None the wiser. Bah.

Get up at 7:40. Sitting, breakfast, then I stay too long looking at the internet, then I practise guitar, and Haru goes out.

I move on to Fairies, and continue colouring in all day, with a break for lunch. I can’t find my mobile, as well. Later on I notice that my Powerbook isn’t charging.


Haru returns at about 16:00 and I go out to the movements class at about 18:15.

Good session tonight. I only embarrass myself a few times.

The journey back is hell – the District line is down and the Piccadilly line is very delayed. The driver keeps coming on and telling us that there are severe delays on this line, otherwise perhaps we wouldn’t have noticed.

The Jubilee line isn’t delayed, though.

Get back to the flat, eat gratin by H, followed by cream crackers with dulce de leche. Find that there’s a problem with the Powerbook. Google the problem. None the wiser. Bah.

as I had such plans

9:15 – The phone rings, an I decide to go to the supermarket anyway, which I do at 9:45, after breakfast.

Bit of a non-day, which is a shame, as I had such plans.

I wash a lot of clothes, sleep a bit (with podcasts running, which makes for some interesting dreams), and think I fix some rollovers (though Internet Explorer begs to differ, as it often does).

In the evening I introduce Haru the wonders of the whisky mac, and we watch some television.