quite sadly monomaniac, then

9:36 – Get up. Sigh

Takes a long time to get going, including breakfast, stretching, as shower and so forth. Haru goes out, and I get down to the Dinosaurs again.

At lunchtime, I make toast with the bread I made yesterday and watch a Doctor Who Confidential. I’m becoming quite sadly monomaniac, then.

More dinosaurs, then. Also a lie-down, although it’s not as if I’m not getting enough sleep. Low energy week. Bah.

H comes back and at 18:40 we go off to the Samye Dzong, for the sitting. I buy a few of books from their second-hand book stall – two yoga manuals, and a book by Ajahn Suhmedo.

Buy take-away curry for dinner, then go out for biscuits and popcorn. So perhaps the diet isn’t encouraging an energetic lifestyle. But biscuits: mmm!

Watch the first half of a documentary about India (very old – some Indian culture possibly precedes language, which I find quite interesting), then the first episode of the new series of The IT Crowd, then general TV until quite late again. Something else that probably counts against the energy.