into great detail

10:30 – Eventually struggle out of bed. Breakfast, shave, shower. Today is Haru’s day off.

Haru goes out. I work on JGB tapes, all day, apart from a brief excursion into organising.

Haru comes back as I’m about to have my (very late) lunch. Then back to the tapes.

Call off the recording with Juan tomorrow – I’m beginning to get a sense of what I need to do, though. And tomorrow I need to use some time to colour in.

H makes Ramen for dinner: Mmm! Ramen!

After that I walk up to the off licence and get a bottle of Armagnac.

We watch The IT Crowd.

Toast, which goes into great detail and takes a long time.

Consequently, late to bed.

less and less me

6:30 – Rise, sitting, breakfast, and Haru leaves at 8:00.

I sit around longer than I thought I would, then shave, shower and begin work. Rhino, again. Today I do some actuall colouring in.

I have lunch at 13:00, then carry on colouring in, with a brief burst of sorting and organising mid-afternoon.

I listen to quite a lot of me during the day. I enjoy it more than I thought I would. It’s something that I discussed with Juan – the perpetrator of a recording (especially if they’ve sung on it) is almost incapable of making good quality judgements about what they’ve done. It’s not simply a question of good or bad – the tracks I listened to today have been exactly the same for at least seven years – in some cases twice that – but their goodness or badness (or acceptability or lack of) has varied hugely in that time. As the person who made the recordings becomes less and less me, I find it easier to bear listening to them.

What a strange phenomenon.

I also listen to a Jeays album I played bass and guitar on – the bass must be all me, and some of it’s jolly good, although I don’t remember doing it. I can’t tell which of the guitar is me and which is Phil, though.

Haru gets back at 18:20, and I go out for a run at 19:30 – the usual route via Tower Bridge (which I manage to get across just before it opens), although it’s quite chilly and getting dark earlier. Perfect, in fact.

Shower and dinner (pasta by H), and then some television, and a bit of websitery.

“Time Keeps Slipping”

Rise at 6:30, sitting, breakfast, and H goes to work at 8:00.

I shave and shower, and get down to McCabe corrections, which take me until 11:00. Then I PDF them and upload them to Sara’s FTP server. They have to be reindexed.

Have lunch earlier – 12:30 – and begin work on the Rhino book, which needs to be assembled and coloured in. Mostly assembly today. I call Walker and find out that I’ll be going in there later on next week than originally planned, but that’s OK, as I can use the time on the Rhino book. “Time Keeps Slipping”, as Mos Def puts it on Scritti Pollitti’s criminally under-rated Anomie and Bonhomie album.

Assemblage, then.

I break off to do some minor document sorting in the afternoon.

Also, what is the resistance to doing anything, even things that might turn out to be beneficial? Part of one aspires to the condition of an inanimate object.

Haru gets back at 18:15, I carry on assembling and we have dinner at 20:20.

We watch Heroes and some other TV and I rewrite the CSS on another site of mine. I need to add proper music players to it.

(in frozen dough form)

6:30 – Rise, sitting, breakfast and Haru goes to work at 8:00.

I stretch, shave, shower and eventually get down to work.

Dinosaurs, then. It’s astonishing how bad I am at calculating the amount of time it will take to get jobs done. Also, how unwilling a part of me is to do even simple jobs that I like. I have to keep picking myself up and dragging myself back to the computer.

Talk to Giselle, who is in charge of the project.

Also collect two packages – one from the postwoman, for me (McCabe corrections); the other, via FedEx for Haru. And I have to let in someone from the energy company to read the meters, even though they were read a couple weeks ago (we were billed last week) and we don’t have gas.

I take some rolls (in frozen dough form) out of the freezer and leave them to defrost/rise.

Haru gets back at 18:15 and at 19:30 I go for a run – a full hour, via Tower Bridge, Millenium Bridge and Westminster Bridge. I find that if I keep up mental exercises, I don’t get as tired and I don’t get as irritated as I do if I let my mind drift. It’s tough, though – the mind wants to go on holiday, even though counting isn’t exactly hard.

I find that when I get to twelve, I want to follow it with one.

Back in the flat shower, then bake rolls and eat dinner (pork with ginger by H – Mmm!), then have ice cream and berries.

Juan emails over MP3s of tracks we recorded on Saturday. The singing unacceptable lax on most of them. One’s interesting though.

I’ll probably need to work tomorrow, so call off the Wednesday session. Saturday’s currently still on.

Ripping my CDs for re-uploading to my site.

the veneer of useful activity

Get up at seven and Sit, which is good.

After breakfast I get stuck into a lot of ironing, which is moderately good.

After that I don’t do as much work as I’d hoped I’d do, which isn’t good at all.

I decide not to go out to an open mic this evening, and do some more work.

Haru gets back at about seven, and we eat at eight thirty.

After that, I confess I’m drawn to the television, though I iron some shirts at the same time, which gives it the veneer of useful activity. A documentary about sewage workers, another about Never Mind the Buzzcocks and then footage of The Police. The band.

And swell, they do.

9:00 – Get up and breakfast.

9:45 – To the supermarket.

After I return to the flat, I begin Dinosauring, and also begin making bread. These activities carry on until I go out for a run.

Now, this morning the weather was perfect for exertion – cold and damp. But now the sun’s come out, along with the tourists. I cut the run short after 35 minutes, which is still longer than I thought I could go without stopping a while ago.

It never fails to amaze me how little attention almost everybody pays to their surroundings – particularly tourist, who are focused on one thing, to the exclusion of everything else, walking backwards into the path of an oncoming jogger. But even so, you only need to speed up a little bit to see what ghosts people are to each other.

Stretch and shower, and then separate the dough into rolls, many of which go in the freezer, the remainder are left to swell up.

And swell, they do.

Meanwhile I’m carrying on with the dinosaur work, interposed with baking the swollen rolls.

H has been making Special Chicken Curry all afternoon – Mmm!

After dinner I get some more ice cream, then after that return to the dinosaurs.

Later on we drink sherry and plan the week ahead, and listen to music from the Big Computer via my Powerbook.

Overdressed, then.

9:30 – Stumble out of bed.

Toast and marmalade for breakfast.

I spend a lot of time in the morning writing an email, most of which I don’t send. Trying too hard.

At 14:15 I set off for Windsor Road. I’ve dressed for the weather of the previous week (cold and rainy). Actually it’s lovely and warm and the sun is shining. Overdressed, then.

Another session recording my songs – this week I do three takes of each song with Juan making suggestions. Also, he’s tweaked the space, to damp down the reverberation. Consequently, the sound is almost perfect and the performance is much better. Still need to work on it, but we’ll have another go next week.

Return home at 19:30, catching a bus to London Bridge and walking home from there, via the fish and chip shop.

At home, eat fish and chips, watch the programme about British film (long since given up watching it for useful information, more to see what gets namechecked – tonights was about Horror, and I expect the potted Gilliam bio was slotted in here because it doesn’t fit anywhere else. Although it doesn’t fit here either).

quite sadly monomaniac, then

9:36 – Get up. Sigh

Takes a long time to get going, including breakfast, stretching, as shower and so forth. Haru goes out, and I get down to the Dinosaurs again.

At lunchtime, I make toast with the bread I made yesterday and watch a Doctor Who Confidential. I’m becoming quite sadly monomaniac, then.

More dinosaurs, then. Also a lie-down, although it’s not as if I’m not getting enough sleep. Low energy week. Bah.

H comes back and at 18:40 we go off to the Samye Dzong, for the sitting. I buy a few of books from their second-hand book stall – two yoga manuals, and a book by Ajahn Suhmedo.

Buy take-away curry for dinner, then go out for biscuits and popcorn. So perhaps the diet isn’t encouraging an energetic lifestyle. But biscuits: mmm!

Watch the first half of a documentary about India (very old – some Indian culture possibly precedes language, which I find quite interesting), then the first episode of the new series of The IT Crowd, then general TV until quite late again. Something else that probably counts against the energy.

the yeast is still working

9:30 – Get up. Late. Again.

I don’t really manage to achieve any of the things I hoped to today, apart from completing the JGB edit – twenty minutes cut out, almost all pauses!

Haru goes off to visit Ken and Alice.

At some point I watch some more Doctor Who (Attack of the Cybermen – if Cybermen have no emotions, why do they shout so much?). Fall badly behind in the dinosaur department.

Oh, but I make a lot of bread. It appears that the yeast is still working, despite being past the use-by date.

Get a nasty back-of-the-head-and-across-the-sinuses headache, which clears up after dinner (mediterranean vegetables and lamb meatballs with the bread I made this afternoon).

Watch the alleged comedies on BBC2, followed by Newsnight, and Heroes. Then stay up late reading websites and checking out YouTube.

Ho hum. Sort of energy deflation.

He’s a stranger to the full stop.

Up at 9:00, so earlier than yesterday, but still…

Sitting, then breakfast.

Then stretching and shower.

Writing emails occupies a lot of my morning. Why this should be, I don’t know. I’m not sure that they’re especially complicated or long emails. Perhaps they just need to be edited, or over-edited. Anyway, I manage to get on to the dinosaurs shortly before lunch – bacon and egg by H – and carry on after. Luckily it’s quite a simple spread (pteradons) today.

I( manage to complete the spread by 17:00 and carry on editing a mammoth JGB tape. I’m about to get ready to leave, when there’s a knock on the door. The chap who’s been doing work next door has changed the front door lock. He informs me that intruders have been sleeping on the landing. I don’t really know what to say (yes, actually we know all about that), although he alerts me to another unsavoury detail of their stay, which I’d sort of filtered out. Anyway, we relinquish our front door keys and get replacements.

The buzzer goes and I let in the other neighbour, who’s been out for a run.

The handyman is upstairs talking to another neighbour, and is receiving forthright opinion at full blast. That upstairs neighbour likes giving forthright opinion, and is quite difficult to arrest in full flow. He’s a stranger to the full stop.

I set off for Windsor Road, slightly late.

Somehow it takes less time this time, and I arrive at about twenty to eight.

Greet Juan and Tywi, drink tea, chat and at 20:00 we begin with our mostly circulations recording.

Very different with three people – everything becomes a waltz, somehow. Let’s see what Juan makes of it.

Take the 43 back to London Bridge and walk from there. When I arrive home, the front door is open and the woman “intruder” is sitting on the doorstep. I tell her that I have to close the door. She doesn’t argue, but says that it was “just open”. Perhaps it was open, with the lock on the latch and the doormat protruding to stop the door from closing. Who knows. Not I.

Have tea and cheese sandwiches. Eventually to bed.