further irascibility

Wake up at 10:00 and go out to Perdoni’s for breakfast, which is nice.

When we get back I decide that I’m going to do the overdubs for Phil that I promised I would. He’s probably given up waiting now, but still. When I find it difficult I begin overdubbing onto Pure, which occupies the rest of the day. I want to add a groovy solo over the middle section, but keep finding interesting things to add to the rest of the track.

Someone rings the buzzer – it’s the very nice man from down the road to whom Haru’s parcel was delivered by mistake. For some reason I’m irascible at him. I feel guilty.

Stop doing it at 20:00. It’s going to be a bit monumental when it’s finished. I did the orchestra the other day.

Go down to the shopping centre for dinner – noodles from the cheap-and-good noodle place. I demonstrate further irascibility, which I didn’t want to do.

Get back and eat dinner with Have I Got News For You, followed by ginger cake and The Mighty Boosh. Bed late, then.