more than I deserve

7:05-ish – get up. Sitting, breakfast. Then stretching, showering and a bit of AAD work.

11:05 – to the dentist.

I watch the fish in the fish tank, and wonder where they get all those colours from. I mean, is it something they eat? Writing that I realise I should have looked it up.

Apparantly I have very good teeth. Which is more than I deserve, as I treat my teeth very badly. They do need urgent cleaning, though.

Get home. More AAD work.


More AAD.

15:40 – Walk to Walker. Get briefed on some Maisy corrections, but there’s a power cut, which brings the session to an abrupt end. Apparently in my new jacket I look like a used car salesman, which is something I suppose. Walk home again. The power cut stretches all the way to Kennington Lane.

It looks like the Three Stags has closed down again.

More AAD, then out for a run.

Shower. Dinner.

More AAD and TV – QI, a documentary about pop music by Paul Morley, which is nice (generally people sharing their enthusiasm is nice, as opposed to sharing their contempt, which is what a lot of TV is these days), another about the making of A Night At the Opera by Queen. I have to urge to play the guitar, but it’s already after midnight.