. I vacuum the floor, also.

I revise Jeays songs.

Haruko gets back at 18:30 and we have tea and nuts.

19:30 – H makes dinner, which is tempura rice.

After dinner we watch a 1975 version of Three Men in a Boat starring Michael Palin, Tim Curry and Stephen Moore, directed by Stephen Frears. Very funny, but very obviously dubbed. I suppose the sound of the motor cars got in the way.

I work on an old website of mine, repurposing it and also bringing it up to the current state of my knowledge, which mostly involves cutting stuff out.

Walk up to the Tate Modern for breakfast, then along to London Bridge tube along the river, then take the tube to Canada Water, where we go to the shopping centre.

Obviously the marathon went past here recently.

9:20 – Get up. I check the computer in the bedroom, and it’s crashed, so I restart it, which takes some tweaking.

When Haru gets up some time later I suggest we go out for breakfast, after sitting.

I start a sponge for making bread. I should have done this yesterday, but didn’t.

11:00-ish – Leave the flat. I come back for my camera. Walk up to the Tate Modern and have breakfast there. It’s expensive for a Danish pastry, orange juice and coffee. But the pastry’s very nice, the coffee’s good and the juice was recently in an orange, so.

Outside, someone occasionally walks past in an eccentric costume, as the London Marathon is taking place, somewhere out there. It’s a wonderfully sunny day.

When we’re done, we walk downriver, while I take photographs of what I think are attractive shapes. At London Bridge we get on the Jubilee Line going East. Very crowded – of course, people are going to watch the Marathon. D’oh!

When we get off at Canada Water, there are hundreds of people, if not more, queuing to get in. Obviously the marathon went past here recently. Some of the people are carrying home-made signs of encouragement.

We go to the mall – I’m curious to see what it’s like, and it turns out to be… just a mall, really, although I notice that the security guards have noticed that I’m taking photos, even if they don’t try and stop me; and then to Tesco’s and get shopping, and then to the Sports shop where I buy proper running gear and some gym shoes, which might help with the Movements. The shoes I’ve been using are the biggest soft dance shoes available, but their soles are smaller than my feet, so I’m balancing on a small platform and often falling off.

By the time we get back to the station, the crowds have gone, but when we get on the train it’s very crowded. Bah.

Back at the flat, I make dough and set it to rise, then copy all the photos I’ve taken across to the laptop and resize them ready to upload to somewhere. I’ve not decided yet. Very few of them are really recognisable, mostly they’re of patterns, pebbles, water and vapour-trails. Then I do an AAD website task.

Make baguettes and leave them to rise.

Begin to make dinner – chicken, tomato and basil salad and roasted onions and mushrooms. Bake the bread, and then while the bread is cooling cook the chicken and vegetables.

The bread comes out nicely.

20:30 – Dinner. Late, but very nice.

After dinner we watch the last two episodes of Doctor Who with the commentaries, which was a habit last year.

to take the hint

9:50 – Get up. H is off work today. Breakfast and reorientation. My foot is still hurting, so no run today.

Haru goes out bearing a CD of the fonts I was working on yesterday, I do small bits and pieces.

There is some discussion of the Lease Holder’s Agent, and his recent demands.

Also, tune up the classical guitar (as it takes nylon strings about a week to take the hint) and fix something on a website, which gives me an insight into the way MySQL sees data).

For lunch I eat the rest of the kedgeree.

The designer calls and makes more changes to the fonts, so I’ll have to send another CD. I make the changes.

Haruko comes home – she’s been to Borough Market.

It appears that we can go to the studio filming of the new series of The IT Crowd, if we can get there: it’s out at Pinewood Studios, which could be quite complicated.

Dinner is chicken with rice and salad by Haru.

In the evening we watch TV – Have I Got News For You new series; a programme about Minoans, another about stoats, a repeat from the last series of QI, Newsnight, Newsnight Review and a programme about Arcade Fire.