But in 3/4.

Get up slowly at 10:00. Toast, jam and dulce de leche for breakfast, watching the Vienna New Year’s Day concert. Astonishingly camp, with really cringeworthy interpretive dancing. On the other hand it’s a nice tradition and The Blue Danube is always impressive. What it most resembles in a lot of ways is an epic rave anthem with a huge breakdown section in the middle. But in 3/4.

Polkas are techno, of course. Some of them are gabba.

More sorting and organising. And website stuff. It appears that someone tried to look at the website just as I’d made it not possible for them to do so. So my timing is impeccable, anyway.

I go out for a run at about 17:30. Given that there are this many people wandering around the South Bank at this time on New Year’s Day in the rain, I probably ought to switch my operations to the mornings. Though that will mean my getting up at 6:00. I’ll think about it.

Stretching and showering, dinner (magnificent meatballs and chickpeas and cous cous by H) and more website and tinkering.