It kind of works, though.

Up at about 9:00, sitting and breakfast. Then I begin doing website stuff. This goes on for quite a while.

H and I have agreed to meet up in town, but I just keep on working, then go for a run (lots of tourists around, which isn’t surprising, but I should have thought of it before going that way). Back at the flat shower and dress and decide to carry on working rather than going out again, and call H to tell her.

Trying to get something happening in javascript, which has always struck me as faintly implausible, a bit like the magical incantations in Harry Potter. It kind of works, though.

H gets back. Eventually we have dinner, then watch The Belles of St Trinians, which is fairly wonderful, and The Strike and The Betrayal episodes from Season 9 of Seinfeld (that’s the Festivus episode and the backwards episode).

So not much in today.