He complains bitterly.

Post-Boxing Day Day, so not very complicated.

Get up, eat breakfast, then pack, trying not to disturb the cat, who’s been asleep on “our” bed for the last three days, with occasional meal breaks.

Then drive over to Bristol, visit Angharad’s house (very nice, and good to see that the Van Gogh action figure has a good home). Lunch, then a walk around Bristol, stopping at the Arnolfini for coffee, followed by Art. Then walk back to the house, and then drive back to Bath. Actually it’s more of a day out than that, but I’m too tired to say much about Bristol. They’ve improved it a lot in the last twenty years, though, I’ll say that.

Back in Bath, we drink tea and try to do the latest Guardian crossword, then Sara drives us to the station. Train arrives almost immediately, after we’ve turfed a couple of students out of our seats. God, I’m turning into VIctor Meldrew or something.

The train stops for a while in darkness somewhere between Swindon and Didcot. Because it’s still the holiday season, and getting us home on time would be spoiling us or something.

Arrive at Paddington, tube to Elephant & Castle. As I’m getting on to the lift the woman in front of me stops suddenly. Swerving around her I steer my suitcase over a man’s foot. He complains bitterly.

Haru stops off at the chip shop to get dinner, while I continue home.

Anyway, eat chips (and chocolate), watch tv, plan tomorrow, unpack.