sun=cold, of course

Um, up late again, though not as late as yesterday. Sitting, breakfast. Then down to work: I complete the Shifrin uploading, then get on to Alex RIder corrections while Haru goes out in the sun (but, as it’s December, sun=cold, of course).

After Haru gets back (so about 15:30), I go for a run – up to Southwark Bridge, along the northern Embankment to Westminster, across Westminster Bridge, then back along to Waterloo and home from there. Not long, but I have to restart my running activities.

Back at the flat I shower and dress, then answer some Shifrin queries, then make kedgeree – I use two packs of haddock and make the quantity suggested in the Delia recipe.


After dinner we watch Delicatessen twice, once with the commentary, and I do some website work. I actually achieved some small things today, which is nice.