Up later than I’d like, but not as late as recently. Sitting, breakfast, ablutions dressed and on to Fairies.

I also buy my tickets to San Cugat for the upcoming jamboree.

Fairies through the day, then.

After dinner we eat excellent dessert by H and watch The City of Lost Children, which I was rather blown away by. Why have I not watched this before. After that, various television.

We forget to do the toast. Darn. And tomorrow will be a late night.

Sponge as sponge

Seem to be getting up later, and doing less than I ought. Sitting, breakfast, stretching, shave, shower, sitting … lunch, then I go out to collect my jacket from Juan. I walk up to Charing Cross Road, because my Oyster Card is in the pocket of my jacket.

Meet up with Juan in Borders, and, deciding not to have a coffee, we have a chat and then Juan goes off to work and I buy a copy of Getting Things Done, and another of early Jaime Hernandez stories.

Catch the 176 home and, after some twiddling, manage some remedial work on the Ashgate book. But no fairies.

I also sequence the tracks for the It’s Amazing… remaster.

Dinner is chilli. Mmm! followed by H-made sponge cake. Sponge as sponge, as it transpires.

In the evening there’s the Albert Kahn programme, the last of the photography documentaries, Russell Brand and The Mighty Boosh, which I’m coming to like a lot for its total silliness.

It appears that the Young Marble Giants played a couple of gigs this year – one in May, one last month. Wow. I hope they do at least another one, and I hope I get to hear about it before it happens. And I’d like tickets, of course, that goes without saying.

the negativity that precedes Showtime

7:00 – Get up. Sitting, breakfast etc.

9:00 – Haru goes out to the Japanese embassy for a job interview. I do guitar practise, yoga, then a sitting, then I go out for a run – round by Westminster.

When I get back, Haru’s returned. She’s a bit down about the interview, so I take her out for lunch at the fish and chip shop on Waterloo Road. No, really, it’s a really good fish and chip shop. We have to convince the waitress to let us sit at a table near the front, rather than a table at the back of the nearly-empty restaurant, which is odd. What’s odder is that the rest of the staff seem to be disturbed by it. Still, they don’t try to move us, so that’s OK. Then they start to lay tables, and a coach party come in – out table would have been better for that purpose, so there’s that glitch explained.

Something that’s very clear is the negativity that precedes Showtime – this is a big event for them (at least forty people all to be served at the same time), and they were obviously stressed about it. When showtime arrives – all the people seated, and ordering – the stress dissipates. The negativity (which I’ve noticed in myself on a number of occasions) seems to be a necessary part of the process. Interesting.

We walk up to Lower Marsh and I buy a very bright light bulb and a couple of pastries from the health food shop there. Then we walk home and eat the pastries.

I use the very bright light bulb to light a set-up I need to photograph for the Alex Rider book. Then I retouch it and insert it into the pages, then call Ben at Walker (by this time it’s very late, Walker-wise) and we have a long chat and go through a number of corrections.

I sit again. Haru makes dinner. I record a couple of short instrumentals that came to me last Friday, completing them after dinner.

Then we watch TV.

solid and chewy

Get up, sit and breakfast.

Then stretch, shave, shower and dress.

Haruko goes out.

Then I do bits of Alex Rider stuff.

I put some dough I took out of the freezer to rise.

It’s entirely possible (after another hassling email) that I’ll be paid the money I’ve been owed since January, but since I’ve not received it yet, it would be interesting to see what new variation on failing to actual pay me they manage to find.

Haru comes back.

The dough hasn’t risen much, so I bake it anyway. It rises like a rocket, but is very solid and chewy.

Download some interesting source material.

At 18:15 set off for the movements. Somehow it ends up taking a lot longer than usual to get there, despite not seeming to.

Goes quite well today. There are observers for a bit, when I find myself at the front, without anyone to crib on. Which turns out to be a shame. Actually, everyone else got behind me.

The session finishes, and I get home. The time is still a bit stretchy.

At home eat delicious daikon stew and the rest of the bread. I realise that it’s actually a pre-dough dough, that should be used to make dough. Which explains its strange consistency. Mistake, then.

sandwich components

9::00 – Get up.

9:45 – To supermarket.

I’d intended to use the day to do some useful and practical things, but don’t, mostly. I do go for a run, wrapped up warm, with a wooly hat (given to me by Vinka Q), As it turns out I’m a bit overdressed, at least after the first couple of miles. It takes me a while to get out there, as I have to find my headphones and my watch. I never do find the watch (Haru turns it up later).

Lovely day out there, though this means that there are other people also enjoying the weather and I have to dodge around them

Ah, well.

Back at the flat, shower and eat lunch (bacon sandwich components, assembled ad hoc).

Little more is achieved in the afternoon, either.

In the evening I do a little bit of ironing, then we watch TV and eat stilton and raspberry conserve (an excellent combination – well worth trying) and drink port. It gets later quicker than I expected.

without much in the way of focused attention

10:00 – Get up.

We go to Perdoni’s for breakfast, and then walk up to the Japanese embassy to see how possible it is. Eminently possible, even pleasant. St James’ Park is sparsely populated – mostly gulls and pigeons, a couple of coots, a flock of geese and a swan. And the squirrels, who are dominating procedings at the moment. They seem to have absolutely not fear now. Or shame – they’re acting up for the camera quite horribly.

Also wander up and down Jermyn Street. I suppose if I had that much money, I would spend over a thousand pounds on a pair of shoes. But I don’t. So I don’t.

Anyway, we double back at Hyde Park Corner, and get cakes from the Patisserie Valerie on Piccadilly and walk home from there.

At home we drink tea, eat the cakes and watch series one of The Mighty Boosh. I decide that it’s time to move the dining table, which takes a while.

For dinner I walk down to the Elephant and get a takeaway from the excellent noodle place, getting a bottle of wine from the Tesco. It’s manic there – lots of people all wandering in different directions, without much in the way of focused attention. Ho hum.

After we’ve eaten, we watch 24 Hour Party People. I point out when Steve Coogan is doing Tony Wilson, and when he’s being Alan Partridge. A couple of times he’s doin Tony Wilson in the style of Alan Partridge. We also watch a lot of the extras.

I have to assume that it’s deliberate that a lot of the film would make very little sense unless one already knew the story of Factory records (for example, I don’t think they mention that they sold a lot of copies of Blue Monday. They also don’t mention that the very expensive sleeve was only for the first pressing. I know. I have one, somewhere).

a half-hearted scavenger hunt

Not sure what time we get up. Late, anyway. Schedule’s gone to pot this week.

Breakfast and stuff.

Less achieved than yesterday, although it’s established (in a phone call to Sara) that I’ll get paid for the McCabe job soon, and that the new job’s gone quite well, considering.

Haru goes out and returns, and I get some more tunes, though not of any particular utility.

In the late afternoon I go up to the centre and get a waterjet tooth cleaner, a number of DVDs, a slow cooker and a daylight light bulb. Sometimes my shopping expeditions resemble a half-hearted scavenger hunt.

Back home.

Dinner, then Friday night television. And popcorn.

And lateness.

One of those sorts of days.

8:20 – Get up. Bah. Sitting, but it’s interrupted by my sister phoning me to vent about her internet connection going down.

Breakfast. Dithering and then back to the Shifrin book. I spend the day making and uploading PDFs and completing all the bits I’ve as yet not completed. I’m about a week late, which is annoying.

We have pasta for lunch and lamb and cous cous for dinner, and after I’ve finished work, and uploading the last batch, we watch the photography programmes on BBC 4 and The Mighty Boosh on BBC 3, which is agreeably silly.

I don’t really put any trousers on until dinner time. One of those sorts of days.

Made out of work.

7:something – get up. Normal morning routine, but with a headache.

Haru goes out. I shower and get on with the work. It’s been going unnaturally slowly, but snaps back, like a bit of elastic. Made out of work. If you see what I mean.

Anyway, that takes all day and into the evening. At 20:30 I stop for the day and get some chips, which we eat while watching Heroes. Also experimental biscuits. There’s nothing quite like cutting edge digestives.

More TV, mainly comedy, until a bit too late.

Is that one statement or two?

7:16 – get up. Sitting, breakfast.

Stretching and shower, which take an inordinately long time.

And then on to the Shifrin, which I said I’d have done by yesterday. Sara calls me to remind me of this fact. I’m rubbish, I’m afraid.

Is that one statement or two?

Lunch is instant ramen, and then I go into Walker to finally finalise the Maisy book and discuss further developments. I wear the hat that my father gave me a few days ago. I think it looks a bit silly, but realise that I look a bit silly anyway and with the hat at least my head will be warm, and dry too if it rains.

Back home I do some more Shifrin. Actually it’s about here that Sara calls me. I carry on doing it instead of running, which is probably the right choice.

Dinner is excellent use of yesterday’s leftovers.

Chocolate frenzy. To be specific, Fruit and Nut frenzy. And then some television and working on a simple website.