but it feels like an achievement

Up, sitting, breakfast and then procrastinating – championship procrastinating, such that I don’t get out to the building society (to get the replacement invoice) until the afternoon.

When I get back to the flat, I finally package everything up and take it to the post office. And post it. So that’s stage one done (stage two is when the accountant calls me to tell me all the things I’ve forgotten. It’s easier to let her spot them than sit on the documents for a while hoping that I will.

On the way back I look in at Rymans and buy some wine.

I seem to have hurt my foot slightly, so I don’t go for a run today.

I spend some time adding strings to Pure, which sounds quite impressive, then cook some steak while Buena Vista Social Club plays in the background. H goes out to get chips, and then we have dinner.

After dinner, chocolate and wine and The Mighty Boosh followed by some other television, then bed. My total achievement for the day was putting some pieces of paper in an envelope and posting it; but it feels like an achievement.