which is miraculous

Up when the phone rings at 9:15. I seem to have avoided a hangover, which is miraculous.

Quick breakfast, then off to the supermarket. On my return I carry on working on the website. It appears that Internet Explorer requires all objects that display as Block to have explicitly defined widths. Who’d a thunk it!

Anyway, that makes the links work in IE Win XP. Hurrah!

Haru makes rice and tuna salad for lunch, I carry on doing stuff. Eventually I shower, put on the green suit and set off for the gig. Two hours later than I originally intended.

The band are still setting up. I’m distinctly overdressed for Camden, I’ll say that.

I sound check to a half-full room, then sit behind the (disused tonight) bar until its showtime.

Fun gig, though the energy that I managed to summon up runs out about three quarters into my set – I totally mess up Little Games, and everything after that goes a bit wrong. I don’t manage to lose the whole audience, which is a surprise. And people seem to like it, which is nice.

The band are quite different, though, very loud and very powerful. I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

I miss the last tube, so catch a 168 home. Haru’s made chocolate brownies – hurrah and mmm!