Personally I wouldn’t trust myself to count to 33

Middle of the middle. I wake up feeling fine – no headache or anything. Yoga in the glass room, and then to prepare breakfast. Again, everything goes swimmingly, no matter how complicated it is. We complete with fifteen minutes to spare, then stand in silence for twelve of them, before I realise we’ve not put fruit out.


After completing breakfast. straight to housework.

Zombies meeting, multiple minor seconds, floating personnel and all.

Perform with Victoria for lunch – the piece we call “The Quiet One”, although that isn’t its name. It goes fairly well – well enough.

In the afternoon there are more meetings – more Zombies (everybody seems to want to learn the bass), Intergalactic and I Want You/She’s So Heavy

Perform I Want You/She’s So Heavy for dinner. Super-extended version which certainly gets a response from the audience.

Breakages and Faux-pas.

In the evening Robert presents an exercise for the morning sitting and there’s a Big Circle – circulations and whizzing. Personally I wouldn’t trust myself to count to 33; and with some justification. Personally, I wouldn’t trust myself to count the moon.

Put shirts in to soak before bed. General euphoria, which is expressed on our floor in conversation, on the first floor in slightly less restrained conversation and on the ground floor in all-out guitar mayhem.

day 0

I definitely have a cold.

There is some uncertainty as to whether this is day 0 or day -1. In the event, everybody arrives and it’s day 0.

There is the Inaugural Meeting at 22:00. I find out what my aim is.

implicated in the tortilla preparation

6:15 – Rise. Stretching in the glass-house room. Shave and shower and to the sitting (7:30). I have a sore throat and may be coming down with a cold.

8:15 – Breakfast. The breakfast strategy has yet to be worked out. Hopefully it will be developed further, or breakfast will take until dinner when we’re all here.

After breakfast, settle into the tea and coffee preparation.

9:30 – Housework. And continuing through the day, actually.

The bright sunshine makes the room pleasantly warm even with the windows open.

The next lot of housework is at 15:00, but I miss it, as I have to go and prepare tea at 15:15. We manage to get it ready very quickly. Largely because there’s not hot milk. Somehow end up discussing Cultural Amnesia and almost miss calling for washing-up volunteers. I think they might have forgotten at breakfast, too, and the moment came for Tywi at lunch while he had a big mouthful of food. So.

Playing guitar with Leo, which is always nice. We may have at least one new piece.

19:00 – Go to do tea and coffee, and end up sort of implicated in the tortilla preparation and distribution. There are a lot more of us now.

19:30 – Dinner. Silence arrives very heavily.

After Dinner, and more tea and coffee stuff, trying to remember the pieces from the summer with Victoria, and the pieces from this afternoon with Leo. I have this terrible problem with retaining pieces after the first flush of getting them.

22:45 – cleaning cups; completing the tea and coffee after 23:00

very meaty food

4:50 – Rise, or at least get up. Actually not that bad – if you get little enough sleep, your body is so shocked when you force it to get up that it forgets to be tired.

Shower and cup of tea. Haru gets up, which is extraordinarily good of her.

Final packing, uploading files to Sara’s server. Some dithering, but that’s to be expected.

6:15 – Leave the flat, go to Southwark tube station, Jubilee to Westminster, District to Victoria. Surprisingly painless. I’ve just missed a train at Victoria, so get on one that leaves at 6:45, arriving in Gatwick at 7:15. Listening to Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre, the father of Rave, apparantly.

Check-in is also surprisingly painless, thanks to the power of Kylie.

I’m convinced that the security measures are part of a plan to get people used to living in a police state. One man gets on a plane with a bomb in his shoe that doesn’t even work and everybody takes of their shoes from now on. And the liquids thing is to keep the price of bottled water and coffee buoyed up against external competition. Or perhaps a job creation scheme – I mean, until a couple of years ago, was there anyone whose entire career centred around asking people whether they were carrying fluids?

I think I’d be quite a good conspiracy theorist if I put my mind to it. Although there are a lot of things I’d rather be than a conspiracy theorist, even quite a good one.

Buy a sandwich and a cappuchino (prepared by someone showing every sign of the alienated worker), and then try to find something to do for the next hour or so until boarding. Including writing this entry up to this point.

Actual boarding is painless, except that I think the gates are up the escalator, which they’re not. I always make that mistake in Gatwick.

On the flight, I’m sat next to two Japanese girls and watch Zatoichi, which I enjoy a lot – I watch the first hour and a bit of it on the plane, then switch it off and watch it on the bus to Barcelona and on the train to Sant Joan. The film ends just before I have to get off the train. I find the long tap-dancing sequence at the end a bit odd. Good film, though.

I arrive at the House just as everybody’s about to leave to go to lunch. Drop my stuff, then we go to the local mall and eat very meaty food at Frankfurts.

Back at the House there’s a bunch of housework to be done – moving tables and chairs, mostly, and doubling the capacity of the facility.

I’m in with Leo again, which is very good.

Lots more housework, and dinner is at 21:00.

Bed relatively early.

Or some things.

Up at seven. Just like that. Sitting, breakfast, bits of work, shower, then out to Waker (late) collecting money on the way.

Maisying all day, with a break for lunch. Positive review of Saturday’s performance.

Finish at 18:20, then stop at the barber’s round the corner for a haircut, which takes about an hour, sitting and cutting. I get to see what ITV1 is like, as well, as she has a set on in the corner of the shop.

Back at the flat have some very meaty stew that H has made, then do a lot of packing, with Amelie with the commentary in the background.

Almost complete the packing, though there’s always something to go in at the last minute. Or some things.

Up very early tomorrow.

So, a day of option B.

7:15 – Get up. Sitting, breakfast. Deal with a strange website issue, or most of it. The rest remains strange.

To Walker and more Maisying. There were two possible designs, with a strong hint from the client that they would go with option A. So we did option A. So they ask for option B. Of course. So, a day of option B.

With lunch in the middle. No phone call to make.

Then back to the Maisying.

Home at 19:00. Corrections to a leaflet, that’s then uploaded.

Dinner, then TV and popcorn. Buzzcocks, Pop Britannia and Tommy. The BBC have defined “pop” rather broadly for their season.

some kind of achievement or other

8:00 – Get up, sitting, breakfast, stretching, shower, dress.

Then to Walker.

Maisying until lunch, then lunch, then my daily conversation with BT. Today I successfully manage to confirm that I want to cancel my upgrade and get a MAC number.

It feels like some kind of achievement or other.

More Maisying, through to about 19:00, when I get briefed re: some Alex Rider stuff by Ben, then return home. Dinner, a spot of AAD coding, then the Leaflet for the Shifrin book.

Then trying to learn some chords for Here Comes the Sun, a song that doesn’t naturally transcribe; then bed, I suppose.

par for the course, really

I don’t get any sleep, all night, apparantly. Partly this is through being possessed by anger, partly this is because of a slight neck-stiffness and gum-pain. Just enough to keep me awake.

I get up at five and look at the internet. At 6:30 I lie down “for a bit”, waking up at 9:00.

Breakfast, shower and into Walker at 10:15-ish.

Maisying again. Then Lunch.

After eating I call BT again. This time it transpires that everything I was told on the previous five or six occasions I called (which in themselves contradicted each other) were lies. There was no upgrade, apparantly.

I take the opportunity to cancel it altogether, hopefully. Unless the young lady I spoke to was also lying, which would be par for the course, really.

Now I’m full of self-righteousness, which is not only helpful, but also attractive.

More Maisying, then a celebration of a birthday, then home.

At home I find the guitar strings that I ordered yesterday waiting for me. Delivered by Royal Mail. I’m beginning to feel unnaturally fond of Royal Mail. I’m sure they’ll do something to disabuse me of that.

I research alternative broadband suppliers.

After dinner I do more Alex Rider work.

Hopefully I’ll sleep tonight.

they have our money, and that’s the important thing

7:10-ish – get up.

Sitting, breakfast. Answering emails, stretching, abluting, dressing, getting to Walker three-quarters of an hour later than I wanted to. Speak to Sara on the way.

Maisying – finishing off the ad, then back to the book. This takes all day with a break for lunch.

Get back to the flat. Try and call BT to find out why the package hasn’t arrived (and also why the super-fast broadband connection is slower than the old one but they seem to ignore that one). I get quite irate.

The chap-in-India tells me that the router was delivered. I tell him it wasn’t and, in no uncertain terms, tell him to dispatch another one. He does so, or at least claims to. But then his countryman lied about sending the router the other day, so perhaps he’s lying to me now.

I suppose this is what decadance looks like – companies going on about “customer service” and that “our opinions are important to them” and then just lying to us. I suppose they have our money, and that’s the important thing.

Dinner, then working on Alex Rider.

Sort of going back to roots.

Up at 7:00.

SIt, breakfast, stretching, shower and off to Walker.

When I arrive, I find I’m needed to do an emergency sales & marketing job, so I do that. It’s quite fun, and I feel quite on top of it. When I first began working for Walker, nearly twenty years ago, I was the assistant S&M designer. When the art director I’m working for began, she had the same job. Sort of going back to roots.

Has a very positive effect on my mentality and awakeness.

Get off to the Movements class, listening to My Bumper Book of Lies on a loop. I’ve now got a long list of changes I need to make, that I really ought to write down.

Good-ish session tonight. Again, feel quite on top of things.

Back to the flat, still listening to the same loop.

Haru provides delicious stew and tablet, a Scottish delicacy.

I do some AAD coding, quite painlessly, or apparantly so. How remarkable.