temporally disturbed

6:00 – up, sit, breakfast, wave goodbye to H,



Colouring in fairies, with some lunch in here, too.

More fairies.

Shave, shower (late, darn it – I should have done this this morning, but am slipping down the drain…), then (after H gets home) off to the Movements class.

Very crowded tubes for some reason. More crowded than usual, rush hour or no.

Anyway, get there (everybody’s late, even if they didn’t take the tube, so it’s obviously a temporally disturbed day) and Move. As it’s the last class of term there’s not too much talking (and no instruction/criticism). Although it’s not, I’m struck by the thought “what if this is the last time I do this”. I can’t summon up infinite quantities of attention, but that helps.

And the times will be different next term. All change, a bit.

Home. Delicious soup. Too much lateness.