He’s a stranger to the full stop.

Up at 9:00, so earlier than yesterday, but still…

Sitting, then breakfast.

Then stretching and shower.

Writing emails occupies a lot of my morning. Why this should be, I don’t know. I’m not sure that they’re especially complicated or long emails. Perhaps they just need to be edited, or over-edited. Anyway, I manage to get on to the dinosaurs shortly before lunch – bacon and egg by H – and carry on after. Luckily it’s quite a simple spread (pteradons) today.

I( manage to complete the spread by 17:00 and carry on editing a mammoth JGB tape. I’m about to get ready to leave, when there’s a knock on the door. The chap who’s been doing work next door has changed the front door lock. He informs me that intruders have been sleeping on the landing. I don’t really know what to say (yes, actually we know all about that), although he alerts me to another unsavoury detail of their stay, which I’d sort of filtered out. Anyway, we relinquish our front door keys and get replacements.

The buzzer goes and I let in the other neighbour, who’s been out for a run.

The handyman is upstairs talking to another neighbour, and is receiving forthright opinion at full blast. That upstairs neighbour likes giving forthright opinion, and is quite difficult to arrest in full flow. He’s a stranger to the full stop.

I set off for Windsor Road, slightly late.

Somehow it takes less time this time, and I arrive at about twenty to eight.

Greet Juan and Tywi, drink tea, chat and at 20:00 we begin with our mostly circulations recording.

Very different with three people – everything becomes a waltz, somehow. Let’s see what Juan makes of it.

Take the 43 back to London Bridge and walk from there. When I arrive home, the front door is open and the woman “intruder” is sitting on the doorstep. I tell her that I have to close the door. She doesn’t argue, but says that it was “just open”. Perhaps it was open, with the lock on the latch and the doormat protruding to stop the door from closing. Who knows. Not I.

Have tea and cheese sandwiches. Eventually to bed.