Only one lunch

8:50 – Get up. Which is a shame, as we’d meant to get up at 7:00.

Breakfast. Stretching, shower and I get a call to tell me I don’t need to go into Walker this morning.

We go for a walk, which is originally intended to be a lot shorter than it turns out – to Tate Britain (Millais and Blake), then in search of charity shops and lunch. We find several (charity shops. Only one lunch).

I decide that on principle, it’s better to go to a family-run cafe than a chain (Starbucks, or Costa or whatever). Happily, it’s better in practice, too.

I buy two suits, two jackets, two shirts, two ties and a travel iron. Shopkeepers and customers in charity shops are, as H points out, a lot nicer than their counterparts in normal shops.

Catch a bus to Waterloo and walk home from there, buying some hangers on the way.

Back at the flat I carry on with website work.


More website work, including international communication while watching the Pop season on BBC4. ‘Til quite late.