eh, Mr Livingstone?

Up, astonishingly, just after eight; sitting; breakfast.

Stretching and shower, and I decide to wear the suit I got at Salvation Army the other day. Hurrah.

I get a lift up to Windsor Road to borrow an amplifier from Ben. Gift of a bottle of sparking wine from Pa, also.

Back at the flat I somehow end up trying out another bit of productivity software. Sad, really.

Lunch is pasta: nice.

After lunch, some website work, some sorting and timetable stuff.

In the evening:Traditional New Year’s Eve Soba; do the toast early while listening to Colossal Youth by Young Marble Giants, one of my favourite records ever; eat chocolate and watch Dinner For One. I like the idea that this creaky old English Music Hall sketch is becoming a world tradition. It’s also very funny, actually.

Drink the wine for new year, while watching the fireworks on the TV. We look out of the window. We can’t see the fireworks, but we can see people over the road who’ve parked their cars and got out to look back at the river. It’s all very impressive, anyway.

A lot of the fireworks are set around the London Eye, making it all look a bit like a Pink Floyd concert. There’s an idea for next year, eh, Mr Livingstone?

It finishes with a huge explosion: the sound manages to travel down microphones, to the OB unit and be broadcast significantly before the actual sound reaches us less than half a mile away. That’s the speed of light versus the speed of sound for you.

Watch the rest of Jools’ Hootenanny, and soon to bed, I expect.