back to the dinosaurs

Get up late, and begin work late. Tired after last night.


More pop-up dinosaurs today, too many sandwiches for lunch, and then back to the dinosaurs which takes me through to about 18:00, then dinner (Japanese fish-based food), and after dinner we watch The Castle of Cagliostro and I watch the Dr Who serial Earthshock thanks to the wonders of the interwebs.

Rum beasts, old school Cybermen.

No one recognises me.

7:00 – Get up, sitting, breakfast.

Haru is off this week.

I stretch, shave and shower.

I have a Cunning Plan: in order to get myself working more efficiently, I dress like a Normal Person (rather than just sloping in the general direction of the computer in my pyjamas). Today this involves a tie. And the shirt I’m wearing requires cufflinks, so I have to dig them out and get H to help me put them in.

10:00 – Begin work: Pop-up dinosaurs.

13:30 – Lunch.

Then back to work.

Later on in the afternoon I lie down for a bit, listening to a programme about gargoyles. I hear the first couple of minutes and the last thirty seconds, and for the rest of the time I’m asleep. I hope I dreamed about something interesting.

At 18:30 we set off for the Perserverence.

VAC reunion night: Everyone is there. I don’t take my camera.

No one recognises me. I wave to people and they wave vaguely back. At the end of the evening (after I’ve actually been introduced), they all come up to me and apologise for not recognising me. This might be something to do with my chief feature, or possibly to do with the fact that I’m wearing contact lenses and a tie.

I do Iodine because it’s the only one I can play reliably, and David likes it.

We leave (eventually – lots of goodbyes to do) at just after eleven and get home at 23:30. The erstwhile neighbours, who have been evicted from their flat, are definitely dossing in front of its (and our) door. Because we trip over them. The woman doesn’t recognise me.

Bed very late, then.

Apparantly not.

9:25 – Wake up. Is there a lift to the supermarket today. Get up in a hurry, just in case.

Apparantly not.

I iron shirts and trousers, and rearrange stuff in the bedroom, cleaning the chest of drawers that I’ve had… well, all my life, really. Not sure what I’m going to do with it, apart from store socks and underwear, which is what I do today.

Also rescue some ties from a bundle (that’s a bad sign in itself) that I’d like to keep and put them in the washing machine.

At 15:00 (how did it get to be 15:00? I’m confused) I go out for a run – to Battersea and back again.

Get homes, shower and have a cup of tea. Haru’s gone out.

At 17:30, Phil and Min arrive, bearing cake. We drink tea, and eat cake, and I install Audacity on Phil’s laptop and give him some instruction in recording to it. Audacity recognises that the audio inputs are there immediately, whereas Sonar (also installed) is too sophisticated for that and is looking for an ASIO driver.

Haru comes back at 18:30, and P&H leave soon after.

Haru makes dinner: Sag Aloo.


I go to the off license on Waterloo Road and buy a bottle of sherry, and we drink some sherry while planning next week and watching A Cock and Bull Story. Then Match of the Day.

I also look up free CD burning software for Phil.

And soon bed.

ideally the idea should appear to come first

10:00 – Get up.

We go out for breakfast, to Perdoni’s. A new tradition, involving fried food. Hurrah.

After this I go down to the Walworth Road, and buy shirts and trousers from the charity shops, and normal-people’s trousers from Marks and Spenser. On the bus back up Walworth Road, I realise why. It’s nice to have a reason for doing something, although ideally the idea should appear to come first.

Back at the flat, I put the charity-shop clothes in the washing machine and do some ironing.

At just after 14:00 I set off for Windsor Road, and I arrive at 15:20.

Juan is recording me playing (and singing) my old songs. We chat for a while, then go upstairs and do some recording on the top landing (close enough to the big computer, with an interesting reverb).

Ultimately I’m not practised enough – I have to drop a lot of songs halfway through, and it’s fairly disorganised. But it’s a beginning, and I think we’ll be able to get a good sound. The most important thing is catching the performance, and so for me the most important thing is for there to be a performance. We discuss further approaches we might try, and pencil in next Saturday for the next session, which should hopefully be more organised.

I leave at about 20:00, and spend a long time getting home, largely because for some reason I get on a bus that takes me to Liverpool Street, then another that takes me to just below London Bridge, and I walk along to the fish and chip shop and get dinner.

Back home we eat fish and chips and watch the documentary about British Film, and then whatever else television has to offer. Which is, obviously, less than one would hope.

the most appropriate response is to be annoyed

9:00 – Get up. Sitting. Breakfast. Today I go to work (all the way to the bedroom). I complete the fonts, bundle them up and find that the email is down. Several websites I manage are also down, including the Guitar Craft site and this one.

Still, I think I’ve cracked Unicode. Not all of it. There’s rather a lot of it. Everything is there. But I think I’ve worked out how to use it.

Stretch and shower.

Haruko goes out. I prepare to go out and do so a lot later than I thought I would.

I catch the bus to near the Hachette building. There are advantages and disadvantages to this: cheaper, obviously; not having to change; no walking up and down stairs and all over the place in the tube stations. On the other hand, I do have to stand at the bus stop for a long time in hopes that a bus will turn up, and when it does arrive it doesn’t go that fast. So.

Arrive at Hachette – I call up to check that I”ve got the right building, and check in with reception. Very big on security. I go up to the 16th floor and wait in reception, with an incredible view, and Giselle collects me and takes me back to the 14th floor. I’m briefed on next week’s job.

I catch a bus to Oxford Street and go to Marks and Spencer, then another bus to Trafalgar Square, where I pick up my contact lenses. Then home.

At home, the email/websites problem persists.

At 19:30 I go for a run – via Tower Bridge, that one.

As I’m leaving, someone in 4a informs me that he’ll be clearing rubbish out of there tomorrow morning very early and apologises. I just stare open-mouthed and nod. Perhaps I’m a bad-tempered git after all. I’m not annoyed, it just feels like the most appropriate response is to be annoyed, so I fake it.

Just down the road, someone asks for directions. I have the same instinct, but having had the previous encounter, I at least muster some politeness.

On my return I stretch a bit, then have a shower, then go to get money from a cash machine a Waterloo Station (why do drunk people mistake one’s not being drunk for an inability to have fun?) and get takeaway food on the way back.

When I’ve eaten this, Haru returns – she’s been drinking with Manager Boy and Mrs Manager Boy – and I eat ice cream. And we watch junky Friday Night telly. And Newsnight

more major than I thought it would need to be

6:33 – Get up. Sitting. Breakfast. Haru leaves. As per usual.

I do stretching, then showering, then guitar practise. Then Ironing and minor fontery. Actually, it looks like the fontery may have to be a little more major than I thought it would need to be.

Call from George about pictures for the McCabe book.

I have lunch early, as I’m intending to leave early and go to Walker, but in fact don’t leave especially early.

Get to Walker just after 14:00. Final corrections to the Maisy house. This takes me through to almost 19:00. Some mildly disjuncting things. Almost bullied into going to a party. Why should anyone imagine that they can bully someone’s morale up? Other areas of general pensivity.

I hope I’ve done it right. I’ve been out of this system for a while now.

19:00 – Back in the flat. Haru makes egg roll and rice balls, and after dinner we watch some television. Comedy, mostly, but we laugh more at Newsnight (or Jeremy Paxman’s interviewing technique, at least) and Heroes. Bed late, then.

difficulty with the waking up thing

6:49 – I wake up. I appear to be going through a phase of having difficulty with the waking up thing.

Breakfast. Haru goes to work. I do stretching and practise, then get down to work on the fonts again.

I go for a run – to Battersea Park, around it and back. Overcast with occasional sun. Good weather to run around in, but I don’t feel altogether comfortable with it.

Eventually lunch – leftover kedgeree from yesterday. I suspect the kedgeree was slowing me down while I was running, actually.

Two calls: One from Walker to say that a job that I was supposed to be doing, I will not now, in fact, be doing. Another from Hachette asking whether I can do an additional job to the one they’re expecting me to do.

Also my contact lenses have arrived, but not here, yet.

At 17:30 I set off for Windsor Road – tube not so crowded.

Arrive. Tea and conversation – lots to catch up on. Very instructive. Also interesting to hear the things that come out of my mouth. Then guitar playing and more talk. So much talk, in fact, that we do about half the usual amount of guitar playing. I hope there’s some good stuff in there. We’ll see.

Catch a bus to Angel, then tube home. H bought takeaway food from Ev, and I eat that. Mmm!

Bed late. Hope this doesn’t impact too negatively on my hopes for getting up to tomorrow.

doing Tuesdays better

Get up at 6:30 or soon after, then sit, then breakfast. H goes off to work, then I stretch and shower and practise.

All of these things better than yesterday, when I was very tired, and the improvement seems to echo through the day. I remember that I have a pattern of doing Mondays badly, and doing Tuesdays better. But I can’t remember how I do Wednesdays. I’ll find out tomorrow, I expect.

The day’s spent fiddling two fonts – outline tweaking, kerning and so forth.

During lunch I watch more of the Shaw Brothers documentary (which I must have seen over thirty years ago, as I remember the bit about The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires. I try and fail to remember how I felt about it).

After lunch I clean the bath and shower, then get back to the fonts.

There’s a call from Juan – long catch-up. Also Wednesdays is on from tomorrow.

At 17:30 I begin making kedgeree.

Haru comes home at 18:30.

Mmm! kedgeree!

I go to the shop and buy ice cream and yoghurt and we eat some of the ice cream. While I’m out there’s a call, which Haru doesn’t catch as I’ve hidden the phone. I research the reply, but don’t reply.

I also do some more JGB – an epic discussion with a killer aphorism in the middle, and then aphorism explained (which doesn’t often happen).

And I fix the bug in the mail form. Someone may have sent mail recently. It didn’t arrive.

This may or may not have something to do with my Blind Spot.

Not that that will stop me.

6:45 – I’ve had a bad night, sleepwise, so I don’t successfully get up on time. Sitting, then breakfast. H to work at 8:00 as usual.

I spend a lot of time looking for my iPod, which turns out to be pretty much where I expected it to be. The clutter being more spread out vertically, it seems to be easier to traverse, although I’m not sure whether that’s true.

Anyway, after a long time poking around I do some stretching, then have a shower, then do guitar practise. Then I get down to making a font.

Then I have lunch. After this I watch a bit of a documentary about the Shaw Brothers (from the mid-seventies!) on Google Video, and have a bit of a lie down. Then back to fontifying, send off some emails, do some updating and so forth.

At 17:30 I go out for a run. Careening off tourists and office workers. After getting angry with them, I realise I have no justification: it’s really quite a bad time to be running around here. But do I have a good alternative time or place? Today there’s a lot of bad temper flowing through me when I’m running, which I hadn’t noticed at home. It seems to coincide with when I feel less control over life, and is situated physically across the front of my upper body, from the forehead down to the belly, getting in the way of my ability to perceive the world. Certainly it’s a bit rich my complaining about other people not looking where they’re going when I’m in such a mood. Not that that will stop me.

Back at the flat: Haru’s already returned. I dither for a long time and have a shower. When I emerge, she’s made pasta and stir-fried vegetables using the wok that I got at Ikea yesterday. Hurrah! Then ice-cream with raspberries.

In the evening I work on a JGB talk. Astonishing that it’s someone talking thirty-five years ago who was born at the end of the nineteenth century.

Perhaps “find” isn’t the right word

Get up at 9:00, breakfast and off to the supermarket. After the supermarket my father gives me a lift to Ikea.

Not as insanely busy as I was afraid it was going to be. In addition to the extra shelves I was looking for I find a flat-bottomed wok, stainless steel mixing bowl, laundry baskets and replacement light bulbs. Perhaps “find” isn’t the right word, as they weren’t exactly hidden.

As (a) Yellow House was completely outfitted at Ikea and (b) Ikeas all over the world are, broadly speaking, the same, I find myself feeling very nostalgic.

After getting the new Shelving Side piece into the car, we go home.

Assemble the new shelves and position the speakers properly, finally. I’m completely hypnotised by the sound, sad to say.

Lunch is instant ramen. After lunch I crash out on the floor for too long.

Then I play with Logic.

Dinner is lamb and vegetables by H. After dinner, I rearrange things in the bedroom to try to take advantage of the new shelf space. Also copy things from CDs onto my hard disk.