an Eeyore’s-birthday-present sort of way.

8:00 – Get up, sitting, breakfast, the whole shebang.

Somehow my morning as planned is taken over by the urge to get my accounts up to date, which is a good urge, I admit it, but something of a mega-displacement activity. I do manage tp write a form to enter details into the database, which makes me happy in an Eeyore’s-birthday-present sort of way.

I go for a run in the very-cold, almost colliding with some people, as often happens. There are still people painted gold and standing on boxes out there. I don’t understand what the lure is of that particular job: it’can’t be more attractive than an office job, surely?

Back at the flat, stretch and shower, then lunch.

In the afternoon I do some researching, I suppose, and I almost sign up for a dentist around the corner. In the end I chicken out of calling them on the telephone and visit them instead, which is a peculiar kind of chickening out. Glad I did, as the place actually has quite a good vibe. Call back for an appointment, but with no luck. Try again tomorrow.

Finally take my photo for Haru’s visa appointment tomorrow.

Dinner is a combination of omelette and takeaway chips. The chip shop is strangely tense.

BBC4 is all Irwin Allen shows. One of the stranger laws of the universe is that if one takes a trip in a time-travel device and finds oneself on a ship, nine times out of ten it will be the Titanic. That’s why the life-boats were so full: they were all taken by time-travellers who, having a tip-off, got to the life-boats early.

On all other occasions, of course, it turns out to be the Marie Celeste.