I find their optimism inspiring

Get up, surprisingly, at about 9:00. We go to Perdoni’s for breakfast, and then I wander into town, with H until St James’ Park, when she goes to photograph ducks, pelicans and the growing number of squirrels who’ve given up on hibernation altogether.

As a walk I listen to Ditzy Scene by Cardiacs, several times.

I walk up to the record shop that was Virgin Megastore and before that Tower Records and is now something else. I can’t remember what, but I find their optimism inspiring.

Then to the Vintage Magazine shop, the liquor shop on Old Compton Street, various camera shops and home.

At home I wrap presents and have a shower.

I’d originally intended to go to a discussion list meet-up but don’t. Though later on I walk up to the recently revivified Fopp and buy (after some deliberation) copies of Amelie, Primer, Zatoichi and Waiting For Guffman. It’s good that Fopp is alive again, if only because they’ve put their logo into the doorway in mosaic, which is a nice touch

I get some chinese food on the way home. Getting home we eat the food, then watch Waiting For Guffman, then Amelie (with whisky mac accompaniment) and the end of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou on BBC2.

I suspect the coming theme is Obstruction or possibly Double Booking. Or something like that.