It explains a lot.

6:34 – Get up. Sitting. Breakfast.

8:00 – Haru goes to work. I do stretching, a bit of ironing, then I go to work. During the stretching I notice that there’s one manoevre where I sometimes find it very easy, and sometimes impossible. I notice that in the former case I’m on my knees and in the latter case on my hands and feet. I have not noticed this before – I’d imagined myself to be doing the same thing on both occasions, despite one stance being inherently stable, the other inherently unstable. It explains a lot.

9:30 – Get to Walker’s.

General Maisying.

A meeting going on behind me is, on one level, fascinating; on another, more apparant, level infuriating. It reminds me when, after working as a temp/freelance in a number of companies, I became amazed that anything at all ever got done anywhere.

13:00 – Walk with Ben to the supermarket, discussing various things, largely board games.

14:00 – Back to work.

17:45 – Leave for home.

19:10 – Go out for a run: up to Southwark Bridge and across, then along to Tower Bridge, upriver to Millenium Bridge and across, then along the Embankment to Westminster and across the bridge and home from there.

Home. Shower, then dinner.

In the evening we do the toast, and soon to bed.

not undisorientating

Oversleep until 7:00. Breakfast. H goes to work at 8:00 as usual.

I need to do a correction I forgot to do last night. I leave the flat at 9:20.

Get to Walker and do the morning Maisying.

13:00 – Lunch. Instead of the in-house lunch I go out and get some money and buy a sandwich and some crisps, eat them at my (borrowed) desk and lie on the floor for a few minutes.

14:00 – Back to work.

17:40 – Leave Walker’s, travel to Finsbury Park on the tube and from there to Windsor Road. I fall asleep several times on the tube, with dreams and everything, which is not undisorientating. On the way from the tube station to the house I follow through on a bright idea I had earlier.

Get to Windsor Road, chat. It appears that he had exactly the same bright idea as me.

Guitar stuff.

Leave WIndsor Road at 22:00 – autumnally cold – catch a bus to St Pauls and walk home from there.

Eat a very late dinner. To bed late again.

rain during periods of bright sunshine

6:35 – Get up. Sitting. Breakfast.

8:05 – Haru goes to work.

Stretching, shower, chores.

9:20 – To work.


13:00 – Lunch.

14:00 – Back to Maisying.

17:40 – Walk home.

The weather has been indecisive – veering between heavy rain and bright sunshine, and occasionally rain during periods of bright sunshine.

19:20 – Go out for a run: Over Southwark Bridge, back over Tower Bridge, along the Embankment to Lambeth Bridge, and back home from there.

21:00 – Dinner: leftover meatballs with with chips. TV: A documentary about post-war Britain, followed by a documentary about Surrealism, followed by a documentary about The Old Grey Whistle Test. When did I become someone who’d prefer to watch a documentary over made up stuff? Not that documentaries aren’t sometimes made up stuff.

it’s unclear whether we succeed

9:15 – Woken up by the telephone ringing. My father asking if I need to go to the supermarket today. I do.

Quick breakfast.

9:45 – To the supermarket. On the way back stop at my father’s to help him connect his DVD player to the internet. I don’t know why he wants to do this, and it’s unclear whether we succeed.

11:30 – Back in the flat. My desktop computer crashes while starting up and then refuses to boot at all. This is deeply saddening. Although I was saying to someone the other day that computers always fail for me on a Sunday. I’m going to have to convince the seller to take it back.

Sorting out some papers.

A lot of lounging around.

Watch Casino Royale (surprisingly, not only a good James Bond movie, but a good movie) with its extras, then a documentary about Orson Welles, with lots of otherwise unseen clips, then I make kedgeree, then we watch Volver with its extras, and then it’s very late and time for bed.

It’s sort of both.

8:00 – Get up, breakfast

9:45 – Go off to Walker’s. As a bus passes at the moment I get to the bus stop, I take it.

The weather can’t make up its mind whether to be sunny or cloudy. It’s sort of both. Not as oppressive as it can be, though.

So, more Maisying. Cleaning stuff up.

13:00 – Lunch and lie-down.

14:00 – Back to work.

19:30 – Leave and go home. H makes some pasta.

21:00 – Watch Have I Got News For You and some more television.

Bed late.

Something of a skeletal day, then.

just reacting to the weather

6:37 – Get up. Sitting. Breakfast.

8:05 – Haru goes out. I dither. I’m late again. Today I take a bus.

After I get there: Maisying. The weather has turned to warm, cloudy mugginess. Feeling tired and slightly ill, but not actually ill, just reacting to the weather. There’s a struggle between the side of me that’s telling myself to pull myself together and the side of me that just says “meh”.

13:00 – Lunch. I have lunch (Jamaican-style pork chops with rice and beans) and then then lie down again.

14:00 – Back to Maisying. At one point I’m told off for something that I’m not sure is technically my fault. However, I’m convinced that I do deserve the telling off for something else, so it’s an odd point. I wish I’d shaved.

Afterwards I feel a lot more positive. Odd, that.

Continue working through to 20:00 and then walk home.

Left-over pork stew with rice.

Sitting on the sofa reading the internet for a while, then some font work. I listen to some Purcell while I’m doing it, and have a “Golly, this man is good” moment. Dido’s Lament is one of the all-time great pop ballads.

I have a reputation for this.

6:34 – Get up. Sitting. Breakfast.

8:10 – Haru goes out.

I make and send the font without the problems I had last night. I find things to delay me, as I’d find it difficult to go on time now. I have a muesli frenzy – compulsively eating cereal. Where did that come from?


At lunchtime I decide I don’t want to have what’s on offer downstairs, and I dont’ want to go out and get a sandwich, so I lie on the floor and sleep. I have a reputation for this.

After lunch, Amelia, who’s a semi-retired director and taught me everything I know about designing books (apart from the bits that Ben taught me) comes in. It’s very good to see her. Oddly, only this morning I was thinking about a project we worked on over fifteen years ago.

More Maisying. The process slows to a crawl when the printer starts to play games with us.

At 18:10 I set off for the underground. Haru calls me to see if I’m OK. Apparantly there’s been some kind of hoo-hah and Victoria station is closed.

I get off at Highbury and Islington, finding it difficult to get out of the gate. The guard on duty is patronising and abusive and, worse, I allow myself to get annoyed.

Arrive at Windsor Road. Cup of tea, then guitar playing, which we’re recording.

Leave at 22:10 – take the bus to St Pauls and walk home across the Millenium Bridge. This takes a lot longer than it has before. H has made stew, so I eat some of that and an apple.

Bed very late again, then.

Not a good route

6:34 – Rise. Sitting. Breakfast.

8:00 – Haru goes out.

I do a font correction, then send it off, then do some stretching and have a shower. I inevitably get delayed again.

Walk to Walker’s.

Maisying until lunchtime. Lunch is chicken curry. Then sit in the sunshine (did I mention – it’s a fabulous day) and nap, then more Maisying until 18:30, when I walk home.

Then I go for a run – up over Vauxhall Bridge, along the river to Chelsea Bridge, across and around Battersea Power Station and Dogs’ Home back to Vauxhall and home from there. Not a good route – I have to cross the same busy road twice.

Have a shower and then dinner – chicken curry by H.

After dinner we watch some of a documentary about post-War Britain. H watches it all, but I have to do some more font corrections, and try to set a sample text but my copy of InDesign is playing up. I’ll try again tomorrow morning.

Watch a documentary about Scott Walker, which leaves me with a desire to listen to all his albums again, if only to hear Tilt, which I think is one of the most extraordinary records ever made.

Bed late again, then.

The day is a bit like that.

6:31 – Rise.



8:00 – Haru goes to work.

I work on a font – this contains exactly three logos, and it takes me over two hours. It shouldn’t, but it does. On the upside, I learned something about how font units are measured.

So into work late again.

I catch a bus to get there quicker. Usually in this situation I watch them both (two routes go near Walker’s) turn the corner as I approach it, but today I get to the bus stop first.

Maisying. I take two biscuits at the coffee station and fumble them, dropping them to the floor where they shatter. Then later I reach for another one and manage to pull the whole packet over. The day is a bit like that.

At lunchtime it transpires that lunch is pizza with chorizo – essentially what I made yesterday, but a lot more professional.

An aside in the conversation is very instructive. I find myself saying something that people have told me, not repeating it, but drawing it from my own experience, and when I say it I actually understand it, though I’m not sure that I could do it.

Back to Maisying.

At 18:20 I leave to go to the Movements class. Terrible delays on the District line, and I arrive late, but then so does everyone else.

We’re in a smaller, pokier room with pillars in it, tonight, as the main hall is being used for a lecture. This changes the whole atmosphere.

I’m gratified to discover that I know the Great March Forward, though I still don’t get Ho Ya.

21:45 – Class ends. There are still extensive delays on the District Line, so it takes me an hour to get home.

At home I have some left-over pizza from last night – three pizza meals in two days: it’s like touring Italy – and a cup of tea. Bed late again, then.

I’ll have to find less clumpy routes.

9:10 – Get up, breakfast.

9:45 – To the supermarket.

On my return I finally sort all the photos I took last Thursday, retouch them and upload them to my website.

Some dithering.

14:00 – Haru goes out for a walk.

14:45 – I go out for a run. Up to Southwark Bridge, then upriver along the Embankment, but there are too many large clumps of tourists waiting for coaches. After a couple of collisions I cut off towards Whitehall (as if there will be fewer tourists there, though they’re less clumpy), then around the back of Westminster Abbey to Lambeth Bridge and home from there.

This is all getting a bit complicated. I’ll have to find less clumpy routes. It’s not good for my stress levels.

Home. Shower. Lunch. I make the beginnings of some dough.

16:30 – Haru gets home.

I turn the dough into pizza base and make pizza, and go to the corner shop to buy the toppings, which ends up being a bit expensive. I should plan better for any meals I intend to cook.

20:00 – Dinner.

After dinner we watch the BAFTAs, and some more television.